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15-BY-15-BY-15: Songs To Listen To On This August 25th, 2018.

Charmless i – Rabbit Hole

We’d reviewed their single ‘Giant Leap For My Kind’ and said: “CHARMLESS I is a rock project of Alex Pasveer and…the sensibilities of old-school early 2000’s rock to the fore, with the right twist of fun lyrical work.” Now we have ‘Rabbit Hole’ which continues that trend with digitized-rock beats and some drum & bass attitude to boot.

The Shakers – Get Me Down

Love the psyche and direction of this single. Especially when the guitar solo kicks in, it takes you off on a new world of possibilties. Fun bands like THE SHAKERS ‘Get Me Down’ is what you need on a Saturday night, mulling over which bars to hit. And sometimes that’s all that matters at that moment. Peace.

Sean Christopher – Everything

Dramatic, scenic, expansive is how SEAN CHRISTOPHER decided to construct his single ‘Everything’. The last 2/5ths of the single is where the magnetic personality of the single comes to fruition. And we dig it. The vocal pronouncements highlight the light and knowledge gained by the protagonist. And it suits him/her well. Sean’s debut album ‘Yonder’ is available now.

The Wild Blue – Booga Sugar

The appetites of a ravenous animal – and when we say ‘animal’ we’re referring to us humans – is sometimes insatiable. She will devour you alive. He will tear you apart. Needs context, but so intriguing. Why? We’re ‘dirty’, that’s why. But the gang in THE WILD BLUE are not being ‘dirty’ in their single ‘Booga Sugar’. Just narrating. Kinda. We take that back. They’re being ‘dirty’ and we dig it in a weird way. Word.

Winter & Triptides – Doce Violeta

The project is made up of two folks: Samira Winter and Glenn Brigman. And they state that they bonded like super-glue over their love for Brazilian music and culture. This time they’re back with ‘Doce Violeta’ and it continues their trip down this lane, composed of the Portugese language and love. Oh yea.

Benjamin’s Brother – One Night Stand

You. Me. Dinner. Tonight. At eight. Then dessert. He moved his eyebrows up and down like a caricature with a sly smile. This combination disgusted me. Then I thought, “He kinda looks cute though…” Don’t things start like this for many of us? Just do it. What could hurt? You’ll set him straight. *Shakes hand* Good luck. BENJAMIN’S BROTHER drops their debut album early 2019.

Jonny Jack – Give It All

The first thing we said to ourselves was: “What the heck is going on here?” Not the kind of reaction you’d specifically want. But there it was, in any case. Our reaction was to the vocals of JONNY JACK. We just thought, “If there was much more ‘horns’ in this song. And Jonny in more urban attire…” What we’re getting at was that the song and then the video threw us off in a good way. His soul sensibilities are more than healthy, and the indie-rock thing is, admittedly very poppy, but works well. And when a ‘plan comes together, the audience will dance’. Nice stuff.

Pool Surfers – Promiscuous Mortality

We fell into deep infatuation with this singles’ intro guitar work – a crystal drops of liquid goodness, on the front forehead of the one you love. Nice eh? POOL SURFERS’ ‘Promiscuous Mortality’ drives up a nice proposal to that thought behind the thought that got you where you are. Don’t fall in love with this single. Well, unless you can’t help it. It just might be the smooth talking, bad boy in a Hawaiian button up you always wanted. Word.

sean + ur not – Path 2 Paradise

Sean, of SEAN + UR NOT is, to put it mildly, a very odd bunch of biological mass. And he’s glorious. Watch this video. Then close your eyes and savor the weirdness, and (some would say) the instrumental ‘extravagance’ of his mind & thoughts. You’d think, especially because of the video, that this isn’t ‘serious’ music. But we beg to differ. The production is tight, innovative, and comes at us with the right balance and aesthetic that brings more than enough intrigue to the fight. Kudos, Sean. Kudos. Keep on keepin’ on.

Lambing Season – Peter

The song’s special gifts come at 2:45. The build up on this particular single is fascinating and undulating. However, it lands on a plot of grass lands out in the vastness of the space beyond – a place we want to be taunted and examined by what comes yonder. And it doesn’t matter what comes for us, as long as ‘Peter’ is here with us. This Belfast (Ireland) based alt-folk six-piece has some beautiful aesthetic philosophies on their song construction. Can’t wait to cross paths again. Listen. Absorb.

Trip to Miami – Taking Control

Saying that TRIP TO MIAMI brings the time table back to the early 2000’s is a fabulous compliment. The classic rock is refreshing and dearly missed to many. And there’s evidence of this, from the extensive live touring expertise from the band members in the past years. The guitar work is timeless. The vocals and lyrics are rambunctious. And the whole combination of the band is eclectic, nostalgic. It’s just great and takes over you as you listen to it more, and more.

Settling Houses – Short Song About The Morning After

We get it. To the fullest. And the gang in SETTLING HOUSES should be proud. Their songs are short. More succinct, to be exact, and we dig them. But they’re really short, and when the songs end, we become a bit sad. It’s because we want more of their convictions on the reasoning of their madness, to last a little bit longer. We think it’s that good. The band might not think we feel this way about their work on their EP ‘Short Songs For Short Nights’, but, as we’d mentioned – we GET IT. And we think it’s the bee’s knees. Yep. We said ‘bees’. In any case, we hope they bring more to the music-sphere. Can’t wait.

Indians – Leave

Søren Juul is INDIANS. His output is just decadent, delicious, and left us naked on the bathroom floor, wanting more of the drenching notes demonstrated most ably on this single. The burglar hit us on the head, took the Rolex, then said “Have a nice day” while turning up the volume to ‘Leave’. It leaves you not caring about what’s just happened in real-life, and you just want to be left alone with the single. Weird way to put it, but no other way to say it, IOHO. Word.

The Vernes – Maybe I’ll Feel Better When I’m Dead

THE VERNES is a dream-shoegaze-pop, feelings-hurling, dog-whistle-blowing, heck of a band. Their single ‘Maybe I’ll Feel Better When I’m Dead’ ratchets up the single pulse of your miserable life and makes it rain like cats and dogs, so you have to climb that mountain of cats and dogs to get to 7-11. Life’s a challenge, and the gang in The Vernes know your anguish. So they make you feel better, with song. Word. Their upcoming new album drops September 28th. Ya dig?

Dylan Weightman – Bora Bora

Take a trip on the wild-but-idilic-life…on a vacation to that peaceful open space of the Pacific. Blue skies, gentle breezes, waving palm trees, beautiful girl next to you, and drinking coconut water from nature. But don’t blink. You have work next week. In the meantime, relax, kiss your girl, sun bathe – it’s easy being so tan in the warmth. Let the stress melt away. For now.


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