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15-BY-15-BY-15: Songs To Listen To On This August 23nd, 2018.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Repeating Patterns

We all have had that kind of dream. Running, and running, and running to no avail. Something’s going to catch you, but it never does. However, you are scared it will, and you keep on running. And running. And running. You wake up in a sweat. What a world. New album ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream’ drops Sept 14th.

Foundlings – Horizon

Foundlings are back with a fabulously bedazzled and sparkle of a single ‘Horizon’. We’d reviewed their single ‘Misery’ in March, and that was a contrast to this new single. We think ‘Horizon’ is deeper, and more insightful in a sense. The aesthetics are beautiful to contend with and to access. The gang’s been busy with multiple shows on their schedule, including Peckham Festival on September 14th.

Rob Kayes – Never Giving Up On You

This light folk pop of a single takes very little calories to appreciate and absorb. Give a little slide guitar with some aww-shucks lyrics about that someone you love…adore, then we’re IN. Rob’s vocals are a dancing sprite on top of a sparkly aesthetic backdrop.

Aurora – Forgotten Love (Official Performance)

When Aurora (Aurora Aksnes) is singing using the Norwegian language, it is like walking through a forest of magic. The delightful young and eclectic singer/songwriter is captivating in her presentation and in her outputs. With ‘Forgotten Love’ she continues that fight, effectively using all her tools, to communicate he kind of emotions we humans sometimes neglect to properly articulate.

The Loud Soft Loud – Date With Myself

So, cool. THE LOUD SOFT LOUD has the humor. TLSL has the gumption. TLSL has the chojones. TLSL has the chops. But with the kind of silky hard-rock-ness that is reminiscent of a bands like Roxette & Joan Jett (rolled up together), back in the day. Attitude? Heck Yea. Love how Meghan’s vocals are presented in this single. It’s representative of what the band is all about. Word.

Real Ponchos – Whatever You Do

REAL PONCHOS is one of our faves. They just do indie-folk-rock thang like a boss. We reviewed their single ‘Stranger Days’ in July and we heck yea love it. Now, they have ‘Whatever You Do’, which is a bit more folksy, but always with a Brooklyn ‘tude and angst (although the band hails from Vancouver). Love the contrast of the band, as they’ve always carried it on their shoulders throughout.

EREZ – Make Me Feel

EREZ is that jelly filled with grape flavored juices. It is about to burst. Inside your mouth. Inside your senses. Your tastebuds shock. Your salivary glands over flow. Kiss him now. Feel her tongue now, inside yours. Close your eyes. Watch her watching you an inch away from you. Cold sweat. Seduction.

Mike Edel – Go With You

Canadian indie-pop artist MIKE EDEL is supple and immaculate in his presentation of his single ‘Go With You’. The synth driven ballad to the ‘possible’ is an anthemic retribution for all of the scars ‘love’ demands, along the way. In parts feeling reminiscent to KEANE, ‘Go With You’ treads on the high tides of the northern seas of your heart. Ride the gentle, world beating waves.

Rhyen – Youth in Love

Tugging on his sleeves, she looked longingly to her beloved at the left of her. She was nervous. He then looked at her with a small smile of caring and support. She smiled back and wrapped her arms around his, just like holding onto the anchors of the future that should come. He kissed the top of her head, repeating within him how he cared for her. Their world started, now.

Arcade Hearts – Humble

80’s retro-wave-esque keys. 80’s rolled up sleeves in tow. It’s just magic. ARCADE HEARTS’ ‘Humble’ hurts your heart. We want her heart to mend. We want his pride to settle. There’s more to life than undetermined anger. Life is more beautiful than you make it out to be. Go with Arcade Hearts toward that sun rise. September 24th, they will play @ The Wedgewood Rooms (Southsea, UK).

The Black Planes – Charity

Take that mask off. You deserve better today. Be with me. Be with yourself. THE BLACK PLANES’ ‘Charity’ will poison you with the outrageous faculties driven from the strings of that binds us all. Fall into that abyss of the unknown. Fall into that abyss of the known decadence. Don’t be frightened. Don’t be afraid.

Ribotto – Forever

Andrew Ribotto is a psych-rock-experimental musician and songwriter. Is there another way to describe him? Oh yes. Talented as heck. In his single ‘Forever’, he’s mounted a charge into the flanks of the enemy with charming keys and strings, cutting off the air of what causes that infectious tragedy. It happens, then you don’t know what’s going on. That’s what happens with ‘Forever’.

David Madras – Me & You

David Madras is a singer/songwriter from Toronto. And with songs like ‘Me & You’, he aims to stick a steak knife into your aching heart, which cries out for another rip of the fibers. The muscle fibers of the heart misses the pain, because that’s the only thing that reminds you of her. You long for her, her touch, her faults, her beauty. Savor it before it disappears.

Dr. Buzzworm – Ice Water in Hell

Robert Tapert is Dr. Buzzworm. And he’s on a mission. Albeit, we’re inferring, we think Robert’s a straight up cat who loves the world of wonky and quirky song construction like Jimmy Buffett. And we dig it. Can’t get enough of what can be done when at the local game, and singing along with the beautiful missus.

Zawkahwee – Older Girl

The production on this single is grand. Perky, happy, jumpy – we’re trapped in a karaoke room somewhere on 34th Street in mid-town Manhattan. And we like it. Take that second mic and have at it. You know you want to. Because we want to. Clap to this interesting and becoming song. Why? Well, you just should.


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