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415 // Indie Fascination. Daphne & the Fuzz, Vern Matz, The Florets, Balthazar…

The YeahTones – Gene

With the surrounding forest of guitar howl, and wall pounding aesthetics, THE YEAHTONES tears down the house with ‘Gene’. The rock in rock n’ roll bulges with confidence and screams out to the Universal hadrons, ready to pounce and destroy conventional sense, if necessary. Jake Pinto, Doug Berns, Harrison Keithline and Dillon Treacy continue to drive that blue 500 torque blue pick-up street fighter to the edges of sanity.

Colacoaster – Next Day (feat. Gerd)

Taking the heart out of his sleeves, he traveled away from the ultimate love of his life. He had to find his own way, back to that part of him that meant something again. Finding that way was the key to being whole again. There was no completion of the puzzle, until the 2nd to last piece was ready to be reunited. He just didn’t know what to do. “I can help you. Trust me. I”m here for you,” she said, as he folded and cried in her arms.

Daphne & the Fuzz – All These Things

Attack. Maim. Don’t let that fence of life get in your way. On the other side, the prizes await you. Take that mentality to your highest echelons. Don’t forget to drive, drive, drive until you can’t drive anymore. DAPHNE & THE FUZZ is a project of Greek singer/songwriter Daphne Lz. ‘All These Things’ is a succinct and impactful buzz of a single, as deviously crafted to tease as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Devious, for sure.

Cleo Valentine – These Days

Beauty, quite correctly, is mainly from the eye of the beholder. We make and determine what is beautiful, or righteous for our hearts. But there are times when one statement, could be accepted Universally and thought to be, in unison, ‘beautiful’. CLEO VALENTINE’s slow and loving beckoning of an acoustic ballad ‘These Days’ is quite ‘beautiful’ to absorb. The ‘letter’ that is this single, touches the bubbling concerns and trepidations we come to from here to there in life. However, Cleo’s magic is cemented in the ‘acceptance’ of that plight, and the will to go forth, despite the unfulfilled buckets of emotions. Beautiful, indeed.

Steve Benjamins – Circles

Funny how things go sometimes. Talents come from many different corners of the world, or from different facets of life. STEVE BENJAMINS is one of those fascinationg stories. For many years he wasn’t ready in releasing his music to the public. But now, we’re glad to report that he’s been pushing out his compelling and dynamic songwriting prowess for us mortals to enjoy. He continues this trend with ‘Circles’, where the heart beats a bit stronger, give a tinge of significance to our lives, and manifests deliberately with a ‘touch’ of our shoulder – in understanding comfort.

Johnny Frank – Werewolf

Halloween is over. But as human beings, our ‘masks’ of everyday never comes off. Our masks get on, at the moment of when we want to fit in, and become part of a society. It’s decorum. It’s the way to adjust, and thrive. It’s a universal understanding between strangers to other strangers. Just a matter of degrees, really. Fortunately that mask can temporarily come off in front of family and close friends. Right? Who knows. JOHNNY FRANK sings ‘Werewolf’, and we’re reminded.

Vern Matz – Systematically Gone

‘Systematically Gone’ tears your heart out in many ways. The deeply intertwined and thought provoking strumming guides you to the unrelentingly gravitational vocals which puts your heart back where it should be. It comes full circle with the initial intentions of healing and acceptance becoming real and overwhelming. The protagonist’s push and pull of determination and foundation for what he/she thought what life was to bring – is relatable, and dynamic to listen to. The breadth of texture of the single, makes you ‘want to care’ more. You listen with intent and you tend to concentrate for each nuance of the notes. The mixture of Wilco, with ideals of Radiohead, make it real for us. It’s a great thing.

VAZUM – Friend

With the whip ’em up hard-rock aesthetics, layered on top of the over-the-top decadence of such past lyrical songwriters as R.E.M. the project named VAZUM is a species unto itself. ‘Friend’ came-a-calling and there was nothing to stop the rampage. The black forest never relented its secrets. Once you get in, you’ll never get out. The ‘droning’ pestilance of the single, slowly recedes the banks of your mind, with constant fervor and never lessened natural force. The landscape changes. And there’s nothing you can do. VAZUM’s ‘Friend’ is the first single off of the upcoming debut album, ‘Void’ due to drop, November, 17th 2018.

DAM_FINO – Tall Tales

This rock duo kicks. Don’t believe us? Just click on the ‘play’ button. There you go. So? Right? Aren’t we right? From the first note, you can’t help but rock to the song, head banging, pretending to hit that snare of our dreams. ‘Tall Tales’ makes this a debut single for duo. Reunited in a bar in London in 2017, they said, heck “Let’s try to kick butt with our riffs.” The Sydney natives, agreed. Now, they are part of our CHF lore. Heck yea.

The Florets – Just Coast

Jangle bop-pop is what THE FLORETS reclaim in this single ‘Just Coast’. And the song is a gentle and melodic reminder to us all that there is better things to come. Upbeat, positive, with a tinge of ironic humor, the Melbourne 5 piece goes about their business and cures us of the organic ills of the day. And that’s good, because when we cut our fingers from the red rose’s thorns, we want an antiseptic and a shield to which arrows of hate and anger can bounce. THE FLORETS’ could be your mail armor. At least we think so.

