1000 Beasts ‘Le Marais’ : Most lo-fi piece the artist has ever released.

'Le Marais

1000Beasts is an Irish artist who’s been hitting greatness with spins on BBC R1, TodayFL, 2FM, etc. ‘Le Marais’ is a chill track produced in Paris and is the most lo-fi piece the artist has ever released. His first EP on July 27th.

Kayleigh Noble is a young Dublin born, but London based artist. The track is the first in a series of collaborations between Kayleigh and 1000 Beasts.

Starting off producing electronic pop songs in 2017 and achieving great critical success, with frequent spins from stations such as TodayFM, 2FM, CoolFM (NI) and even BBC Radio 1, including a live RTE Studio 8 session with Jenny Greene at 2FM.


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