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15-BY-15-BY-15. Songs to Listen To August 21.

Sunbather – Get Away

“I lie here on the sofa, uncomfortable, and longing for your touch. I roll my eyes in disgust, rubbing them until they bleed. The blurriness of my outlook becomes ever more grey. Let’s be apart. But no. Come lay with me.” Sunbather’s latest full length LP ‘Melancholy Daze’ is available now. Get that sun-blazen beach tan of emotions from Joseph Picataggio. You’ll be glad.

Kate Boothman – God Willing

Irony? Yes. Or is it tragedy? ‘God Willing’ is about: “..retreating to the country where life is quiet. And then meeting a man who lives in the fast lane.” Oh my. Wonder how that relationship went? Kate’s a story teller, and when she speaks, it’s very much an entertainment blast. Tongue in cheek, but sure to get your joy. A return after 3 years, she’s chomping at the bit.

T.Thomason – Bliss

T.Thomason’s latest EP ‘Sweet Baby’ is out now. And in his single ‘Bliss’, you find yourself reliving with Thomason, the kind of poignant conversation within the self, where a long lost lesson can be rescued underneath such mounts of life’s paperwork. Your desk is cluttered. But as ‘Bliss’ mentions, it’s best to accept the past and move forward. Filled with a better understanding and new insight.

Edgewater Angel – I Will

The duo of Kaylee Atherton and Mario DiLeva, comes back with ‘I Will’ and hits that right alt-rock-pop aesthetics we liked in reviewing their ‘I’m Done With You’ single. The sound is rockin’, Kaylee’s voice is sharp as always, and Mario’s contribution for the whole of the song is on point. See them live, because we can imagine how cool they’d be on stage. Their EP will drop early 2019.

Hey Geronimo – Working For Google

In an odd way, we thought of the ‘Oompa-Loompas’ (‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’) doing their thing with the attitude of the Beastie Boys in downtown Manahattan (NYC), during heavy rush hour. Why? We don’t know why we were thinking this way. But there are some fact that need to be noted: (1) the ‘Manhattan Oompa-Loopas’ seem bad-ass, (2) Manhattan during rush hour IS that horrible, and (3) HEY GERONIMO on this single hits the ‘cool’ pedal like Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Italian Job’. Just sayin’.

Murphykid – The Underground

Murphykid’s debut album ‘Skeletons’ drops October 12th, and in his latest single ‘The Underground’ brings his sense of the melancholic and amber colored disorientation in how sometimes we can view the world around us. The solum, to the wary, we trudge on with our internal promise to do a bit better, everyday, even if it makes us cry. It’s how life can be. But as quickly as it came, the dread can go away in an instant – with her, with you.

Cola Boyy – Buggy Tip

Relegated to nothing, COLA BOYY is doing his thing and doing it the way he wants. His music is his, genuine, funky, and disco-y. It’s what comes from the heart of an artist who does what means most to him. We don’t know what’s next in his mind, but we certainly know that he wants to share a bit of ‘happiness’ for all to share. That’s Cola Boyy. ‘Buggy Tip’ comes after the hit ‘Penny Girl’. Watch the videos. It’s cool sh*t.

RaceYouAnytime – Coming Home To You

John TerMaat says he’s a software developer who happens to make music. Cool dat. This shoegazy drizzle of a single ‘Coming Home To You’ could be a literal reading on one aspect of his life. But we’re betting, just like many, he has his daydreams and kinda-wanna share it with the public. Awww, it’s a good thing. Keep on coding, and may the music continue like Java flows in your veins (FYI. Just assuming you’re a Java programmer with zero evidence).

Lou – Never Run

LOU is dynamic. We’d reviewed her single ‘Wild’ and stated that it is a “…fascinating single. It’s pop. It’s rock. It’s kinda new wave in parts. And when LOU’s vocals are thrown into that mix, it’s a bond fire of existential rudimentaries – kicking you up and down your skinny butt.” She’s Stevie Nicks with the vocals unlike, Stevie Nicks. What a contrast. She continues this fascination with ‘Never Run’. So much fun. Listen.

Winters End – Safe

Following up after ‘Ivy’, in this latest single ‘Safe’ from WINTERS END is bit of a change. It’s just as drum driven and vocals shined, but with the lyrics it comes up with some inner thoughts in relationships ‘unbounded’. The protagonist wants him/her so bad. Doing all that he/she can to get an inkling on ‘green light’ – it’s an untenable situation at the least. Or is it?

Closer to Zero – Kiss Me Like You Miss Me

Emo-rock? Yea. It’s that time. CLOSER TO ZERO is one of those, and in the single ‘Kiss Me Like You Miss Me’ you get the gist right away. What a person feels about another, quickly comes to obvious tell-tales. So, let’s rock about it. Why not. Relationships can go wrong in many ways. At least music can give you some solace.

Jared Mancuso – The Jungle

Straight forward, fun, and rock & roll – that’s what JARED MANCUSO’s single ‘The Jungle’ is all about. It’s a single for the whole family, really. And the danceable elements of the single is tremendously appreciated. There can be only one, and there’s only one Jared. There can be only one, and there can only be ‘The Jungle’. Listen. Have fun!

Ida Bay – The Ritzy Sheen

Never become the person you never wanted to be. But it’s very easy to be. Like zombies on the prowl. Brains is on the menu. But resist. Resist the urge. She’s gorgeous though. You can’t help it. Are you kidding yourself from such ridiculousness? Nope. We all go through it. Just like zombies. Play the game. Keep on it.

Heath Jansen – The Rock and Roll

HEATH JANSEN should have been part of the rock scene in the 70’s. Chicago, Boston, Doobie Brothers, and so on – his tact on what music is for him is solid and so very much accessible. His vocals make it for his music, which glues all of the aesthetics of a song like ‘The Rock And Roll’. The sentiments he spells out in this single, is just a memory. His new path is ‘gold’, and from what we hear, it’s truly on the way it should be. The new EP is upcoming sometime in Autumn of 2018.

Greg in Good Company – Carrie’s Song (Told Me to Sing)

There’s only one second of your life that can change it, form it, revert it, accelerate it. And in a second, you can become what you wanted. Love has many layers, and therefore so much interesting than we can imagine sometimes. Greg states: “Be grateful for those who helped shape who you are and don’t hesitate to say thank you. Or perhaps just send them this song.” Word. Debut album ‘American Way’ is out now.

Luke Krutzke and the High Tides – Self Esteem

Turning away, for the other cheek. Don’t get yourself in that state of awkwardness you deem ignorant. Just don’t. Get up from that foam mattress. Get up from that pile of leaves in Autumn. Get up from that self defeating depression you hailed to the glass ceiling. Accept it. Shout. Say you’re ‘weird’. Then lets run through that open grass plain, with bare feet. Be free. They are from Nashville, and ‘Self Esteem’ is their debut single.


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