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Low Standards, High Fives shares ‘Silent Decor’ off of upcoming new album ‘Are We Doing the Best We Can?’

Low Standards, High Fives is a band knitted with sentences in oddity and contrasts. The 5 piece band from Turin, Italy even has 3 guitars, 3 vocals, bass, and drums. But it’s not odd. It’s just their way of continuing the legacy of other fab 3×3 bands we’d seen prior. And on this single ‘Silent Decor’, they do it up (literally), then keep you in the bar with awesome music.

Seems like their on-stage personas just don’t give a sh*t. And that is just the way we like it. We love this kind of stuff. We really do.

The raucous post-punk band grinds you to outwardly say to yourself, “What the hell is going on???”. Then quietly accept that may – just maybe – you like this freakin’ music.

Their handlers at Engineer Records tell us that LSHF has ‘unleashed’ ‘Silent Decor’. We agree. Just like unleashing a dang drunk, kind of amped up, Rotweiller, inside a corner Bodega.

It’s kinda cool, standing outside and watching the drama, TBH.

Kudos, guys. Kudos.

Anywho, we can’t wait to find out more about this band and the future EP.



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