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Kathryn Calder – New Millennium

Kathryn Calder’s New Millennium is a fabulous folk song endeavor. Folk?? Yes, and it’s gloriously presented in this alternative rock packaging, and we love it.

We know, we know: “but CHF, it’s way off from Folk. It’s so indie rock!” We don’t disagree with you. But we hear things a bit differently and we hear Folk fused with Rock, fused with Alternative / Kinda-Grunge style in the song. It’s deep and oaky, with a certain undefined after-taste, if you know what we are putting down.

Kathryn’s vocals is a constant and it reminds the listener that she is behinds you and her chin is on your left shoulder, whispering in your ear. At the same time, her chin is digging into your shoulder’s soft part. You’re not hating it, but it surely upscales your attention to her song.

Have a go, you’ll like.

Oh, and check out her record company “Oscar St Records“. We’re all about indie record labels!

Bandcamp (Oscar St Records)


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