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Dream Suicides – It’s Better Not To Say Anything

Dream Suicides is Daniel Romero’s “bedroom” recording project, as he puts it. It’s Better Not To Say Anything is a song by Dream Suicides, which, when viewing Daniel’s fascination with Winona Ryder, it’s kind of relatable.

From what we can gather, Daniel loves Winona Ryder. We love that he does, and we respect that – just because we love Winona, as well. She was fab in Heathers, and cute as heck. She was fab in Beetlejuice. She was fab in Edward Scissorhands. She’s the brunette, dark horse we love to love.

But is Daniel happy that she went out with Johnny Depp in the past? Don’t know. We’ll never know, we reckon. But aren’t we all a bit unhappy that she went out with Johnny Depp? LOL.

Maybe it’s just us at CHF, then.

Anywho, this song is fab, dreamy, dream-like, representative and a portable output from Dream Suicides. Looking forward to more.



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