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Eckman Dredge – Get Away Closer

Being sexy is something that is intrinsic. There’s no buying that synergy. It’s a power that is Universally felt, but something that is hard to grasp. It’s what you have. Or not. ECKMAN DREDGE’s ‘Get Away Closer’ is exactly ‘sexy’. Putting down the alt-rock-post-grunge on top of the 90’s hard-rock premonitions, makes it the perfect key to your escape. The single is the first single off of their upcoming album.

emma miller – Merry Go Round

Sometimes it is the effort of me, my partner, and others to join in the group clapping. It is an exercise in the way of the dinosaurs. Just a simple way to put positive energies into this Universe. Hoping for the best for all of us. Hoping the best for us individual emotions. ‘Merry Go Round’ is EMMA MILLER’s single and it describes our wants and determinations, as we’d described in the sentences prior. It’s exactly a floating flight underneath that grand balloon, in to the mountains of our minds. Sultry, determined, enveloping, airy – the single is a broadening of our chests, taking in the vastness of ourselves, and our surroundings. Her debut EP will drop 2019.

Jay Miners – Something Alive

JAY MINERS is a folk-pop singer/songwriter and her voice is to die for. The movie like candid expressions make relevant the decades past pop awareness. It’ just like visiting of your favorite 90’s love struck cinematic longing. ‘Something Alive’ is her first single off of her upcoming EP (January 2019). The emotions are epic, with strings to guard away life’s distractions. The chorus drives your heart into a form of honesty that you’d not felt in ages. You want to love again, after listening to this single.

Sun Brother – Below Smoke

Billy Toulson of SUN BROTHER leads a team of bandmates living and producing in the world of Nashville, TN. And in this delightfully succulent acoustic driven indie-folk offering, the sun shines with a brilliance that is undeniable. Off of their album ‘Meta Fascination’ the single invokes, not of a particular sense of subject, but of an aura that pertains to that sun burst. It’s that lingering thought, a memory not quite complete, which has seceded from the continent. And we don’t care. For that parting shot, isn’t the focus. It’s the dreamy continuation that lingers, with wafts of flowers and apricots.

JUNODEF – Heights

“The song is about the realisation that something is about to come to an end, and the fear that accompanies that realisation. Heights is the moment just before the inevitable happens, the place where everything is still fine and normal; where time has stopped and all your energy is directed towards enjoying important relationships and moments, but with the underlying knowledge that it will soon be gone.” With the gentle energizing lyrical work of JUNODEF, their PJ Harvey like sensibilities take you on a rollercoaster of purposeful speed, and reminders. Don’t be afraid. Bad will turn better. But never forget the Pain. Never. Band consists of Karin and Tyra Örnberg, with Norea Persson and Rode Grönkvist.

FINNEAS – Luck Pusher

FINNEAS’ voice is a moment of self-realization and relaxation. For the future to come. For the current presence of time and space. The writer and producer has been assisting on his sister Billie Eilish’s debut EP, ‘Don’t Smile At Me’, where he’d co-wrote and produced the popular singles including ‘Ocean Eyes’. FINNEAS is the trek back into the best tradition of 70’s singer/songwriter folk artists. The beauty is in the simplicity of his lyrics, which are amplified like the sun breaking through a stormy sky, at the right time. Listen to the chorus. Fall in love.

Mark Edgar Stuart – Mad at Love

Memphis songwriter MARK EDGAR STUART sings with the honesty deserving of his tracks. Especially in ‘Mad At Love’, a song written from “the point of view of a widow who lost her husband to cancer”. And it’s the story telling that just comes through straight away, which is amazing. Without knowing from which perspective the words had been written from, the song already and quite quickly, shows you the inner trepidations and the subsequent ‘letting go’ of the protagonists struggles. The widow is in a better place in this song. But the lingering scent of past challenges and silent tortures, exist at the edges. A fact that she has succumbed to, in reluctance. She must. It’s a beautifully presented song.

Mortimer Jackson – She Was Born On Mars

MORTIMER JACKSON is refreshing. His guitar work is fabulous in its representation. The lyrics…well, they are as fun as the the bursting of a far away galaxy. Beautiful and unrestraint, ‘She Was Born On Mars’ is obviously about the mysteries of the world. Specifically about the girl whom makes you crazy. Crazy in love, hate, and everything in between. And don’t we all love it, right? Heck yea. Oasis, Blur, Brit Rock is where Mortimer throws down his expertise. We dig.

East Denistone – All My Crooked Bones

The birds never wanted to fly away. That was very odd to him, when he saw this happening every day. What was going on? What was so dang interesting where the birds just flocked to the wires and just sat like vultures? He sipped his coffee by his kitchen window and watched the birds a while, every morning. After he finished work, he’d return to his home and see the birds gathering again. It was summer, so the day light was long. And he couldn’t wait for the Autumn to come, so he at least wouldn’t be able to see this accident of nature. One day, he thought, “Was it me? Are they watching me? Like a caged animal in a zoo?” Food for thought. ‘All My Crooked Bones’ is more twisted of a song than you’d think. The gentle ride apexes with a gallant but manic ending. We’d all been there, right? EAST DENISTONE does it his way. Word.

