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100Years Apart – It’s You

Briana, Reese, and Jesse keeps thing rolling along like that sun-lit summer of love of a past season. 100YEARS APART’s latest single ‘It’s You’ is that silent scream about something so beautiful, that has gone somewhere; never to be seen again. But the trio from 100YEARS APART are optimists. And in perfect optimistic fashion, and a with an added tinge of doo-wop shimmer, the characteristically magnetic vocals of Briana, sings with no reservations. Love, loss, possibilities, and an strong arm of the one you love – it just co-mingles and saturates with utter appeal.

Dr. Danny – My Baby Can’t Lie

60’s/70’s pop-rock is what DR. DANNY is all about in ‘My Baby Can’t Lie’. Buddy Holly’s ghost lives in the rockin’ chords of the band, as the fun lyrics litter the sidewalks of the unforgettable city of your fantasies. Led by Danny Ayala, the Long Island, NY based artist crossed paths with Brian and Michael D’Addario, as he puts it, their “fate was sealed”. This is the new single form their debut LP ‘Nothing But Love’ (out now). DR. DANNY is a good time. You should dig.

Fabrizio Cammarata – Timbuktu

From Palermo, Sicily, FABRIZIO CAMMARATA’s single ‘Timbuktu’ is what we often fail to express correctly when we’re in that pivotal moment with the one we love, deep inside. Even when we’re close in proximity to another, we can be as far as the city of Timbuktu. Might as well be. There’s a gulf of a Galaxy that keeps a wall of misunderstanding and confusion. “Timbuktu, the golden city beyond the desert,” stated Fabrizio. “In the story I’m writing a letter to a loved one from this dreamlike city, with the knowledge that I will never know whether the message will reach her.” As a promise to himself, Fabrizio, sings of this vast gulf often plagued in relationships. With no immediate or cookie cutter solutions, we all are stuck sometimes in this vacuum of limbo. Fabrizio understands. And with this knowledge, we hand on hand pray that our love for her, reaches and that she will see the real you. Beautiful lyrics, and premise from Fabrizio in ‘Timbuktu’.

rx Soul – I’m a Flower

Deep writing. That’s what rx Soul has offered in ‘I’m A Flower’. The pop-rock offering is a gentle grievance to a certain situation in a lifetime. Temporary per se, but never forgotten by the nights of a fleeting love. The love that has the potential to explode into a million shards of sharp cuts. A love that has the demeaning amplitude for the unforgivable and undaunted. “Please be good to me. I deserve it. I deserve you. You deserve me.” All things can come to a fabulously happy curtain call. Will it be your time? With all odds against real love, rx Soul sees only the good in it all.

Saytr Play – Bang Avergae

“’Saytr Play’ have a burgeoning reputation for delivering a live show that’ll leave your jaw on the floor, ears begging for more,” Fred Farrell stated. The Manchester UK based indie-pop band brings the straight forward radio-rock ensemble of sound in ‘Bang Average’. ‘Bang Average’ is the ‘story of a boy, who falls madly in love with someone off limits and as a result doesn’t know what to do with him-self’. Romance, self-doubt, jealousy, all entrenched within the story of imagination and fantasy is the spearhead for the single. The ultimate lesson is to be free of doubt and embrace the love that you are ready to give another. Falling in love isn’t an anomaly; it is the norm, and the ‘Bang Average’ keeps on forging forward, if not now, there will be THE love of a lifetime, waiting and reciprocating. Certainly good news for us at CHF, to be sure =D


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