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415 // Indie Fascination. Dip Your Fingers In It. Taste The Goodness.

Oya Paya – Why?

Ashwin, Maxime and Saam makes up OYA PAYA. Their indie, pop, soul, rock thang is just very much dance inducing. But in ‘Why?’ brings a darker undertone that isn’t being dismissed, but ultimately highlighted by the band’s distinct way of communication. It’s such a ‘high’ for us listening to ‘Why?’. Says something about us humans. Says something about ‘nothing’ or maybe ‘everything’. This is just a fab single. You have to have it in your rotation. ‘Why?’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Exitmusic – Trumpets Fade

EXITMUSIC is the work of former real life couple of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church. “We essentially grew up together,” adds Aleksa, “but it became very clear that we needed to do it alone now. It was the hardest realization I’ve had in my life, but there was so much energy propelling me; it was almost elemental, like how the earth crashes into itself and forms mountains.” Devon states: “The word ‘recognition’ has a lot of associations for me,” says Church. “I remember when I first came to New York City and fell in love with Aleksa; I told her I felt like I ‘recognized’ her. Then of course there was the recognitions implied by the breakup, and the unraveling of a story we’ve been telling each other for 12 years. And I’m also really interested in Gnostic-type mystical practice, which centers on a kind of ‘amanuensis’ or un-forgetting of true reality.” Love it, for we understand. Things change. ‘Trumpets Fade’ is a single from their final album (a final act) together, named ‘The Recognitions’. The heavy weight is in the songs. And the emotions are palpable. The album is available now.

We Are The Catalyst – Predators

WHA?!? Yes. We were kicked in the face and thrown down that stairs on that high castle beyond the mountains. WE ARE THE CATALYST is a mix of what Evanescence brought to the game, and the vibes that made Linkin Park tremendous. ‘Predators’ is So good. It’s a ‘cleansing’ in a way. Our cobwebs from our head are broken. The haze is gone. Cat Fey’s vocals strength helps propel the song into new heights. Fast rising is a correct assessment for WATC. Look out for more singles prior to the upcoming ‘Ephemeral’ due to drop early 2019. Hell’s yea!

Garda – Meds

GARDA hails from Dresden, Germany and their music is just beautiful. ‘Meds’ is a single from their upcoming album ‘Odds’ which will drop September 28th. The music video was filmed in “in the three most beautiful countries – Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia”, according to the band. With Kai Lehmann’s vocals emoting that fantastic mix of ‘contentment’ and of ‘relaxed anxiety’, the folk framed dynamism drips from the music easily and frequently. And we just adore it. Their ‘Odds Tour’ starts September 29th (after the album drop) in their home city of Dresden.

Glass Spells – Fascination

Synth-disco indie band GLASS SPELLS, feels exactly as it should. Warm: like cyanide down your throat. Hot: like her breath on your ear. Rebellious: as that that snake in your backpack. Meticulous: like her gaze upon your flesh. You have no way out from any of your didactic scenarios. Not a dream. It’s GLASS SPELLS’ ‘Fascination’. You’re done for. Suz, Anthony, Michael, and Mallory, make it happen. ‘Fascination’ is a part of our September Playlist.

The Fibs – Simply Divine

Preston Newberry’s voice keeps this emblematic dissonance, on the upward trajectory it deserves. Enigmatic in code, and contents hidden behind a sheer curtain, THE FIBS decide everyday, with each song, to tease and taunt our musical desires. They’re good at that, to be sure. For we’re suckers for good sh*t, and this is that – golden rockin’ fabulousness. Comprehension isn’t necessary. It’s okay. We’re not here for that. Just get the gist. Hold hands. And sing along! Get into the culture of THE FIBS, and it’s ‘all good’.

XTR HUMAN – Disturbia

‘Disturbia’ is from XTR HUMAN, a “dystopic ethereal guitar” driven band headquartered in Berlin. Well, at least that’s what we call XTR HUMAN, for the consistent anthem of this single helps us gather our belongings and just want to go out and go to another city, in a different country, in a different Universe. Why? Don’t know. Just has that bass and the vocal effects that just drives a wedge between our ‘fun’ part of our brain and our ‘reasoning’ part of our noggin. In real life, not a good thing. For such song by XTR HUMAN – just the right prescription.