Kristīne Prauliņa – Home

He never new he’d been in love. He just wasn’t used to it. He’d never knew what love was or how it felt in reality. He’d tried his best to compare it to many things he’d read and watched. But in his limitation of knowledge, the confidence wasn’t fully realized. She made him feel so good though. Was this love, he’d think to himself? Well, many others make me feel good when we’re hanging out. “No, this is different. My heart hurts when I’m not with her.” It felt unfair to him. It felt unfair, because how the ‘ache’ was starting to worry him. “It’s okay you silly. It’s normal. I feel that ache too,” she reassured him, as she kicked him. Blues-rock like this is something to marvel at. KRISTINE PRAULINA is a multi-talented artist who delves into standards, rock, blues, without missing a beat, and most importantly offering ‘all of her’ to the song and story at hand. The Latvia based songstress is glorious to listen to.

Fluffy Little Cowboys – Dance With My Skeletons

What a find FLUFFY LITTLE COWBOYS is. And in their newly re-mixed single music video ‘Dance With My Skeletons’, it becomes very clear that you’d entered a zone that you’d never intended, but oddly feel very comfortable to stay, never the less. The ladies protrude the infinitely interesting in the way they present their musical aesthetics, and the impact is truly palpable. The slow drizzle of this single contemplates all of the challenges of one self, but realizes that it’s okay to feel such trepidations. It’s life, after all. Shelley Montreuil has been working hard for a new offering around Summer of 2019. Can’t wait.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf – Running

THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF is a five piece band from Belgium. The band makes it happen. Their raw, rockin’, dark, and melancholic tabernacle of musical notes draws stories for the wanting. Yes. The wanting. It’s the indelible sacrifice of unrelenting drivel of that incessant beams of lightning striking though the head. Maybe be your head. The head that nullifies the tortured mind, the heart of unfulfilled beats, the hand that had never felt a true unconditional love from another. The single ‘Running’ makes it damn clear. We want it. We crave it. We can’t last long, without it for much longer.

KAWALA – Moonlight

KAWALA’s single ‘Moonlight’ takes you off that beaten path, in the light of the new shimmering creek of delightful water. Watch the butterfly land on the flower next to the bank. Watch the fish, clearly seen, swim here to fro, without a care but for the next meal it hunts. The ecosystem of YOU and that creek, helps thing to be calm, mellow, understandable. The constance of the water trickling down and over the pebbles, is therapy. KAWALA explain ‘Moonlight’: “Writing Moonlight was really the first time we’ve set our main focus on a story-telling lyric and consistent harmonies over rhythms and instrumentation. We’ve tried to balance a super chilled feel with a heart-warming positivity, while taking you on a persons’ journey in search for an escape from their mental demons.” Sure did y’all. Sure did.

Balthazar – Fever

‘Fever’, BALTHAZAR’s upcoming album will drop January 25th, 2019. And in celebration to that release, we’d like to address this single and video. This chant of a single is an extraction of the demon in your soul. The demon that festered for decades. The demon of obsolescence you feel for yourself every time you look at yourself in the mirror. You cry out in silence. No one seems to be hearing you. But we do. Take a deep breath. BALTHAZAR’s coming your way soon, once more.

T Scarlett – Can’t See

T SCARLETT is a reflection. A reflection for what life can create, want, desire, hate, love, discard. A reflection that is endemic, contrasted and highlighted. You’ve lost someone you loved. Let the memories of them be true. Do yourself a favor. Let the tears flow, even if only in your thoughts. At least you had the chance to love ‘your kind of love’. You are one of the few.

Night Marcher – Us & Them

“We are bombarded with more information than ever before, yet we continue down the path of unawareness,” stated Rob Reinfurt. “Connection increases, yet empathy decreases. We devolve and choose sides like we were once taught to. No one knows who is who. We’re pointing fingers in the blind. Yellow news and canned replies. Reality is getting thin and fabrications trump the facts. People snap.” Thoughtful stuff, we think. He’s right though, as we are in an age of change, perpetual. The ‘world’ will stretch and flex in different way, as human beings become less or greater.

Jive Talk – Star

JIVE TALK’s single ‘Star’ is a turn of the page to another decade. The tra-la-la of the percussions make for a delightful new-wave indie-pop experience that is very much ‘cleansing’ to the soul. How this happens in this single is a mystery. But it does happen. The Memphis TN based band consisting of Oliver Pierce, Isaac Middleton, and Logan Davis is simply a delight for the head, heart, mind, soul. As we’d stated, we’re not sure why, but ‘Star’ is full of goodness that you should share.

American Wolf – Lust for Loss

AMERICAN WOLF with ‘Lust For Loss’ has given us all the license to love again. The 80’s synth drenched pop dares you to be yourself. The harmonies achieve what normal weather systems fail to do. The keys make it cement and dominate sensibilities situated in the eye of the storm. What a way to go. Take that briefcase, son. You’ll need the documents to protect yourself in the after-AMERICAN WOLF life – for there can be no life, as you know them. Now drive.

Dave McEathron – Hell To The Heavens

Toronto based multi-instrumentalist and bringer of ‘sanity’ to a listener’s life, DAVE MCEATHRON, brings us his fabulous single ‘Hell To The Heavens’. The folk-country stimulation of a single can’t but help you absorb it all, and feel better about it. Let your weary head rest for a while. The road is long and let’s all take it slow. Let’s appreciate the little things in life a bit more. Dave makes it a bit easier to do just that. Dave’s latest EP ‘The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece’ and the full album ‘The Abandoned Companions’ are available now.


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