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Arcade Hearts – Bleach

On September 28th, you can see ARCADE HEARTS live at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth UK. Why Mention? Well, you want your heart (and your partner’s heart) to flutter like butterflies, no? The 80’s influenced synth-pop-rock band does this with some apt notifications for the Universe and the more immediate sanctioning of bad wills. The band is brings some goodness to the world – your world.

The Book Of Changes – Gold

Singer/songwriter Cinzia Mai and beatmaker/producer Laps, takes us to a place of inter-spacial matrix of woven musical notes in this single ‘Gold’. White lines delineating the blackness of the background – where drum and bass, takes you on a rollercoaster of lyrical journeys – homage to the story telling of a fairy tales. ‘Gold’ is a trip into never land. You might not come back.


“I just kicked you in the mouth. What are you going to do about it?” As he bought him a shot, they talked about the way it USED to be. And that ‘good ol’ times’ was just a minute ago. “I returned your kick in the mouth with a kick in your stomach. So, what about it?” The folding of time and space was apparent when SNAYX came onto the stage. It always happened, but the locals in the bar, never paid attention to the phenomenon. They accepted it as their own little secret. Just like SNAYX. Ollie Horner & Charlie Herridge make up the band, and they hail from Seaford. Word.

DD WALKER – Do You Miss It

She felt her feelings well up as she thought about him. It happened every time she’d do this to herself. She missed his smile. She missed his frown. She missed him being next to her. As she clutched his jacket, she pulled it closer to her heart. She wanted to let him go. But today she decided to keep him even closer. “I’ll get better. But on my terms.” DD WALKER’s single and his musical style is infectious. It’s that perfect blend of 80’s movies rock, and the right balance of modern restitution to the mind’s own dealings with pain and triumphs. It’s danceable therapy.

Road of Trees – Angel

Michael Millerman (Toronto) and Alex White (Windsor) makes up ROAD OF TREES. And the rock duo are compelling, seductive, and as interesting as they come. And we say this as we have very limited knowledge of the project. Doesn’t really matter. Because when you combine aesthetics of the Verve and Oasis, and beautifully frame ‘Angel’ with classic melodies, we have a definite sonic indulgence. The duo calls their style, ‘Canadian-Britpop’. We just call it ‘fantastic’.

Sheer Calm – Copper Tongue

‘Copper Tongue’ is what you secretly desire. SHEER CALM is sloggy, sludgy, and gloriously punk. This single is just like a red brick, broken into two sections, so that you can throw it further away into that pond. An act that doesn’t have an inherent immediate effect, but does disturb the 4th family block underneath the pond, where families of fish live and work. A meteorite? It’s an analogy. And ‘Copper Tongue’ is your way.

Mirah – Lake/Ocean

What can you do when it doesn’t seem like you’ll be defeated by the forces of the Universe? Things just seem to be against you. Nothing seems to be ‘going your way’. Expectations? Maybe. Too much of it? Maybe. But are you in the right? Maybe. “You should be with me. I need you.” When vulnerability is a fact of life, the ‘darkness’ seems to be a dang ridiculous cackle towards your misfortune. How did it get this way? You have an inkling. But now, it’s your turn to turn-about, and face the consequences. First steps to pulling through. You must. MIRAH’s been in this game for a long while, and with ‘Understanding’ (LP) she releases her hounds in lyrical fascination – solo, and for the 6th time.

Mama Kokomo – Valley of Heat

‘Valley Of Heat’ is the 2nd single from the L.A. based indie-pop band, MAMA KOKOMO. Nothing demure about MAMA KOKOMO’s works. ‘Valley Of Heat’ is an intense lyrical road trip – or a trip into the imagined comfort away from the realities of the world. But there’s never a comfortable ‘escape’ from the world. Soon as you’re born, you start the clock. Depending on where and how you were born, the level of defense varies. We are in a ‘valley’. Walled off and obvious that we need to work, and work hard to survive. In moments, we can count on MAMA KOKOMO to give us a temporary shelter from the madness.

