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Courtney Marie Andrews – Live at UK Americana Awards 2018 (Clip)

New album ‘May Your Kindness Remain’ drops March 23rd.



One of our fave artists, Courtney Marie Andrews, did her thang at the UK Americana Awards this year. Lovely as ever, and bringing indie stage presence, we were real happy for the whole thing.

Courtney is the recipient of the International Artist Award and here, sang ‘Table For One’.

As she’d made us happy when we stated something for her song/video ‘Irene’, she kept it happy for us in her apprearence here. We’d stated about ‘Irene’: “We fell in music love with Andrews and we fell in love again, now. The falling makes our stomachs just feel like sky diving 10,000 feet down.”

We agree with our previous assessment… again =D

You can tell we’re fans.

Buy her latest ‘Honest Life’ [HERE]

Also, she has a new album due to drop ‘May Your Kindness Remain’, March 23rd. Buy [HERE]

Courtney’s rep’ed by MAMA Bird Recordings, Fat Possum, and Loose Music.


“There is nothing more to be said or to be done tonight, so hand me over my violin and let us try to forget for half an hour the miserable weather and the still more miserable ways of our fellowmen.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle