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Vintage Crop shares ‘Gerald Part 2’ off of upcoming LP ‘New Age’.

Geelong band, makes good with awesome chops. Debut Album drops April 6th.



‘Gerald Part 2’ is the first single taken from Geelong band, Vintage Crop’s upcoming debut LP. “New Age” will be out April 6th on Anti Fade Records and Weather Vane Records.

Vintage Crop is four early-twenties men from Geelong, a group of people who spent their adolescence playing sport, listening to triple J and shunning the local scene. Now they’ve smartened up, changed the channel and stopped exercising. The band released their first tape in 2017 and have returned less than a year later with their first full-length album.”

The band is made up of: Tyson Harper, Jack Massey, Tyler O’Brien, and Jack Cherry.


“There is nothing more to be said or to be done tonight, so hand me over my violin and let us try to forget for half an hour the miserable weather and the still more miserable ways of our fellowmen.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle