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100 – Weightless

Weightless sees Sydney’s enigmatic genre-defying 4-piece 100 launch into an epic song examining their hometowns, the people in them and the experience one goes through when they don’t feel like they belong. The band are self aware as they delve deeper into their sound, drawing influences from a multitude of genres spanning from country to post punk fused with the angst driven rock of early 90’s acts. After the release of their debut EP, Cortisone in late 2018 the band have been living up to their name showing no signs of slowing down. Driven lyrics, thrust itself through the snow over the black tarp. Contrasts connected, in an electrostatic fantastics, the fabulous driven rhythm sections, bring you in with no peculiarities nor confusion. A jam of infection, 100’s ‘Weightless’ is a mix of dissent from the traditions of punk and LCD Soundsystems, bound with pride and quality. Goodness is 100. Rowen Tucker, Jaryd Lee, Paris Grant, and Colby McQueen are 100, and they make things go boom. See them next @ Fairgrounds Festival, Berry, New South Wales on December 6th.

Lucas Laufen – I Know Where Silence Lives

Lucas Laufen releases the title track from his upcoming album, I Know Where Silence Lives out December 6th. “I Know Where Silence Lives” explores the vulnerable moments found through stillness. “It was the first time I’d seen the sea in months and I remember thinking, ‘this is where silence lives’,” explained Lucas. “The wind was super strong so it wasn’t actually silent but I felt at home with the salt spray and no one around. So it’s silence relating to peace as opposed to real acoustic silence.” On the video: “’I Know Where Silence Lives’ tells a story of a young woman who decides to leave the toxic city to find her own silence in the countryside of Norway. We purposefully begin the video with a grayish look and feel, the actress, Leona Grundig… her mood lifts the closer she gets to her destination, the colors of her clothing changes and the colour grading is more saturated.” See the goodness that Lucas offers next @ PRIVATCLUB Berlin, December 14th.

Ruby Skies – I Really Need a Jetpack

Khaled Ali and Luca Martial met in Montreal, then this thing called a band was made, as Ben Magidson and Jamie Carey completed the quad-fecta. Through the hard times, the confusing times, and the mundane, the band continued and continued to thrive. Why not. And where else would you expect them to go, right? Up, up and we’re off. ‘I Really Need A Jetpack’ is the tongue-in-cheek good vibes that Ruby Skies offers again and again. A swooping folk-rock ballad, the single is a patent grizzle of emotions, donned in a double breasted solution for the foolhardy. Fools dance and smile, and get on the wrong roads. Sometimes. But when it all comes together, the right way, we strive for that next road to heaven. Odd vibes? The song certainly gives that. Perfection in its own right? Dang right.

Fade On – Ice Cream

Fade On (Sam Schall) brings the sounds of the 80’s to life in this new single, with a nod to Hall & Oates vocal stylings, wavy synths, and a dark undertone running throughout the track. Said Sam: “It’s how I see a lot of relationships right now, including my own. Most frequently meeting people online. A lot of times we’re just satisfying lust. Which is a lot of fantasy and make believe. The lack of real human interaction alienates you. And most of what we create in these relationships is all in our head.” Rule defying, genre bending, and boundary-less are a few of the defining characteristics of the brilliant Fade On. The Brooklyn-based Fade On continues to carve out a niche in his self-proclaimed haunt-pop genre with his new single ‘Ice Cream’.

Mountain Bird – Tears Won’t Get Me Anywhere

Mountain Bird (Adam Öhman) stated: “I do most things in my life in isolation. I’ve spent my life focusing on music while suffering from both social anxiety and depression. They come during hard periods and everything is dependent on trying to keep myself together. Some nights, I cry because I’ve put too much pressure on myself. So, I wrote this song as a ‘fight-anthem’ to remind myself that tears won’t get me anywhere.” ‘Tears Won’t Get Me Anywhere’ offers a resilient approach to getting out of struggle, drawing on Adam’s own experiences of anxiety and depression. From the upcoming 2020 EP ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’, Adam’s valiant and humble vocals, deliver in a deeply seeded love for the emotions that flows with oozing smoothness and virility. Mountain Bird is based in Berlin. His music can live in your heart.


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