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3615 Nuits Blanches Shares ‘Helios Helas’. “Get Seduced. Then Get Destroyed.”

We’d been a bit late in getting into reviewing 3615 NUITS BLANCHES’ single ‘Helios Helas’. And it’s just as glorious and refreshing as that first sip of martini on that beautiful evening with your girl (or guy).

Well, we’re just trying to make a point that some songs are meant to be just slathered over on your skin to be absorbed and to become ‘one’ with your sensibilities.

Lick it up.

It’s okay.

You’re a grown person now.

Let Antonine’s vocals seduce you. Then let Arnault’s synth destroy you.

‘Helios Helas’ is an output from the duo of Antonine and Arnault and they have a habit (albeit a fabulous one) of making just delicious and decadent songs. In their latest EP ‘Confession Intime’ they have done that, and more, by incorporating the French language to each and every single.

Should be a rule that using French should be a requisite.

Anywho, if you’re in the mood for love, confusion, hate, and lust in some form or another – and that you want these emotions place on a synth driven party platter – 3615NB is the place to be immortalized.

“We exacerbate the feelings. We show all the things we want to keep hidden… ” – 3615NB



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