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1.3 Million Years from now, our beloved Sun will have a neighbor visiting.

In about 1.3 Million years, according to ESA (European Space Agency), our sun will have a visiting neighbor star. This means, if we humans are still living on Earth, we’ll need awesome sunglasses to see 2 stars and bunch times more sunlight.

Scientist have used data of stars and their predicted travel direction into the far future. And ESA indicated that “..of them, 97 stars were found that will pass within 150 trillion kilometres, while 16 come within about 60 trillion km”.

Of those modeled, a star named Gliese 710 is expected to be the closest to reach and affect our solar system the most.

“While the 16 are considered reasonably near, a particularly close encounter of one star, Gliese 710, in 1.3 million years’ time…it is predicted to pass within just 2.3 trillion km or about 16 000 Earth–Sun distances, well within the Oort Cloud.

Cool stuff, ain’t it?

Oh also, this kind of work needs a powerful tool, and that is called GAIA, the space observatory for astrometry. This is for the measuring the positions and distances of stars with unprecedented precision. It is a ESA satellite.

AANDA.ORG (regarding Gliese 710)


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