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Google Maps: Not satisfied mapping your route to the grocers? Then, map out, your favorite planets, instead!



Google Maps runs our world. Well, for many of us anyways. Want to know what’s near your favorite park? Done. Where’s the nearest ice cream spot? Done. Where’s the best car wash near that Walmart? Done.

Now, get to see, not only what’s on our terrestrial home – the planet Earth – but, see what some other solar system bodies are like, closer than ever!

And no.

Google Street View cars did not go to each and every planet to map them. They just took data from the Cassini Mission (its mission ended last month) and embedded them into the planet maps!

How cool is that!

Now, we all can see each several planets in their clearest, and see what all those land mark names came from. Not all of the planet data are available, for there haven’t been enough satellite exploratory missions to the other planets, yet.

Oh, those scientists, with their data and such.

Anywho, let’s go!

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