We get jealous when a person like ‘Catrina’ gets to be named on a fab song like ‘Poor Catrina’. Albeit, she ‘might’ be fictional, we all know someone who kind of is like Catrina. Virtually (social media) or through regular person-to-person ways we know a ‘Catrina’. And we dig her. Because if you’re a bad person, you feel more superior to her. But most of us who are ‘good’, we feel empathy and we can relate. We want to go hold her, and tell her that ‘it’s okay. It gets better’. One thing’s for sure, CITY MAZE’s is awesome in this single. The gang in CITY MAZE originate from the city of Gothenburg (Sweden), and we’re again amazed at how many talented artist are sprouting from that country. Our jaws drop all the time and CITY MAZE keeps that trend going. Can’t wait for more. ‘Catrina’ is a part of our September Playlist.

Crown Plaza – Reactor

Bedroom-pop is what CROWN PLAZA presents. It’s a combination of buffet items, including cake with gold leaf that surrounds the frosting. The band is too gorgeous to eat. We’d like to. But the substance in relived anecdotes, story telling, and arrangement, makes it as hard as diverting an impending meteor, headed directly for the Earth. It’s that sunlight through your back yard sliding door, without a care. Even if a meteor’s coming your way. ‘Reactor’ is that notion. CROWN PLAZA makes it happen.

Tokyo Lucky Hole – Weekend Leave

We had thoughts of calling a girl a ‘fox’. And with TOKYO LUCKY HOLE’s ‘Weekend Leave’ we have the perfect excuse. She might slap out the attitude. But will she ultimately leave the bar with a very ‘handsome’ guy? Not sure. But driving fast and just having a lot of sexual shenanigans, will be fact. It will have so many facts on top of each other that it’ll be called a scientific theory. The rock n’ roll in this fab single is decadent, kinda off limits, innocent until lyrics are absorbed – but all of it is hella fun. The band is from Huntington Beach, CA, and they won’t apologize for that. They seem to be really proud of that fact. We don’t know why. Also, they bring flare and the pompadour glamour that we sometimes need in our lives. It’s good sh*t.

Caoilfhionn Rose – Under the night sky

‘Under The Night Sky’ is the second single from her debut album ‘Awaken’. It continues her lovely vocal journey, allowing us to tag along for a while, sharing with her the delights of her Universe. We’d reviewed her title single ‘Awaken’ and stated: “It is a wispy breeze of a song, which takes you to a place of solace and comfort. A place that only you can enter and toss the keys behind you. A loving place where no-one can deem outrageous, and anything your heart’s desire can muster.” On October 12th, we can stay on that journey with her album.

Cold Arms – Embii

Not much information on the artist named COLD ARMS. However, he is fabulous to listen to. His single ‘Embii’ is expert in delivering his look into the world outside that wicked, fenced off yard beyond the horizon. In this acoustic rendition, with the slightest reverb effect on his vocals, it effectively translates his ‘heart’ of the song. Resonates correctly, and with the emotional heft that is just hesitant, enough. Enough to drive you mad. Enough to drive you insane. Kudos.

Dan Franklin – Heartbreaker

Songs like this from DAN FRANKLIN, never gets old. “I’ll show you” is the attitude. “You will see…You’ll regret you left me.” is the theme. And when it’s done in that rock n’ roll Chicago-esque methods, and you have us. Like on that dance floor in front of the band, dancing with her, then feeling jiffy and repeating the lyrics to her. “Bitch you though that I”d be coming back!” She has no idea why we’re doing that, for we’re getting married next week. But she chuckles. And we just keep the mood going. What we’re saying is this song is a fab rock song, and we dig it to bits for its technical and story telling gumption. Kudos. ‘Heartbreaker’ is from the album ‘Pieces’.

Heartthrob Chassis – Sister

Godzilla would run away from the power of HEARTTHROB CHASSIS and their single ‘Sister’. No way he’d win. He’d know that too. Would try to keep his pride intact. But ‘Sister’ has too much buzz. Too much teeth. Too much horsepower. His lightning breath will just singe the edge of their leather attitude. Margaret Dollrod heads this juggernaut and that is wholly appropriate in the this expanding Universe. Swing your head low. Swing your head high. Get into this grotesquely talented sawtooth buzzing marvel of a song.

