안다영 (Ahn Dayoung) ‘원래 그런 사람’ (‘Usual Person’) : Delicate piece of art that is both visceral and dance prudent.

안다영 (Ahn Dayoung)

From her 1st regular album ‘ANTIHERO’ (out now), the dynamic Ahn Dayoung produces a synth driven and heady wisp of lyrical force in ‘Usual Person’. The indie rock mixed altercation of collisions, deliver a fabulous background to her sultry alt-pop vocals.

‘Usual Person’ cuts through the “convenient boredom while speaking of hot love, the odor of isolation” and as it brings shades of longing and counter-productive banality, the core of what the emotions express – cannot be easily.

Said Dayoung: “The sentence’Human is three-dimensional’, which I wanted to say through this contradiction, became an important keyword in all the narratives of the first album anti-hero.”

“I think I’m ready to get out of my hand with the confidence I’ve built up slowly over and over again. I hope that it will be a pleasant appreciation for those of you who will be listening to the album, and we hope that it will be something else.”

Curt and succinct with palpable revelry, ‘Usual Person’ is a delicate piece of art that is both visceral and dance prudent.


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