0171 ‘Automatic’ : Purpose un-cashed, and psyches damaged and scorn.


Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare are 0171. ‘Automatic’ said the duo is: “A pensive, surrealist study into nihilism as a means to counter anxiety and unease.” And with it 0171 breaks down societal conundrums, all played out to a backdrop of experimental electro-pop.

“Our music can make us feel so powerful, and at other times lost and anxious – so the songs reflect that – a disorientating mix of confidence and sadness” Joe and Georgie explain. They also went on to share this on the new single: “In ‘Automatic’ we are moving endlessly onwards, away from our own anxieties – fragile mother of pearl kids in the whirlwind. We choose a defiant nihilism over anxiety, no matter the cost. And when everything clears around us, we have just each other left.”

‘Automatic’ is lifted from 0171’s second (as-yet-untitled) EP.

Based in Hackney, East London, the creators creates world-scapes devoid of rules, but born out of structures chaos of neighborhoods unredeemed, purpose un-cashed, and psyches damaged and scorn.

Added the duo: “We are disorientated by the complex way we feel when we write. In ‘Automatic’, many of the lyrics are positive and seductive, but the song has an angry edge,”

The electro-pop duo is a style statement, deserving of a runway fashion show, all of their own. It’s music that is couture, and it’s very hard to turn our ears and eyes away.


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