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Blauka – Zawziecie

From Warsaw, Poland BLAUKA comes and sprinkles out the indie-pop goodness of ‘Zawziecie’. Don’t be deceived by the intro. This single is the return of the heavens and the axe of the rock-heroes. Riff, riff, jagged waves crashing into your moment of delight. Georgina Tarasiuk and Peter Lewanczyk make up BLAUKA. Don’t get complacent in the breeze of your life. You can get there. It only takes one daft chord. The time is now.

Able – Construction Workers

Sweden based ABLE has been doing their fantastic folk-rock thang for 25 years. Melodic, affable, and plenty rock, the band’s latest single ‘Construction Workers’ reminds us of the world out there with waning resources that come and sweep whole communities in to a different direction. And where are you in this world? Where am I? Reflecting on what has been accomplished, or promised to, it’s just all relative. Now that you’ve realized where you’ve come. what’s next? Up to you. This latest iteration of ABLE consists of Johan Gille, Jonas Olsson, Mattias Jonsson and Malkolm Bonander. Nice, we say.

Lunacre – Red Sky

Off of their new upcoming EP, ‘Pearl Tabloid’, the London quartet takes us on a ride of the galaxy through the harmonies of ‘Red Sky’. Reminiscent of Radiohead and Gorillaz, the subtle ambiences of ‘Red Sky’ deflect out caution to the wind, and bounces into quick paced thoughts of reality, doused in monastic spray from the water fall. ‘Red Sky’ is a painless and relentless time travel from that galactic resistance. Look within yourself first.

LeeSun – My Life

What can we say that LEESUN hasn’t said with her extravagance? Nothing. You can’t even fathom. And that is just glorious with us. Listening to LEESUN and her single ‘My Life’, an anthemic ‘oh well’ to the world, you cannot wait to live this way in your own world. Liberation is all about ‘My Life’. Get out of that self-induced handcuffs constructed from your birth. Look differenetly. Look at things in other possibilities. In a relationship or not, it’s all pertinent to the discussion. Take action. Because it’s about freedom, from and of YOU. Makes you smile, doesn’t it? Word.

Lucy Pace – Ain’t No Friend of Mine

LUCY PACE brings this little Americana-folk diddy that enthralls and puts a lot of weird thoughts into our heads. It might seem like there’s nothing serious about this, but the thoughts…well, they are not what you’d want your kids to see. “So what are they? The thoughts?” Well, they’re of a 3 headed dragon, keeping a lookout in the mountain pass, where, of course, we needed to pass. “We? There were others with you?” Yep. 2 others: Cornelius the Hunter, and Magnus The Butcher. We made up like an Avengers type of deal. Anywho, there we were, in front of the dragon. Then suddenly the heads turn into 3 people I know! “To who??!” Janice, Liz, and Rachel! “Wait. That’s just us.” =D LUCY PACE’s single ‘Ain’t No Friend of Mine’ is a fun song, and the humor isn’t forgotten in the video either. The best thing is that you’re left scratching your head, afterwards. Perfection.

Anna Connolly – Stars

We’d reviewed ANNA CONNOLLY on her single ’21’. We’d called her and the single: “…mesmerizing. Her voice. Her virtual mannerisms within the lyrics. Her story telling. Not skirting issues, is what Anna is all about. It’s about time.” It’s still true in ‘Stars’. The foreboding vocals of Anna’s vocals just captivates like velcro and doesn’t let go. Anna is a tour-de-force in projecting the sorrows and start management of life’s little corners, into song. Her newest album ‘After Thoughts’ is available now.

CARDS – Yesterday Dreams

What a way to go. Listening to CARDS’ ‘Yesterday Dreams’ is the perfect way to die – if you had to. Yes. That’s an extreme thought, but it’s meant to be a non-controversial compliment to the single. The red carpet to heaven must be lined with a single like ‘Yesterday Dreams’, playing out of small outdoor BOSE speakers, and the group guided by the flag holding group leader. We have hiking boots on, because of the incline. And as we walk up the carpet, we see the panoramic views, while ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’. Yep. This peppy but subdued single is a glorious companion, no matter where. CARDS single is delicious.

