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15-BY-15-BY-15: Songs To Listen To On This August 27th, 2018.

no reception. – Time To Kill

Claire Julian is the leader for NO RECEPTION. And she crafts emo-pop-rock that digs deep into her subjects with some virtual drills and cynical stickers of pain. She knows that. She writes about them. The acid from each thought, melts the paper. And paper comes from trees. And tree barks don’t bark. They are part of nature that is rough, but majestic, at the same time. And we feel Claire has a lot on her mind which she wants to get off her chest. So, she does. Kudos, Claire. Kudos. That’s the way to kick butt.

Veritah – Wake Me Up

The intro to this song is ass-kickin’ fun. The riffs are big chunks of beef jerky, tasty and at the same time bit intimidating. Just because it might loosen your front teeth from your gums, if not careful. Then your girlfriend would say, “What the f*ck happened to your teeth??” Then you’d have to (trying not to smile) tell her that, “I was biting off some beef jerky, and it pulled my teeth out.” She leaves you. You look down at your hands with the jerky that you loved to eat. You look back up, with a bitter fervor stating: “Fine! I’ll keep eating my beef jerky. And VERITAH’s ‘Wake Me Up’ will cheer me up!” Weird but (kinda) true story. Get to know the Winnipeg based VERITAH, better. Start now.

Tyler Digital, Mario McClean – Something Better

‘Something Better’ is a thought some of you have after that session in bed, with her, with him. It’s a valid question to thy-self. It’s a legitimate question in regards to the relationship. After all, we all need to keep up with the up-keeping. But is there something better on the other side of that long and tall fence? Is it greener? Or is it just a glitzy and shiny same-ol-same-ol? Can we do something better with what we have NOW? Probably. Who knows. Tyler Digital and Mario McClean’s collab project album ‘Pillars’ is out now.

Tiscornia – Trouble In Your Eyes

Beautiful visions of the future, or the near-future, is depicted and dissected by the single ‘Trouble In Your Eyes’. A mix of some grunge-rock, prog-rock, rock-rock the Detroit based band puts out its wares on this single to a song that is full of smorgasbord of just jump-and-grind guitar work and thump. Simple, direct, smidge-nostalgic – all TISCORNIA. Dig it.

Christina Martin – Impossible To Hold (Official Music Video)

‘Impossible To Hold’ is something different. The combination of some Roy Orbison-esque subtleties and classic rock-ballad emblems, the single is a fabulous treat for ears longing and loving, in this harsh world. The Canadian based artist has traditionally published more indie-folk-pop ensembles, and we’re glad to hear a slightly different and shimmering angle from Christina with this single. We recommend you fall in love. Kudos.

CUTTS – Villain

Something about the way CUTTS ‘moves’ in this single ‘Villain’. It’s pop and definitely electro, but something drew us to the core ‘rockness’ that probably is more understated, than anything. But we appreciate that ‘feel’ very much, and it makes things more interesting, where we really don’t know what CUTTS wants to be. However, we know one thing: the duo brings some kick-ass licks and sensibilities, we just couldn’t ignore. We want to be CUTT.

Your Smith – Debbie

Caroline Smith is YOUR SMITH. And she has something to say in her songs. Evolving as her career expands and deepens, her single ‘Debbie’ is a sassy little ‘taunt’ towards what relationships could be in a setting in the light of two people’s minds. ‘Debbie’ (along with ‘Ooh Wee’) is her most ‘pop’ in the her debut EP ‘Bad Habit’. ‘Debbie’ is just the tip of the ice-berg, for her talents as a singer/songwriter is much better detailed within her EP. Kudos, Caroline. We’re fans.

The Fourth Wall – Infinite Other

Wistfully, THE FOURTH WALL enlightens us with ‘Infinite Other’- a single that is draped in British-rock and progressive rock intuitions. Live in the deep blue oceans of the band, swimming with the whales of your needs. You need to be solace and alone – by choice and for the goodness of the Universe. Your Universe. Your footprint. Where you belong. Where we belong together.

