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415 // Indie Fascination. Forest, Robert Palko, Alpines, Jeremy Tuplin, False Heads…

Mode Moderne – Moderne Love

Vancouver’s MODE MODERNE will drop their new album ‘Ghosts’ on November 30th. And we all should take notice. The pop-rock band, in the meantime, brings us the single ‘Moderne Love’ – a delectable treat for the senses, where unknown emotions are recognized and realized, as the time slowly passes by. “The tin-can space ship was the perfect vehicle for our love,” she stated. Then he turned and said, “I love you. Know that one thing.” Pre-order the album now.

Robert Palko – Snapdragon

The psyche-rock driven artist ROBERT PALKO, makes it delightful in this fantastic, and fun single ‘Snapdragon’. The single is a single included in the new upcoming EP ‘Elephant’s Garden’. Frolic with no remorse, with ‘Snapdragon’ and maybe Robert will invite you to the next party. We’d sure want to go to that party, for there will be animals, flowers, fun, friendly people, and of course a grand view of the horizon. Get ready to put your faith into the formidable hands of ‘Snapdragon’ and Robert’s affectionate musical rationalisms.

Victory Chimes – 40 Days on the Bridge’

Effortless charm and rock n’ roll vibes are continueously intersected in decadence, by VICTORY CHIMES in their single ’40 Days On The Bridge’. After 2 EPs, the band is ready to release their upcoming album November 16th, 2018. The unique and velvety pronouncements dictated by this single tell us all that we want to witness. So, slowly open your heart to a new peninsula of possibilities. Cross that juncture, when it gets to your feet. Turn into love. Be loved. Love.

Jeremy Tuplin – Just Cos Ur Handsome

JEREMY TUPLIN is what you want in a drizzly life that needs a dose of bright sunshine of reality. With singles like this latest ‘Just Cos Ur Handsome’ is a lesson of gargantuan depiction for the skills as a human being we can display. Maybe for the dissatisfaction for the life that we lead. Maybe just for the line of life-realized relationships that tank and falter, without even trying too much. That’s what we humans do. We live, and a lot of times, the moments just pass without any regard. Jeremy knows, and the London based artist tells the intransigence of such naughtiness we delve ourselves. And he’s not all wrong about it. Let’s all get with it, and love what Jeremy brings. His latest upcoming album ‘Pink Mirror’ will drop for our pleasure, in February of 2019. Dig.

Matt Mays – Station Out Of Range

“I think if a song has meaning and is played with heart it can be done in a million different styles, tempos, time signatures, and colours,” stated MATT MAYS. And we certainly agree on that point, Matt. There are no rules, really. And when we listen as fans, that kind of kaleidoscope of brilliance is easy to spot. In ‘Station Out Of Range’, that is very much so. The airy transitions to the high hopes of life is beautifully described for consumption in this single. It’s Matt plus You. There’s a mountain peak, where your train is climbing towards. It’s a long ride, but the scene, from left and right, is majestic. Do you see it? Are you going to give a chance to absorb it, and delight within that nearby gift? She is right in front of you. Don’t let her go. Don’t lose this chance. Matt’s album ‘Twice Upon a Hell of a Time…’ is out now.

Forest – Medicine

FOREST is an electronic rock band based in Los Angeles. The band incorporates tasty drops of synth with the sensitivity and sensibilities of digital pop, surrounded by a candy-coated shell. The whole thing is delicious, in its own way.

TENDER – Closer Still + Fear Of Falling Asleep

On January 18th, 2019, TENDER will return with a new album ‘Fear Of Falling Asleep’. A new North American tour schedule will be announced, starting in March 2019 (Toronto), where the collection of fabulous funk induced singles take you on a ride. The brooding r&b pieces from TENDER makes the world go round, sometimes, for listeners like us. The darkness, seems more tolerable; more acquiescent to the facts of the Universe.

Puma Blue – Lust

PUMA BLUE’s vocals and aesthetics brings jazz and digital production onto another hemisphere of decadence and punishment to the unforgiveable act of loving. Love. It’s just hard to consume. It’s harder to even accept, sometimes. She’s there for you, but you hesitate. You hesitate, for she will be the death of you. He will be the death of you, standing there watching your every move. But the attraction is too much to deflect. Death of senses and reason, will die this night. PUMA BLUE is just that cool. Get chill.

