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amini. Norwegian duo traverses and evolves, with diverse singles and compelling dramas.

In our ventures over the wide open waters of a large body of water, like one of the Great Lakes of the US/Canada, there are expectations of the journey. Besides the obvious of being near water for an extended amount of time, there will be ups and downs with the rolling of the waves, churning underneath and by the winds. But there is also the calm. When the weather cooperates it gives you a respite, time to think, time to breathe, time to untangle – those feelings which accumulated and were dissolving one’s insides.

“I tumble, and tumble, and tumble for the love I’d needed. Toiling in that mass of affection, weighing me down day to day. Exalting the benefits of the TV commercial benefits, and telling me to buy with that plastic card. It’s inviting, it’s easier. But this cannot be, I cannot let this be. I don’t have much, but I have something left…to say.” – CHF

Just like the rolling large bodies of water, the challenge is evident – crossing, dominating – natures power and crevasses presented. amini’s writing and song processions, minimize that deep un-assuredness, helping it cope.

The combination of the duo’s notes bring many facets of past decade pop styles and aggregates it to a style that is very distinct.

Take for example, the first song above ‘Half Seas Over’. It’s their latest offering and it has a tinge of 80’s soft-rock and it drapes over with incandescent riffs and best friend like snare & percussions. Now, listening to the next single ‘How Long’, all of the quips are taken to the atmospheric highs, with fabulous combination of guitar interpretations and digital accompaniments (it’s the drive down California’s Route 1, sun drenched, quiet – with only the wind in your hair).

Our favorite song of their singles is: ‘Crumbs’. It takes all of the very focused styles and calls to emotion in the newer singles and is pictured in a larger umbrella. ‘Crumbs’ is honest, heartfelt, empathetic, innocent – and blends deliciously in an amini kaleidoscope of rainbow sunshines, sprinkled with the sometimes ominous darkness of love.

Nio’s vocals cement the duo’s outputs in a very dramatic, unique, and emotional way. To us, her vocals resonates perfectly many of the elements to what interesting and enjoyable singing could be in an indie band. It adds that essential layer that helps the project move in that valuable direction.

All of the elements make it very enjoyable and hope to hear from the band, more and more.

amini is made up of Nio Amini and Mattis Moviken and the Oslo/London based Norwegian duo brings the ‘feels’ and compelling discussions about life’s little disagreements and destruction of emotional capacities – in a very understated manner.

Kudos. We’re fans.



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