15-BY-15-BY-15: Songs To Listen To On This August 22nd, 2018.

Cousin – Intimacy

What did you want from me? Why did you want them from me? It is unforgivable that you delayed so much; degraded our opportunity so much. But I protest…I declare…never again. Take your plant from the window sill. You don’t deserve that sunlight any longer. You don’t deserve ME any longer. No more. COUSIN’s ‘Intimacy’ is a part of our August Playlist.

The Rungs – Grindstone

We reviewed THE RUNGS’ single ‘Trees’ a bit ago and with ‘Gridstone’ they continues their funkiness and digital fun-ness(?). ‘Trees’ was bit silkier and ‘prettier’, but both tell contrasts in their own Brooklyn grown synth diorama of music jams. ‘Gridstone’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Cautious Clay – Crowned

Reviewed his single ‘Call Me’ a bit ago and as we’d mentioned prior, CC’s vocals is the ‘spot hitting rain drop’ that we love to listen to. Caring, antithetical, smooth, love-lax – good stuff. Continues in ‘Crowned’. Oh yea.

The Eiffels – Heartbeat

The ‘Los Angeles Pop-Synth-Rock’ thang with THE EIFFELS is delicious stuff. Shout, run, punch, caress – all are included in this sinlge ‘Heartbeat’. The guitar lick is fab. The framing is contentment on the go. It just makes you want to drive hard. ‘Heartbeat’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Your Girl Pho – I Can’t Take It

The sax. Oh yea. YOUR GIRL PHO is Phoebe Gunson. And Phoebe’s project is a slap in your face, funk extravaganza and you’re invited to the party. Diva or not, you’re okay in her book. You got hips? Shake. You got arms? Swirl. You got lips? Kiss. This is a fun gal, and she has some really fun songs for all.

Bootleg Rascal – Mercy

The gospel style of BOOLEG RASCAL is infectious in this single ‘Mercy’. It is an anthem to a self-calling attitude and maybe a promise for a new direction. But whatever the meaning behind the song, it sure helps in uplifting. At least for those couple of minutes in your daily life.

Trade Secrets – True North

Cool vibe. That phrase is used a lot. We do that too. But sometimes it’s appropriate. And with TRADE SECRETS’ ‘True North’, the vibe is surely there. With ‘world music’ and ‘Arabic’ notes in the guitar play, the tone of the 90’s slow dance track is slick and sexy, in its own way. Maybe it’s just us. Kudos, either way for sure.

Fresh – Nighttime

We love bands like FRESH. They’re honest, up-front, self-deprecating, and just solid with their sound. The innovation in how they construct a single is fabulous, with the intent of entertaining, without any pretense. Or in this case with ‘Nighttime’ the seriously toned lyrics are juxtaposed with the music video, which just makes you want to hug them more. No? Just us? Okay. Anywho, ‘Nighttime’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Gareth Inkster – Hydro Poles

“GARETH INKSTER is a beautiful song writer. Simple as that. He chooses the right words, the right tones, in the efforts to project heartfelt and difficult subjects of human life in thoughts.” We said that of his single ‘Then There Was You’. Then ‘Hydro Poles’ existed, and we melted again. Just listen, and you’ll get it. Beautiful stuff, as always. ‘Hyrdro Poles’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Tunnelview – Stroller

You turned me, round and round. Then you slapped me on the top of my head, as I rotated on the lazy susan. What was I? Some bowl filled with salad that you kinda like, but take on your plate, because my parents were expecting you to eat it? Heck yes. I am that. And you should appreciate the dynamics. For we’re going to be a pair for a long, long time. Love you. ‘Stroller’ is a part of our August Playlist.

The Union – Half A World Away

‘Half A World Away’ is a song that ends, but the story within it does not. It’s a continuation of the question from the protagonist to the significant other of what could be, if we’re together.. forever.. always. The honesty in the presentation is sound, and we dig that. Just like how we humans do things sometimes when the stakes are a bit high regarding our relationships. Word.

Elemantra – To Know Better

Heard that first bar intro on guitar, and we thought ‘Mike And The Mechanics’ from the 80’s. Then you hear the progression of ‘To Know Better’ from ELEMANTRA, and you know it’s never was anything like the 80’s. Weird how thing go like this right? As for us, the mixed feelings of the 80’s pop and modern rock within ELEMANTRA is a great thing. Love the sweet and the sour, no? Makes life a bit more salvageable, we thinks.

Whoa Dakota – Animal

Jesse Ott is fabulous. Sexy, engaging, pop, and innovative – we dig her strength in her voice and beautiful presentation in her music. ‘Animal’ is a promise to the person inside of you, her, all of us. It might be about love. But it could be something that deterred you from crossing that finish line. WHOA DAKOTA says you CAN. Together or individually. Be positive.

Hux & The Hitmen – Go Figure

Take the cigarette butt and put it out by spitting on it. You do that to everything ABOUT the world. It makes you feel good. In control. Obsessive and compulsive about what was DONE to you. But can you really find out why you are where you are? Can you adjust; change? HUX & The HITMAN’s ‘Go Figure’ is a slow cooker that simmers and nudges you to a nice deep crackle. You don’t know why, but your fingers look like deep fried chicken wings. Maybe that’s how the rest of the world looks at you. That’s not right? Go change it.

Some Gifts – Millennial Discontent

WTF. Refreshing punk anthem??? Yes. SOME GIFTS brings ‘Millennial Discontent’. And it’s exactly what you think the song will be about: politics, and state of our current social trends. Oh well. This happens EVERY decade. Let’s shape it then! SOME GIFTS’ new upcoming album ‘Facts?!?’ drop sometime in Autumn 2018.


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