Annabel Lee – Black Pudding

“Hey! Good seeing you at ANNABEL LEE’s concert!” shouting with a smile to his old friend, Vance. “Yea! I couldn’t miss it for the world!” Both John and Vance knew each other from school, and had not been in touch for a long while. But music brought them together in this hall, where the kind of music they loved exploded off of the instruments, and Audrey Marot’s vocal cords. They were in heaven. ‘Black Pudding’ sets the right tone, with arabesque indulgence, layered in the finest sheets of pop notes. The quartet is working on their first LP, and they are psyched!

Queenstreet Moonrunners – Loves to Dance

QUEENSTREET MOONRUNNERS is a band from Linköping, Sweden. You don’t have to know exactly where the city is. All you need to know is what QM is all about. And they are all about the notes, classic pop-rock, and the love for the delivery of 80-90’s induced melodies that charm the pants off you. The imperfection of the perfection is unmistakable and the entertainment is fully, on. Now, go on Google and look up the city. A bit of geography won’t hurt =D

Kaz – Island Song

Kazim Zaidi is KAZ, and he’s an artist who we are really big on. We’re excited. His ‘moves’ on the jazzy work on ‘Island Song’ is smooth, groovy, and so easy to love. The guitar solo on this single is in a level of its own. Then there is KAZ’s voice that glues everything together in this short but punchy offering. His bluesy/jazzy ‘sparkle’ is enthralling, and can’t be ignored. We’re hoping he’ll have more to offer the public. The refreshing onslaught of notes is just fabulous. According to KAZ, there should be an 8 song EP, which will drop this Autumn.

Stevie Zita – Tokyo Street Lights

When you want shoegaze, you come for STEVIE ZITA’s ‘Tokyo Street Lights’. When you want melodic notes of love’s infinite stories of tragedies, you come for ‘Tokyo Street Lights’. It’s a lover’s song. It’s when you hold your lover’s hand at the edge of the river park, and looking at her eyes, you feel how much affection you have for her. She knows too. But just like in life, there could be an ending that you might like. When STEVIE ZITA sings, love and be loved, for the sake of love. You deserve it. It feels good.

Melanie Baker – False Fantasies

Cello, keys, harmonies, lyrical propensity for poignancy – MELANIE BAKER brings these and then some in this delicate rendition ‘False Fantasies’. It’s not ordinary. What you seek, isn’t ordinary. You see the extraordinary. You need her. She is waiting. “Is it going to be worth it?” Yes. Surely will. The story of love and first experiences drive this beautiful chapter in a life. Melanie makes it real. The 20 year old’s brand new ‘Dreamer’ EP drops September 28th.

Kallblod – Bone & Cream

KALLBLOD is a Swedish indie pop duo consisting: Raspberry Mozart and Runaway 2K. Yes. You read correctly. They are and will remain anonymous, for that’s what they wish. That also doesn’t mean that CHF knows who they really are. We’re not insinuating that AT ALL. We did the calculations: (1)you should just know them as KALLBLOD, (2)love the single ‘Bone & Cream’, and (3)just go with the flow that the duo has dug for you. The water’s comfortable. You can wear your Speedo shorts, if you wish. KALLBLOD may seem humorous, but they represent some very compelling expertise in their music. ‘Bone & Cream’ (close your eyes and listen) is dynamic, fluent, and very much entertaining in the way its been arranged and constructed. They guys are fab.

Damon Smith – So Long, John

DAMON ISAAC SMITH is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer. You take ‘So Long, John’ and put it on a broadway stage, or the movies – it is what dramas can be made of. The character building mechanism in this single is fabulous. We want to get together with the protagonist and want to know his/her story. It’s that profound moment with in that movie that is the solo scene where the audience gets to know who he/she is, and what makes the heart tick. The piano is beautifully set, by the by. Now, get to know Damon.

