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315 INDIE FOR YOU: On This Day, August 31st Of 2018.

Aunty Social – Echo Chamber

‘Echo Chamber’ by AUNTY SOCIAL is draping in words of how we feel, in times. Stress, relationship – love, loveliness: Aunty’s talent to tell what her heart talks about with her at night, in secret, in a digestible and beautiful notions is worth all our gaze. She’s just started her journey of establishing herself as an artist to deal with, within Toronto and worldwide. We think she has the gumption to do this. She states that she’s just starting to figure things out. Who isn’t. Go, Aunty. Go. Looking forward to the new EP, whenever it drops.

Lucy & La Mer – Got That Thing

LUCY & LA MER’s ‘Got That Thing’ is a commercial virtuoso. Featured in mags, and in an advertising campaign. Lucy LaForge’s got it going on these days. And she deserves it all, for it’s a perfect fit for pushing back on ‘everyday life’ just a bit. It’s a few handful of seconds you can relax and smile that smile that you always do – ironic, cynical. But with Lucy, you can genuinely feel good too. So, go. Listen. Jump around.

Amour Glamour – Love in the Shower

Organs. Not the kind in your body, but the instrument. Decadent, and oh so gooey. It’s what AMOUR GLAMOUR’s ‘Love In The Shower’ is all about. You wanna do it. But you hesitate. Then you change your mind a 3rd time, and wanna do it. Then you hesitate some more. Take a deep breath. Take your time. It’s only the first time that is harsh. It’ll get better. It’s not like you’re getting married or anything. Done. The deed has been done. Now you own a brand new car, and monthly payments for the next 60 months. Whew!

Jane In Space – Gorerunner (Official Video)

JANE IN SPACE’s new EP ‘Gorerunner’ is available now. Why are we introducing that info, first? Well, after listening to the title track ‘Gorerunner’ we think the world might end ‘as we know it’. So, we went out to the the Walmart we always go to, and bought many stacks of soup and non-perishables. Because, you know…we need to eat in the post-apocalyptic world, we think the gang in Jane In Space is describing. Or is it the opposite?? Go figure.

Your Smith – Bad Habit

Yea, this song came out about 2 months ago, but it’s worth revisiting. We’d reviewed YOUR SMITH’s single ‘Debbie’ where we’d said: “…is a sassy little ‘taunt’ towards what relationships could be in a setting in the light of two people’s minds.” Caroline Smith is YOUR SMITH, and we’re fans. She’s cool, inviting, seductive, and pulls out some bad-ass pop. So go ahead. Listen. Enjoy.

Reina Mora – Passenger

She’s good. Real good. RENIA MORA’s vocals are so impassioned and hard to shake off of your memory. It goes with every ‘inspiration’ you can think of. You want her voice and music behind you when you’re a bit down and bit suppressed by the stresses of life. We’d reviewed her single ‘Winter In June’ and from pure point to pure point, ‘Passenger’ is what you need as a vitamin; for that long trip or for that lonely winding road to come. She has your back. Hold her hand.

Nina Luna – Red Flags

This NYC based artist’s single ‘Red Flags’ is a classic pop tune that brings forth modern sensibilities and spreads it evenly on a layer of vocal flutters, as Monarch butterflies spreading their love and honesty into the world conversation. This simple tune of love and things that go bump in the night of a possibly dying relationship. It’s true. World can be cruel. Then see the wider view of life. You deserve better. Nina recommends we all ‘seek higher’. We agree.

Völuspa – Feel You (Official Music Video)

Leaving her bed this morning, she felt a tinge of difference in her neck. She didn’t think about it again, until her return home. It bothered her now, as she was winding down from a long day. The pangs grew, and grew as the evening deepened. She took a look in the bathroom, and she couldn’t believe it. Her conscience had returned. Returned to her after decades of working the field she didn’t like, but was expert. She smiled. From then, she knew she was Free. “I can believe it,” as she laughed and choked on her happiness.

Young Yosef – Bruce Lee

‘Bruce Lee’ is YOUNG YOSEF’s debut single drop. And it’s so much fun. You like 60’s disco? You like stories of heroism and love? You like dancing? Come. Come listen to Young Yosef, and you’ll be cleansed. The keys on this song is awesome, as it hypes up the lift in the happiness-quotient by a Million. We think, no matter what decade you were born, this song pulls in the memories of those quiet and meaningful parts of your high-school years. No? Well, at least we think so =D The guys in the band (Daklis, Steve, Meanass, SephyKeffy, Ggoy) wants to you dance, dang it!

Moviestar (featuring Professor Elemental) – The Present

Oddity is the norm. And MOVIESTAR brings it like there’s nobody’s business. And we love it! In ‘The Present’ the post-punk-ness in and out of what dimensions are around in the next street corner. It’s available for all of us to that big boat up in the clouds. No one cannot not like this. It’s so SO cool! But that’s just what MOVIESTAR does, day in and each song & vid. They are entertainers you must admire like no other. They are quite extraordinary and we can’t wait for a more expanded review of their outputs soon. ‘The Present’ drops September 7th.


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