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Palehound shares ‘Carnations’ (Official Music Video)

New video. Leather jackets. Can’t go wrong. Album available now.



‘Carnations’ is from Palehound’s latest album, ‘A Place I’ll Always Go’.

The fab video, is just…well…fab! The House of Nod’s Robert Kolodny and coregraphed by Jessica Jaunich, directed music video, features a group of leather jacket-clad dancers.

And why not, right?

“The sophomore album from Boston trio Palehound, A Place I’ll Always Go, is a frank look at love and loss, cushioned by indelible hooks and gently propulsive, fuzzed-out rock.”

“A lot of it is about loss and learning how to let yourself evolve past the pain and the weird guilt that comes along with grief.”

‘A Place I’ll Always Go’ dropped in summer 2017. Order [HERE] then say, ‘Dang that was good!’ Because it’s dang good!

Just a suggestion =D


“There is nothing more to be said or to be done tonight, so hand me over my violin and let us try to forget for half an hour the miserable weather and the still more miserable ways of our fellowmen.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle