17 YEARS: As We Memorialize 9/11, We Can Now Also Remember The Pop Songs We Loved & Love.

An event like September 11, 2001 had never happened before in such a scale before in U.S. history. It culminated with the largest death toll of citizens and ex-pats on U.S. soil, since the Lawrence Massacre (1863) and the Oklahoma City bombing (1995). With over 6,000 injured and near 3,000 slain, the attacks on the twin towers in lower Manhattan (NYC) was a day to remember – all for the wrong reasons.

But just as we always do here in the U.S., the citizens move on with their lives by innovating, making, producing, advocating through out the days after such tragedies. The resilience is over-whelming and easy to appreciate and look at in awe.

We move on. Not forgetting what had happened, but we move on.

You must. Or you’ll be stuck in one space and time, for the rest of your life.

There’s work to do. And there’s always the next challenge to traverse.

Today is a solum day, as always. But as the wounds keep getting better, we can look back at part of 2001 that was positive, as well.

So, CHF wants to look at the music that was popular on the radio on that month of September 2001.

For, it’s not just looking past what’s happened. Recognizing and accepting, are the first steps to recovery. Let’s always celebrate our resilience, kindness, and resolve, in the best way, we individuals, can.

On 2001, the radio was packed with the latest and greatest from perpetual powerhouse artist like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Train, Sugar Ray, Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, Ginuwine, and so forth. The production of great songs from artists, and distribution houses never ceases. The 1990’s were officially waning as the 21st century was really digging in and getting settled into the cultural mindset of the U.S. lovers of pop.

Radio was still king, back then, with the emergence of the Internet as a commercial powerhouse, still several years away. Here there were still limits on who can get on the radio (just as now), but even more so. Indie was still generally relegated to free form and college radio stations.

So, who were some notable ‘indie’ players in 2001? And what songs were great to listen to during your ride to work?

Let’s remember together, in no particular order, and get sappy =D

Staind – It’s Been Awhile

Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

Incubus – Drive

American Hi-Fi – Flavor Of The Weak

Nelly Furtado – Turn Off The Light

Fuel – Bad Day

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Linkin Park – Crawling

Alicia Keys – Fallin’

Ian Van Dahl Feat. Marsha – Castles In The Sky

Darude – Sandstorm

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