15-BY-15-BY-15: Songs You Must Listen To Now. “Press That Play Button. Do It.”

TOM FREUND – ‘East of Lincoln’

Hold his hand, the calloused and sun baked hand. It never shakes. It never is away. How did it hurt so. How can it become so frail. Because you left him. Your face is just a shadow in his mind. His calloused strong hands, shake without you. “I beg you.”

SAINT NOMAD – ‘El Dorado’

Can’t help but get swept, right? Well, when someone comes at you chic-like, and drops the news that you’re my ‘gold in the sky’, it’s would be natural for you to have a change in thought. Opinion. “He’s cute.” You’ve then passed that gap. Now it’s time for you to bridge it. You. Him. Her. Make it right. Oh yea.


Rolling down with my ‘Benzie’, the transmission creaked a bit. It was trouble. You knew it when it happened. As the trees on that highway of life, went by your rain soaked side window, you dwelled. You dwelled at the prospect of stopping. At the least maybe pause at the side of the road. Where was she, you dreamed. You smile with the thoughts of past kisses. You wake at the side, transmission cracked. “I’m going to find her again.”

AIDAN & WILD – ‘Good Enough’

Flowers need tender care. People need tender nurturing, as well. Even if they say they don’t. That’s sometimes the tragedy of us humans. Pride brings us down, and communication is mis-handled. We live then with the guilt or hate, for the rest of our lives. Stressful, at best. “But I’m here for you. Whatever, however the final results will be – better or for worse.”

RACCOON LAGOON – ‘Action Figure Kid’

“I don’t know if you want me…to be loved by such a troubled ideology,” she said. “But I know I love this life….with you in it.” Racked by the problems of little diatribes in wholesome reliabilities. There were none. She knew. He was warned. This shoegaze hullabaloo is a gentle ride down a stream. Cool, calm, unencumbered. As she’d wanted it.

EMILY VAY – ‘Time Travellers’

Wish we had a control to skip around. Around the Universe of memories and touches. You, my darling, left my side for the better place in the Galaxy. The wide and far planets of hearts, dealing with the sole accounting of you and our mis-steps. Like sand, can we wipe them away? Let’s try, at the least.

BABEHOVEN – ‘Out Of This Country’

Maya Bon is BABEHOVEN. Full of life. Full of enthusiasm. She’s more than, and larger than life – our life. With her voice, she fills the emptiness of the remaining space in that world of the inflatable sensibilities. Let her make you cry. Let her hug you with her songs, in rapture – for the open-hearted repenting artistry.

FEMME – ‘All For You’

‘Bad-ass’ is what FEMME is. In her music, in her presentation. That’s the attraction and full-stop. Can’t believe your day can get better? That’s wrong. Live it through what it can be in FEMME. She’ll make it alright, again. ‘All For You’ is truly, for ‘All For Us’.


‘Boy’ is a song that belongs on a TV drama. Period. First EP ‘They are here’ drops October 2018, and when electro-pop-rock band like FALAISES comes down the pipeline, we get giddy. So, cool. So, synthy. So, very rapturous. Looking forward to it.

ZARINA NARES – ‘Sweet Dreams, TN’

The small steps demonstrated in Zarina’s single isn’t what is purported to be. It has such a large footprint, when it steps first into your mind. Her unique voice talks to you, and sometime doesn’t sing. It is a narrative with which she shares a part of her – a part in which we cannot un-seal. You don’t want to un-see. Let her come to you, near you.

BORA YORK – ‘Glowing’

“Hey, here’s the beer. Thanks for coming. There’s the BBQ fired up, and working well, wouldn’t you say?” “Thanks Jack. It’s been a long season, and a break is right up my alley.” “What’s that song on the speakers?” BORA YORK keeps things summery. BORA YORK keeps things simple and fun. And in this harsh month of work (for many of us) it’s just what the doctor ordered. Really. He wrote Rx for BORA YORK. Word =D


He hugged her in the morning. But it wasn’t the same. It was something of an awakening. For the first time, it was he who realized how much he loved her. In the heartbeats, during that hug, she felt it too. She recognized how he finally and really found out. At that second, he paused, became ashamed to have her there – not of her – but because how lacking he was for so long. He couldn’t live without her. The circle was complete in that banal of a morning. What a morning it turned out to be.

ROOM 1985 – ‘Attention Seeker (feat. MOI SAINT)’

“The keyboard was electric with her essence; of what he wanted from her.” ROOM 1985 is an electronic-post-rock project. Combination of 80’s synth and lyrics touching upon modern issues, the band makes a compelling case for the intrinsic. “The Bliss concept album starts with a story that is based on the addiction to social media and the impact this has to a couple living together. They ignore each other in real life while claiming to be happy in the virtual world..”

WANNACRIES – ‘Angels Smile (Melancholy Mix)’

This version is a softer, radio mix for WANNACRIES’ single ‘Angels Smile’. We come across singles that should be on a musical. And WANNCRIES is a descriptive part of the musical universe that is perfect for a quirky off-broadway musical. The single itself is odd as well, but interetingly constructed and has a very affable taste to it. The injection of rock guitar licks, is fab too.

COULOUR FILM – ‘Open Road’

What a romantic trip ‘Open Road’ is. It’s a wide open, deep breath of clarity. It’s the look into her loving eyes – those big brown eyes of empathy, and unbending affection. Matthew de Zoete has this time collaborated with songstress Caroline Brooks, and this simple acoustic diddy, speaks volumes for the complicated but blissful exercise in love. Your love. Our love.


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