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0171 – Red Light

Uber talented duo 0171 come from Hackney, and they bring a unique talent of mixing pop and synth in the most delicious ways. 0171 said: “People can feel anxious about the lack of privacy in the modern world. In ‘Red Light’ we flipped that round to imagine a couple who are excited by the idea that the world is watching them and their love. We thought about how the act of filming experiences makes those experiences feel realer for many people these days. Everyone is a star in their videos.” The title track from their debut EP is an examination “of modern life through dramatic songs that are really based on a longing for intimacy.” Torn apart, to just be glued back together, our emotions often are pulled in every direction in this life. We just don’t know what to do sometimes. Disconnect, belongs to isolation’s grip. Will we ever escape?


From his upcoming EP ‘&I’, Swedish artist, producer, writer, photographer visits with a tactile vision of musical sounds. The lo-fi offering, with the indie-folk aesthetic successfully shows off a delightful lyrical acumen. Jacob Lahovary Olsson is JACOBOOM and the Stockholm based artist comes at your senses hard with ‘Woods&I’. A part of a concept EP, the deletion of awareness and righteousness, continue to confuse and darken a loss of self.

Teen Mortgage – Falling Down

Do you surf? You should. Do you punk? You are already. You’re here. TEEN MORTGAGE has picked you! Washington DC based band keeps it upbeat and never lets it get in the way. Life, that is. Guitar in one hand, a drum set at the ready, the duo rocks it like no tomorrow with a battle hardened attitude towards satisfying your moshing tendencies. On stage energies flow out, in studio records and live, as the duo never lets you down. If you don’t have fun listening to TEEN MORTGAGE, you might be just dead. Look for more from them on June 21st, as they drop their new EP ‘Life/Death’.

Darkplay – Pervert

‘Pervert’ is from Los Angeles based duo DARKPLAY. Bubbling attitudes ride out into the sunset with grooving rhythms and candid resolutions, as the buckling pain and stresses make their mark. Physical human touch is what the song is all about. In which, we all can absorb and relate to, as no matter how disciplined, our animal instincts need to be satisfied, somehow, some way. Formed out of bands Cold Violets, Max and Sergio accepts the darkness of our human desires and embraces it with all of their might. They are intent on pushing the darkness, to work in their favor. Said the duo: “Discoveries are less romantic, more pessimistic, more cynical, and celebratory of the innately deviant.” DARKPLAY’s full length album is to drop this summer.

Amaliar – I Don’t Say That

AMALIAR (read Am-a-liar) consists of Jens Nelsson, Natalie Knutzen, Nikko Harrison, Melisa Jiménez, and Joie Fine. They play chill indie prog-rock-esque music that stirs the dancing soul. The band derides negativity and offers up the alternative smiles that we often miss in our everyday. The psyche infused instrumentals, with roots instilled harmonies, delightfully cast a cool shade of sounds that roll over your tired emotions. The band beckons you to keep thing moving forward as you look back at the ridiculousness of our lives and gifts it often garners. ‘I Don’t Say That’ is one of those upbeat premonitions and the infectious tones give it life, as it gives you life.


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