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We are very liberal in filtering through and selecting a band from our submissions.  Generally, if the artist has some awesome song, that just does it for us. Obviously the filtering process through our brain cavity is merely subjective (i.e. we have our own tastes, etc), but which publication isn’t, right?

Our mission is to assist / support those bands/acts that are under-served, under-signed, not-signed. So submit your song/album/etc to us and see what sticks!


-Please use Email to submit your music, using only links to your information.

-Please correctly indicate your song link page. This would be a link to your Soundcloud, Spotify or Bandcamp, or your particular audio distribution platform.

-If you have a specific Song that you want us to hear First, please indicate that Song’s particular page link.

-We recommend not slowing down your email submission with Images/Photos and/or Design.


We hope that you’ll be patient with us in getting back with you, for during a day/week of operation things get in the way. It’s just the way it is. However, we do have absolute best to send you a reply. Thank you.


When submitting, please confirm your music fits within CHF’s designated choice of genres. If it doesn’t, please don’t be mad at us for not accepting your submission/s.