Elephant Trees – U N C O M F O R T A B L E

Frontwoman, Martha Phillips is a dynamo. The stage just molds and fills the frame when she’s performing. We know this even without seeing her live at all. That’s what is communicated in this fantastic single ‘U N C O M F O R T A B L E’. Simple. Hard. Pop. Rock. Spoken word. It fills all the elements, and excitement just exudes from this single. “It’s confused and messy in parts, and that’s intentional, it represents my brain” says Philips of the new single. “…There is a clear need to talk about mental health and the loneliness. People our age have our phones stuck in our hands and are lost in these worlds of false stories and opinions, screaming at us about who we are meant to be..”

El Mañana – Gota En El Mar

EL MANANA is Danny Murcia and his Los Angeles based bandmates making “insightful, affecting, and notably bilingual rock music meant to stir both the carnal and the sentimental in all of us.” That’s a big shoe to fill. But EM makes it a shoegazy-rock experience that is distinctive and effective, even in the Spanish language telling stories to non-speakers of that language. It’s a phenomenon that is oddly indescribable, but we accept it, as it is apparent in its results. Nothing really has to be further said. Dig it.

Holly Hyatt – River Flows

HOLLY HYATT takes us on a ride through the gorges of truth and simple life needs in ‘River Flows’. The traditional style blues drenched single is a delight to hear and absorb. The soul drenched truth helps you close your eyes, to relax the days away, with the one you love, hand in hand. The retro feeling, classic single from the British Columbia based artist beckons you feel it deep inside.

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! – No Hope

“The fact that we’ve gone to the trouble of releasing this on vinyl shows our commitment to these songs,” stated Frontman Jake Radio. “We are so pleased with what we’ve created that we decided it would be a crying shame to allow the record to exist as a cheap and disposable digital download left to languish in iTunes libraries without any real physical record of what we’ve worked so tirelessly on.” BE QUIET. SHOUT LOUT! is just a reminder of rock that is reminiscent of the height of Billy Joel, with the social conscious twist in their lyrics. Fabulous combination in our book. The underlying growl of Jake’s vocals makes this song both fun and tantalizing in its own way. And that’s something we all should dig.

Colin Devlin – This Is Where We Are

‘This Is Where We Are’ will have many fans of traditional alt rock from the late 90’s and early 2000’s weep in joy. The tactile poignancy, resonated through the warmth of the guitar and Colin’s vocals, just makes it irresistible. “I could have made a traditional alternative rock album with High Point,” Devlin says. “Instead, I let each song determine its own direction. There’s so much noise out there in the industry, and this recording reflects a range of textures and total creative freedom.” It’s just a fabulous addition to any rotation when you need something new. It’s a fabulous ballad.

Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys – Just Jive

ROBERT CONNELY is another blues artist and this time around his single ‘Just Jive’ can’t help but make you want to well…just jive and dance. When a song is fun. It’s apparent from the get go. And ‘Just Jive’ is exactly that. The turning of the guitars juxtaposing as they should with the gentle nudging of the drums helps the communicating exercise of telling such a story is alive and kicking. Where’s my gumbo? Heck yea. So fun. Kudos Robert, kudos. Robert’s latest 10 track album ‘Dirty South Blues is available now.

Trenton – Burnout

Ryan Courtney is TRENTON, and he has a habit of making music that is brooding and sexy in a way that you’d never think it should. Driving in the rain in your convertible in Miami. Dropping in behind the enemy lines, in a parachute. Kissing the girl at the bar, whom you’d never met before. Winning the game with 1 second left in the clock. All these examples, just fits the manner of what ‘Burnout’ pertains to exude. And the sweat bound by this single, is earned and you never knew it hit you. Go. Do your thang. Ryan approves.

Hotel Wifi – I Am The Black Sun

Telling each other that everything was going to be alright, in this desolate place, was very dishonest of them. The situation was dire. They knew this. Hence, telling each other the falsehoods just was a defense mechanism. At the least it just wasn’t effective, but for a moment of hearing it coming from their mouths. There was no food. No sustenance. No water. No air. No light at the end of the tunnel. Limbo. “What a dream,” she thought as she woke. She wiped off the beads of sweat from her forehead. Shaking. ‘I Am The Black Sun’ IS that dark and ominous dream. You’re done. Toast. Be careful. Be well. HOTEL WIFI is a project of Jackson Smith. And it’s drizzling with the darkness of beauty underneath.

Paul Smith – Around and Around

Maxïmo Park front man Paul Smith takes the airy pop to a place of where only PAUL SMITH can exist. ‘Around And Around’ has clapping. And that’s significant, because it’s a way for all of us to go along with the sunshine. And don’t get it wrong, this single IS sunshiny and reflects a lot about YOU and then US. Take the aluminum foil off of the secured heart. Sometimes you need to be honest and trust. Take your time to do so with her. Him. You deserve to be, and to be loved again. Up to you.


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