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415 // Indie Fascination. Beach For Tiger, Run Coyote, Christopher Pellnat, Cillie Barnes…

Major Moment – Mistakes

‘Mistakes’ underlying strength comes from the choice of style presentation reminiscent of late 80’s hard-rock ballads that the world witnessed. The chorus is power-ballad, with the more modern alt-rock elements located in several parts of the song which brings it up to par with the rock scene these days. The nostalgia is certainly there, and it’s been done quite affectionately. The song is certainly easy to get into.

Beach For Tiger – Toffee

We’re determined to know more about BEACH FOR TIGER. Their work is r&b, soul, and bucket loads of hazy-rock that just showers you with gooey silky goodness that you just don’t know what to do with yourself. Maybe go out on a date with your girl? Yes. Maybe go out and make out with your girl? Yes. Come back home and make love with your girl? Yes. Turn on BFT’s ‘Toffee’ in the background on vinyl? You should have done that already in this sequence. ‘Toffee’ will make you whole. And BEACH FOR TIGER will make the world a more accommodating place. Dig.

Box of Flies – Then I Forgot

Doing it right. And if you’re grunge, you do it like BOX OF FLIES. Kind of reminiscent of the stylings of Alice In Chains. But this particular single stands on its own two feet and then cracks open a jar of whoop-ass when it wants to. At it’s whim. The band is made up of Tormod Brede, Eirik Estenstad, and Henning Sigstad. The trio is so very good at what they do. Their heaviness is apparent in the notes they choose, and from the arrangement of the elements. Communication is thorough, and clear as a bell. Have we mentioned ‘Then I Forgot’ is fab single? Heck yea.

Run Coyote – Night Rider

Absorb this western/honky-tonk indie goodness. Get caressed by the guitar work. Yes. The guitar work. Then get swept into whatever dimensions with ‘Night Rider’ fantasies. Naughty? Maybe. But mostly about struggles and humor of life. Get with it. “This song was inspired but countless hours spent on the road, driving home from shows in the early morning hours on deserted highways. That experience gave me this wild sense of freedom, so that’s the story I wanted to write; one about a guy working late hours and drifting between his job, his family, and the pull of adventure.” Again, get with it and listen to RUN COYOTE.

Curtsy – A Better Pet

We’d reviewed CURTSY’s single ‘A Better Pet’ back in first week of August, and we loved it instantly. We stated: “CURTSY’s single ‘A Better Pet’ is draped in guitar and keys rushing of that gentle mountain river creek water, folding and undulating around you naked ankles. It’s refreshing and it’s good for you.” If that’s not a ‘nutritional’ recommendation, nothing is. Well, here’s the music video for the fab single from the 5 piece band. Enjoy it. We sure did.

Christopher Pellnat – Sacred Truths and Lies

That guitar work. That acoustic guitar, with the dancing that is demonstrated within the solo. Fabulous arrangement. Then you have this unique and particular vocals of CHRISTOPHER PELLNAT. The voice that makes you feel like you’re trotting down a brick street way, while it’s drizzling during the early Autumn. It’s affectionate, affable, easily accustomed to, and just a delight to listen to. The word ‘Relaxation’ might be a bit strong, this song is kinda near it. What a treat. Christopher is based in Hudson, New York, and his sensibilities for story telling is fabulous.

MITYA – Omen Over Sky

MITYA is very talented. He is an artist, TBH. And in ‘Omen Over Sky’ his realm for over the top antics, smoothly absorbed into serious and poignant lyrical works, is solidly demonstrated. He’s very popular, and there’s a reason why. The multi-instrumentalist/producer originating from Russia a dang large pint of entertainment. And in this single, you cane witness that such fact. Close your eyes, let the lyrics dance in your head. It makes more sense that way =D

Lukka – Black Hole Fusion

Strong aesthetics of the 60s, 70s, and 90s drum & bass (to a certain degree), LUKKA brings a feeling of ‘acceptance’ and ‘maturity’ to the sound of her single ‘Black Hole Fusion’. Might be just us, but this strong single is a psyche-bedroom-pop offering that is both engaging and emotionally guarded. With the unique blending that she hoists and embeds, the NYC based artist is certainly someone we can expect the ‘goods’. And THAT is a good thing.

Jack Bobley – I wrote this song for my cat

“This tune really is about my cat who recently passed. To make this track I went back to one of my favorite artists from early childhood, Jason Mraz. I sampled a 2001 live performance of his where he reveals that a song presumed to be about a lover, is actually about his cat…I wanted to reimagine this idea, but from a drastically different musical background, and obviously about a different cat.” PEPE was his cat’s name, JACK BOBLEY tells us. We’d reviewed Jack’s previous single ‘Run (Until We Meet Again)’ in July and we dug that all the way to the other side of the globe. This ‘PEPE’ single is different. But as indicative of Jack’s talents as a producer of pieces, with sufficient clarity of communication to the listener. We dig that all day. Good stuff again Jack. Keep the creativity goin’.

Of The Valley – The Tides

OF THE VALLEY’s back, and with this single ‘The Tides’, he wants you to be positive. Take a step forward. Drop your shoulders, and fully relax the muscles. Breath with your belly and deeply ingest the life that is ahead of you. It’s better than you expected. Smile.
“[Breath] breathes in and out, lungs expand and contract, the heart opens and closes, courage comes forth and retreats, emotions flood in and out again, the body ventures out in the day and comes back at night. The rhythms of life flow forward and back.” – Of The Valley. Quite a poet, to be sure. Word.

Maria Kelly – June

“The discomfort of starting over in a new city made me realize how much I relied on things outside of myself to make me feel okay,” MARIA KELLY noted. “It forced me to be completely honest with myself; to deal with these emotions I would normally avoid, and to realize the power that comes with that honesty”. Beautifully said. Beautiful song.

Alberta – Jay Walk’n

Not much is known about ALBERTA, but the 29 year old Detroit native has a profound way of communicating on his instruments, and with his lyrics. The blues-rock aesthetics on ‘Jay Walk’n’ is just delectable. The performance reminds us of the kind of beautiful ‘manic’ style that you heard from past rock based indie prophets (i.e. Trixie Whitley, Jeff Buckley, etc). Real good stuff. Hope we get to hear more from ALBERTA soon.

Johnathan Rice – Meet The Mother

“I had a conversation one night with Bill Murray about love, marriage, and all the weirdness in between. At one point, he said “you’ve got to meet the mother.” I thought about the phrase for years, and then I added the part about kissing the bride. It felt like it belonged in a song – a kind of tag line similar to “You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.” In his attempt at writing something ‘funny’, he’s made a very entertaining entry into popular culture. And we dig that lots.

Cillie Barnes – Rx Drugs

LA native throws gold glitter at you. Bucket full. But they’re in long 1 inch strips and it sticks to your face too. You don’t mind, because the glitter strips are from CILLIE BARNES. And she only hurtles things at you when it’s necessary. ‘RX DRUGS’ is a necessity. The oddity that is Cillie Barnes culminates into the blackness of the world, but not succumbing to it. Not fully at least. Because dipping your toes, and your pride (along with the glitter strips) make it a bit ‘funner’ as you go along the road in life. The Theatrics is Real, in CB.


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