Jen Awad – Basic Bitch

‘Basic Bitch’ is a call out like no other. You know. That kind. Where JEN AWAD picks out the regular normalcy that is not so very ‘normal’. Down and crying about everything? Jen doesn’t wanna hear it. Not happy about the happiest days? Jen wants you out the door. Don’t be a ‘bitch’. (Wo)man up, as they say. Things are better than you think. Unless you’re just that dramatic. Anyway, Jen wants your ‘Basic Bitch’ self, out of her sight’. Fair, we think. This half Egyptian, half Peruvian artist is doing it her way in Los Angeles.

Ross Ingram – New Year

Starting with a clean slate. That’s a ‘New Year’ isn’t it? ROSS INGRAM dreams about a time that can be considered ‘new’. And it can come this second. The next minute. The next day. It’s up to us, isn’t it? Unless you don’t think so. Which in that case, it’s too bad. ‘New Year’ is a moment in time, when one met another, had a quaint discussion over snacks, then as the event started, they soon parted. Only with polaroid shots of memories to keep, the bitter-sweet gestures and moments are ingrained in song. We think this is a fab song form the El Paso TX based folk artist. Keep it in rotation when you’re in that doldrum.

The Dream Eaters – Tequila River

Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron are brilliant. And sometimes they make us scratch our heads. And when both sentiments are combined, you have THE DREAM EATERS. The Brooklyn based artists know how to cross that line and produce “compelling outputs that people can dig and want and love”. That’s what we said when reviewing their single ‘Crucifix’. Their music gets poppy, rocks, subtle, emotional, and folksy – and it’s a trip to see where they go from each single. That’s the fun of ‘Jake and Elizabeth. What a way to exist. Their latest album ‘We are a curse’ is available now.

Elk Walking – Walk Away

Love songs are what they are. They make us happy. They make us what we want to be, even if for a moment. ‘Walk Away’ is that love song that we want on a Saturday night, dancing with her, on that dance floor where we met. Your battery recharges, and your frown of life, turns upside. The little glint in your eyes returns, and you love every minute with her in your arms. Yes, yes, the lyrics of this single isn’t quite the lovey-dovey extract, but it’s still about love and the power of potentials. YOU are a potential. SHE is a potential. So, what’s the problem?? =D It’s a fab little folk-rock diddy and we dig it so. ELK WALKING is a Chicago based folk-rock band and we at CHF wish someday we can see them live. In the meantime, we’ll be loving our hunnies like there’s no tomorrow. The least we can do.

Wooden Horsemen – It Don’t Matter

The 7 piece rock band named WOODEN HORSEMEN kicks butt like it’s going out of style. We said this in the review of their single ‘Lies’ and stated that it “makes it the sweet bun for that long haul of a thing called, life.” Go figure right? But that’s what they are and in ‘It Don’t Matter’, that’s what they preach. They get it. And then WE get it too. We ALL should get it. We’ll all be happy about it. Preach away WH. Preach away. We’re listening.

Oh Pep! – What’s The Deal With David

OH PEP! will drop their album ‘I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You’ come October 26th. And when you listen to their ‘What’s The Deal With David’ you can’t help but love the pop hints that gets you going up off of the bed in the morning. Olivia Hally (guitar, vocals) and Pepita Emmerichs (fiddle, mandolin) balance the ideal ratio of folk elements up against the happy quotient of pop. And when you start listening, it’s a delicious nectarine during a summer of fun. A cool drink of realization for what life means to you, and what ‘contents’ this life should be filled – that’s what this single seems to evoke. And we dig that for its purity.

Brooke Lanziner – Stop the World

We’ve reviewed BROOKE LANZINER’s single ‘Relapse’. But in ‘Stop The World’ we hear the honesty-dial turned a notch higher. That always stops us in our paths. We think she lives ‘here’, in this zone. The 90’s post-grunge feel of the strumming and lyrical work just gets right to the bone with the ‘edginess’ the song deserves. We’d said about Brooke: “With gumption and will to thrive, the young’un from Canada will soon bite off that chunk of life that she desperately wants to taste.” We think that’s still true. Word.


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