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Ben Rice – Autumn Days

“Autumn days, walking in central park…” Beautiful music from BEN RICE in the single ‘Autumn Days’. And we too easily became infatuated with this Simon-Garfunkle like caramel deliciousness of a song. Ben’s intentions with the way he accents his vocals is a delight to listen to. Add the slide guitar work, and we have somewhat of a heaven-like sonic experience. Ben is based in Brooklyn and we dig his stuff. Word. ‘Autumn Days’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Transeúnte Errante – A Longing for Kitsch Bonding

Walking in a daze through life is something of a danger zone move. Can’t do that forever, right? But in a weird way, we think when you ARE walking through life dazed, this is the song that you will hear. Confusion and oddly attractive skips and starts and miss-timing within the song makes it much more attractive than it should. When the acoustic isolation is heard at the end of the song, you become convinced you had made the right decision. Two thumbs up. But again, remember, you can’t walk in a daze forever. Wake up!

Ariel Beesley – Awake All Night

Classic “I wanna get out of this flea bitten town!” song. Rebel you fool. Because you need to. You deserve it. Oh, the ‘flea bitten town’ is totally about the relationship you’re in, at the moment. It’s not that good. He’s not very good for you. He helps you look ‘foolish’, quickly and in a constancy that is very one sided. There are better prospects, baby! Do it! You can do it! Get out of this boorish town of dishonesty, mistrust, and mis-used love. Go! The self-titled 6 song EP by Los Angeles own, Ariel Beesley, is out now!

Hoofa – A Kiss

Fun is what HOOFA is all about. Live performance is what this London based artist saw in his fans. Also, they wanted his music for their own. He’s done that, and then some. His lyrics coincide daintily, with bursting effervescent work from his guitar, dancing and frolicking the notes to our ears. Fun stuff, as we’d already mentioned. He’s booked until the rest of the year, and looking for more to conquer in the next year.

Cyrus Reynolds – Foraker (featuring S. Carey)

Cyrus brings the songwriting game to a different level of excellence. There are layers that you discover as you listen more and more. Emotions are non-one dimensional, and colored brightly by the positivity exercised within the pop elements familiar. All of that are contrasted in a gloriously cinematic pleasure of the ambience posed like golden poetry, written in the upcoming dawn. In ‘Foraker’ we want to go that place of of new beginnings. Bon Iver member S. Carey is beautiful in this piece. This single is beautiful.

Belaver – Grave Robber

“Get me off of this planet, will ya? I give up,” Sheela decided. In the glowing 2 Billion year future, that 21st century sentiment lived in the ether. Sheela’s thoughts and patterns were imprinted within the fabric of the Universe. We didn’t know this back then. But the realities of life now, is different. Our species was just different looking and functioned in a particular pattern, according to the world that is that exact reality. “Yes, ma’am. It shall be done for you. Please step on to the podium and relax.” Sheela was ready. B.E. Godfrey is the craftsman of BELAVER. Think more. Let’s progress.

Jesse Jo Stark – Rot Away

We’d said our peace about JESSE JO STARK’s works. They’re just kick-ass. She won’t have your lip. She won’t be intimidated. She’s the rock n’ roll diva that just really rocks off the little tassels on your nipples – and you’re a guy! She likes it that way. Listening to ‘Rot Away’, you can tell. Just be careful walking near JJS. She’ll eat you alive. Literally, if you don’t behave. U.S. tour on the way, with the likes of The Vaccines and dates in the UK with Sunflower Bean. Oh yea.

Wyves – Princess Excess

If you don’t know the gang in the WYVES, you’re just missing out. They should be on your rotation. They’re on our playlist. We’d reviewed their single ‘Mar-a-lago’ before, then we got to know this little gem, ‘Princess Excess’. Rock is what it’s about. The ‘rock’ that just goes on for miles is what’s demonstrated in this single. It shakes you, it makes you growl, it makes you anticipate every note. You’re done for. It’s that good. The momentum certainly continues with ‘Princess Excess’ and we’re glad we’re traveling that tasty wave with the gang.


Can’t wait to be back at the blues based 80/90’s ‘don’t give a shit’ prog-rock hardness? ELECTRIC TURTLES is that answer for you. Kinda like what Rage Against The Machine, but want some sprinkle of that sweet, sweet rhyme attitude? ELECTRIC TURTLES is your answer. We think the gang should be a fabulous time on a live stage. Well, they’re in Germany, so listening on our little devices should suffice. Their new album ‘Birth’ is out now!