The Spider Hole – Skeleton Wedding

We at CHF goes into the ‘weird’ and ‘odd’ many times over everyday. In our personal lives and professionally =D In any case, there are times when that crosses into the music and artist we listen to. And yes, THE SPIDER HOLE’s ‘Skeleton Wedding’ is in that realm. Or is it? The feel is a derivative of a much harder heavy metal of current and past. The solo demonstrates this, effectively. But the prog-rock part of the garage-rock band lyrics, just jumbles your thoughts into a mist. And we dig that. The fact that this is about a literal ‘Skeleton Wedding’, that makes it even cooler. In fact, this single is a part of a unique project that is connected to the LP and 11 songs about individual monsters. All this is culminated in a 100 page horror anthology graphic novel, written and illustrated by vocalist Ethan Scott. As we’d said, cool stuff. Upcoming album ‘To the Monsters’ drops soon.

Grand Commander – Pilot Light

GRAND COMMANDER’s ‘Pilot Light’ seems like a perfect accompaniment for a comic super-hero. Why is that? Just does. We think its the synth work that puts that extra layer of ‘feelings’. Then the bridge vocals from Sam Damask gives that prog-rock ambience that is quite cool. Maybe it was a song of a hero, after-all: “This one is from the heart, a friend passed away while recording and the song lyrics had to be rewritten to focus on the impact of his passing. The song is about moving through life and overcoming obstacles, learning to appreciate everything even when it’s tough.” Good on you Sam. Your friend would have wanted you to do so.

Anna Connolly – 21

ANNA CONNOLLY is mesmerizing. Her voice. Her virtual mannerisms within the lyrics. Her story telling. Not skirting issues, is what Anna is all about. It’s about time. And in her debut single ’21’, her story telling abilities is demonstrated to the fore. “The chorus (“I wish I f***ed you when you were 21”) is something a guy I was seeing actually said to me, which of course is awful. But the twist here, which is equally if not more awful, is that I continued to see him after he said that to me. In “21” I try to convey both sides – the brutal nature of what he said, and the sad truth that people often stay in bad relationships despite clear signs they are unhealthy.” The Washington DC based singer/songwriter’s debut album ‘After Thoughts’ is available Oct 12th.

1 Last Chance – Insects in the Engine

You know what put a great impression for us on this track? The ‘uh!’ that you hear on the intro. Then the subsequent lyric with the word ‘Insects’ gave another layer of impression. All that is glued together with the interesting elements that remind us of 80’s hair rock, and hooky hard-rock/metal band fabulousness. The balance is great on this song, and the flow is at the right level that you’re kept interested. Nuff said.

Great Wide – Soldier On

In this personal journal entry to that inner person, the tragic restrictions of ‘want’ and ‘need’ collide in a haze of the battle waged on that flat plains of Waterloo. Who will win. Which reasoning, will smash the notion of the other, seeping it totally out of history. Your struggle is within, but physical manifestation creep out – to the real world of Now. It hurts the people around you. You don’t want to inflict pain. But it does. You’re sorry. But can’t stop it. You’re still silent. They scream at you to tell them the challenge you have within. You, again, stay silent. In this person journal entry, it ends with the silence of your mind – unwilling to trust; now, unwilling to ‘live’, because of your non-actions. You fade into the mist of war. GREAT WIDE is a Stockholm, Sweden based ‘faceless’ experimental artists and musicians. Their upcoming EP ‘The Pilot’ will drop, with the date to be determined.

The Selfish Cales – Chestnut Maze

“Infinite places have been decanted in music, from earth or other planets, but there is to admit: Estonia is missing to most. From here, a village of eleven thousand people overlooking the Baltic Sea: Haapsalu. ‘Haapsalu’ the new upcoming album will drop October 19. This prog-psyche-rock band from Italy wants to make a difference in that place that stays in their mind. Let’s take a ride.

Sophistakits – Private Paradise

From the first drum roll, this is is a fab song. Gets your love-handles going, so that they get reduced. Gets your brain cells going, so we can read more than 4 chapters in that novel. And gets you going in the heart, where we get our dose of pumped blood all round the body. It’s a good thing because we were moving our love-handles and our heart rate is up now. Need oxygen! More oxygen! SOPHISTAKITS is a fab band. ‘Private Paradise’ is so much fun. They must be fabulous live, and we’re jealous =D


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