Yoe Mase – Falling

Falling in love, and falling out of love – the incomprehensible but always probable manifestation of human kindness, utter loyalty, which sometimes turning into that bladed chain of emotional jealousies. Let’s make nice. Let’s make love. You and I. Even if the outcomes can be treacherously vile – our memories of the goodness, can remain. It’s up to us. YOE MASE’s latest LP ‘Soldier’ is available now.

Tanners – What You’ve Been Waiting For

Tanner Peterson has a huge fan in us, at CHF. No secret. We’d already featured her previous last two singles, with a drenching of high praise. And in ‘What You’ve Been Waiting For’ isn’t any different. The big thing with Tanner is that she uses her instruments of trade, with such innovation and gumption. The arrangement is delectable and so tasty, that you want more and more. Something we’d stated before, and we’re not ashamed of stating again. Oh yea. We’re pretty sure, with this trend, we’ll be featuring TANNERS very soon again. Just can’t help it. She does melt our minds with her songs. ‘What You’ve Been Waiting For’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Inspired & the Sleep – Right Place, Right Time

We had to put in this list a ‘chill’ single. Because, you know, it’s Monday. And Mondays need a song like ‘Right Place, Right Time’ to get your pressures managed, and take in the ‘good things’ in life – like your girl’s smile, and wink. Appreciate such small, inconspicuous gift – they could be fleeting, and you should capture it when you can. Then smile back – don’t forget, for she likes your smile too. Enjoy this little diddy. Take a swig of your beer. Put your head back.

Kush Katz – Liars

“Kush Katz make quirky synth-laden pop and are based in Brighton, UK.” This is how they describe themselves. But they’re more than that. They represent that ‘no matter what, nothing can get me down’ attitude you have hidden in your trunk deep inside your heart. Let it out, is what KUSH KATZ would tell you. And they wouldn’t be wrong. Open your eyes and open that heart of yours. Buy that piece of chocolate at the corner store, without guilt. Tell that jerk of a boss you can’t work like that any longer. And tell Josephine you’re into her and ask her out! No one knows more than you. No one will make more mistakes than you. But that’s you! Relying on your own and kicking butt. Liars they sure are; don’t believe ALL of life’s hype. Listen to KUSH KATZ, though. They’ll do you good.
‘Liars’ is a part of our August Playlist.

Van Bobbi – Kickdrum Heartbeat

What do you do when your day is going really bad? Throw your pencil away, and toss the papers away in the trash. Take off your tie, and dance in your office. Yep. That’s the way to go. Just like a music video, just like in Hollywood. Will there be consequences? Yes. But it’ll be temporary. Free your mind a bit, for VAN BOBBI’s ‘Kickdrum Heartbeat’ wants you to dance. Not like us at CHF, but dance like you know how. And you KNOW how. Trust us. VB’s songs go beyond what you hear in this single. But stay and listen, for it’s fun, airy, and despicably effervescent.

Tim Carr – Long Enough Along For The Ride

Recluse and impatient, he wanted to be free of his loneliness. The dregs of being, with and by himself – without that special someone who’d be with him to take this ride down life’s road – was just getting old. He blamed others for his state of mind and attitude. But was it? Smart enough, he took responsibility for his ‘crimes of self-degradation’. Week after, SHE came into his life. He cried, on his knees, forever changed.
Tim Carr’s vocals is of the 60’s French movies of love and forbidden passions. It is the soul of his work, and the emotions conveyed touches in full flight, caressing with each note and gifting ‘light’ to all who listen. Beautiful stuff. Tim’s upcoming album ‘Swing & Turn’ drops Autumn, 2018. ‘Long Enough Along For The Ride’ is a part of our August Playlist.

United Ghosts – All You Sad Boys

Just like ‘Waves’, their recent single, ‘All You Sad Boys’ from UNITED GHOSTS continues the rock-synth journey that is so charming about the band. The songs are visceral, surreal, and radiates heat where there should be Universal revisionism. It’s just solid songs that just is straight forward with what it can bring you. And it delivers with a chisel. Tap, tap, tap – work of art from granite like grinding. So, sexy.


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