Jeen – Jungle

This song is dedicated to ‘fellow loners’ JEEN says of ‘Jungle’: “…in an over sharing, hyper social world its hard for us to catch a break.”
Aww shucks, what a gift from this talented ‘punk-pop-rocker’. ‘Jungle’ is that humorous attention to the ones she relates to. Empathy is the call of the day. It’s profound within this delectable rendition. JEEN writes for others. Makes hits. Makes ‘loners’ and ‘alike’ flutter in this sometimes unapologetic Universe. Watch out.

Candide Baby – Splinters

“This is a song about people that can’t accept differences and that wants to pick out and exterminate everything that isn’t normal.. according to them.” – CANDIDE BABY. What a rotten part of this world. We humans can be nasty. That’s the truth. Breaking the weak. Taking advantage of the kind. Killing ideas that could make the world better. What’s ‘normal’? And who makes that determination? Don’t shrivel to the wrath of the ‘normal’. Progress doesn’t come with only one part of the equation. Must push, must pull, keep fighting.

Honey Moon – Mover In The Dark

HONEY MOON is back with us at CHF. And whenever we listen to their singles, we want to just take our dates to a 50’s dance party, with poodle dresses and the whole shebang. We have the hairdo, you have the red lipstick – we both kiss, and you share your chewing gum with me until 11pm. ‘Mover In The Dark’ is a warm song. It’s so sentimental. It’s just so great to listen to. Simple as that. If you haven’t, please go to our review and listen to their single ‘(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?’. There’a a reason why it was our Song of the Day. ‘Mover In The Dark’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Ian Mellencamp – Invisible

Whenever we listen to the works of IAN MELLENCAMP, we’re know we’re supposed to think of electro-pop. But all we think about is indie-rock, shaded by the aesthetics of electro. What we’re trying to say is that the ‘force’ of his outputs are that tactile. This isn’t the only time that we’d reviewed Ian’s works, and in ‘Invisible’, the gravity is very poignant for us. Why is that? Can you tell us? Something about it. Anywho, Ian is a model, multi-instrumentalist and everything in between. He does it with flare, and we dig it. Just like ‘Invisible’. Just don’t become ‘invisible’ in this technological world in which we live in, okay? Good.

Yeses – Edge Of The World

DANIEL DIXON’s vocals is gold. Always. The feel on this single ‘Edge Of The World’ brings out the emotions that we’d never knew we had. The single has pick-pocketed those feelings and sent it away onto another island of freedom. It’s wings stretched and working again, we see it deliver the kind of quality that IS Daniel. “I thought it would be forever…” This song is a part of a story telling about a band, a breakup, and the shock of that event. The after-effects were delayed. The illness of the breakup was felt in full force, long after. But the symptoms made things impossible. Except for writing. The song writing made it possible again. YESES is a result of that past. YESES means another turn of the book. This is a beautiful song, sung by Daniel Dixon, and the self-titled debut EP will drop October 19th.

Elk Minister – You’re a God and a Monkey Too

ELK MINISTER wants to fester in the juices of life. He tells you different, but in his enthusiasm for life is evident in the music. The music tells ALL. He’s the sun-spot in the big yellow ball in the sky. He’s the sound of the router buzzing and creating in your head. He’s the sunflower tall on its heels, watching all that comes its way. Psychedelic-pop-rock? Heck yes, and then some.

Briget Boyle – Heart-Shaped Mirror

BRIGET BOYLE’s second album ‘The Next Line’ is available now. And you’d do yourself a favor to go and listen to the works of the melodic voice that drenches songs like ‘Heart-Shaped Mirror’. It’s good for your heart. Even if you’re young, it helps you give better perspective to what is ahead of you (what could be ahead of you). What drives us to adore this single is of course, Briget’s warm vocals. Then it just cascades with emphasis through horns, lyrics, and guitar works. The country-folk dipped single is a delight to put in your virtual back-pocket for those days that gets you down. ‘Heart-Shaped Mirror’ is here to get you uplifted.


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