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Math Discovery! Ancient Plimpton 322 Babylonian Tablet Releases More secrets.

Before Pythagorus, it could be that the ancient Babylonians (group who lived in ancient Mesopotamia, now where Iraq exists) had figured out Trigonometry many millennia before.

The small tablet which was discovered nearly 100 years ago by archeologists have been challenging researchers, scientists, and mathematicians ever since. However, the Plimpton 322 tablet seems to have released bit more secrets and the scientific world is excited.

From all intents and purposes (as historical mysteries go), the tablet now poses more questions for the scientists to “un-earth”. Questions like: what did they use this math tool in their time? How deeply entrenched was this math tool used in day to day life? Etc.

In any case, it’s great progress and awesome to see.

Feeling nerdy? Want to hear even more in detail what the researchers found?

The Guardian


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