Von Varagon Society – Mixed Messages

VON VARAGON SOCIETY is a Belle Fourche, South Dekota based band. And that’s just awesome, because first we’d never reviewed a single from a band from that state. And second, ‘Mixed Messages’ brings back the feel of the 90’s rock bands that existed in college towns and in the nooks and crannies of ‘non-radio’ played bands. It is where freeform and college radio stations shined, to give light to bands that were awesome live and cool to be fans of. We know nothing at the moment about VVS, but we sure wanna. Their sound (especially the lead vocals) is very interesting easy to want to know the nuance of their works. Let’s see what happens.

The Escalator – The Cathedral

‘The Cathedral’ is the first single from upcoming album ‘The Escalator’. It’s a protest song. Against who? Donald Trump of course. Who else? Steven Bernstein heads this band, and with Amy Leon, Trixie Whitley, and Jesse Quattro. “The album is an audio walking tour with a total playtime lasting the duration of time it takes to walk from the top of the escalator at Trump Tower, then down the street to St Patrick’s cathedral.” Cool stuff, we say. The 3 song EP is a blues induced indie experience. It’s a ‘make fun of Trump’ kind of album, for sure. FYI.

Jack Woodward – Look Looking Around

So good. JACK WOODWARD is fantastic in his single ‘Look Looking Around’. The rock single takes you on that rail towards the mountains far off in the horizon, and in the best tradition of bands like Keane, Cold Play, and Travis, JW just brings the fun-ness to level 11. The 24 year old artist from N-W England does it just right. Enjoy.

Fionn – The Horns Are Fake

Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris make up FIONN. The British Columbia based duo have been singing together since aged 12. Now 20 years old, their intellectual summation of what life entails is gently laid down for all to see in this anthemic folk-rock bristling single ‘The Horns Are Fake’. Enigmatic and thought provoking lyrics are the cornerstones of their single, and seems they are on their way to bigger and greater things. Let’s see where this leads.

Diemonds – Our Song

We were listening. Build up was getting there. Then we heard the chorus. And the attitude is done perfectly. The song’s just fun-tastic. And Priya Panda’s vocals have the urgency that scrapes and slashes as the guitar work on the single just keeps on engages. The Toronto based band is hungry. They want to help melt that head of yours. They love the hard rock from the 80’s. We think we’ll accept their accommodations, to be honest.

Atomic Tom – Comeback

Bringing the best of intentions in the kind of rock we want on a day that isn’t just going right, we have ATOMIC TOM’s single ‘Comeback’ to caress us, tell us ‘it’s okay’, and yell at us to go out there and enjoy! What a friend, right? Tells you to do one thing, then tells you to do just the opposite. Confusing? Not really. You have to get out of that rut. ‘Comeback’ infuses the folk goodness inducing elements that calm your angst. Then with the enthusiasm of the vocals and the solo, gets you jacked up to get cleaned up from the depression, and get ready for the evening ahead. Cool powers, to be sure. “We wrote ‘Comeback’ during this down moment in our careers, where everything seemed broken, nothing was moving forward. We were stuck. In a way, we’re also rejecting the narrative of a comeback. Artists have always been here, and we write music that we love, for our fans and for ourselves, on our own time.” – Luke White

The Lengths – Tired of Waking Up Dead

THE LENGTHS is a music collaboration between Chat Swaner’s ‘left and right brain’, as he puts it. Love it. We can relate, because that can be a hard collaborative exercise, sometimes. Each hemisphere thinks they’re right, and sometimes think they are better without the other. It was smart of Chad to be diplomatic. For the fruit of that negotiation was a single like ‘Tired Of Waking Up Dead’. And from the world’s point of view, that is a great gift. Listen to this single. It’s a glorious twist and turn of human wrecking ball demonstration, set to bedroom-garage-hazing context. Word.

The Good Neighbors – Heat of the Fire

THE GOOD NEIGHBORS is a 3 piece indie rock band from Buffalo NY. And our interest was peaked when in this single ‘Heat Of The Fire’ we heard the guitar riff. So cool. So fun. Within these several chords, we ‘get it’. We just wanted to go out ride our skate boards and call up our gals, eating some popcorn at the drive-in while we’re at it. We don’t have skateboards. We do have gals. There are no drive-ins in this area. But we do have lots and lots of popcorn. As we digress in this small review, the smoothness of this single keeps on blaring at us. And we become deaf with joy. Is that a good thing? Pass us the buttered popcorn. We’ll tell you later.

AllofaSudden – Left Behind

The gang in ALLOFASUDDEN has been working it in the San Francisco rock scene since 2007. And from what we can hear (and imagine) they probably are a fab live act to follow and watch. Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Tyler Shusterman and Johnny Cole take this vehicle that is named ALLOFASUDDEN, and keeps on truckin’ on. The semi-truck with the afterburners to traverse to the moon and back, is what the band’s offerings feel like. Dig them: for the consistency, the quality, the humor, and the rocket powered enthusiasm.


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