Rich Webb – Stoner

‘Stoner’ is the new single from Melbourne based singer/songwriter RICH WEBB. His new album ‘Le Rayon Vert’ is an anthemic blend of lyrics that calls out the hidden ‘strength’ in you, in all of us. With the classic vocals of Rich, which is laden with empathy that is sometimes very much missed in this world of ours. A poignant single that is constructed to be consumed to add a little bit of civility to the mix. There’s no need to be nasty, for there’s enough love to be shared.

The knives – Thinking of you

There’s very little we know of THE KNIVES. All that we know is that in the single ‘Thinking Of You’, we are inevitably swept into that cardboard box of tsunamis which deftly slaps senses we’d never known before, into fruition. If you didn’t know, that ‘tsunami’ is THE KNIVES. And when listening to this lo-fi rock anomaly of a single, all bets are off. Everything’s possible. And isn’t that how we all should feel – every day? We agree.

Heptagram – Angels

‘Angels’ is a track off of HEPTAGRAM’s album ‘Glass Elevators’. Daniel Ivanov, has been releasing singles from 2007. The multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist presents this latest single, and it’s just dreamy to listen to. The 29 year old has the knack in how to highlight the feelings of emptiness and fulfillment, with a not, a bar, a song. ‘Angel’ is one of those examples. The 11 track album as he puts it, “goes through different phases with space rock serving as the solid foundation for each track…[certain] elements make their way through the mix in an effort to achieve transcendence of the traditional Balkan folklore and unite music in a cosmic symphony beyond labels and national borders.” Get lost in the new album, when you can. The 5 year old album project is quite glorious to listen to.

I AM LONO – America

I AM LONO brings us ‘America’ – a single that invigorates your energies, with AOR style of rock that is sorely missed in these pop music climates. Indicative of hard-rock sensibilities, the post-punk experience exuded by the band is undeniably fabulous. Listen to the hooky chorus, and you’ll first understand. The UK based rock band wants you to ‘rock-on’, no matter what. Let’s all do that with I AM LONO, shall we?

Stillhound – Strangers Will Not Thank You

STILLHOUND is made up of 3 childhood friends from Scotland. And they always want to make music that instills the calm and moments that we sometimes dismiss. The soundscapes from the trio makes for a perfect soup of atmospheres, both feeling foreign, but very much recognizable. Emotive lyrics, emotional delivery, passionate instrumentals, makes what STILLHOUND’s mission seem impossible, unpretentiously probably. Get swept by the band. Let your dreams make sense with STILLHOUND. New upcoming self titled album drops, March 1, 2019.

Spielbergs – 4AM

Oslo’s SPIELBERGS’s single ‘4AM’ is more than dope. It’s what David Byrne and the whole decade of emo-rock would have construted, if that kind of alternate dimension had existed. Wait. Maybe THIS is that alternate dimension? Heck, then this dimension is the place to party, where songs like ‘4AM’ is the cornerstone to new and brighter things in yours and our lives. The anthemic rock offering is off of their upcoming album ‘This Is Not The End’ and the nostalgia just oozes and ahhs with no regret. The single is easy to understand, and absorb. Simple as that.

Kris Gruen (feat. The Bone of J.R. Jones) – Half Way Down

“Jonathan (The Bones of J.R Jones) has all of my respect. His sound is genuinely haunted by the original spirits of the talkin’ blues,” said KRIS GRUEN. “Being a fan of his makes this collaboration a special one for me. I’d hoped we could sit down for a while. When we did, the song’s story line and feel came naturally right away. It’s a ditty about the timeless irony of being cursed, yet eternally hopeful.” Kris makes music that is utterly substantive. Quick like a western gunman, delightful as the dragonflies drifting on that stream in Appalachia. The New York City native (now living/working in Vermont) knows what his music should feel and taste like. We’re all a bit happier, for it.

Adam Lempel ft. Amanda Glasser – Echo

Released 5 years ago, the single ‘Echo’ by Adam Lempel exists and thrives in the current pop culture. It fits with zero aftertaste and poignant as the new single from a day ago. As Adam reminds us that he “is a songwriter based in NYC…used to live in Amsterdam and Baltimore where he played in the DIY band Weekends.” Simple as that.

Rick Wolfman – Do Not Dehumanize

RICK WOLFMAN constructs Americana, which is easy to absorb and love. Add to that some rock habits, and you’re in the zone where it’s okay to dance and prance on that floor, with joy and smiles. ‘Do Not Dehumanize’ is “about people treating each other poorly, and the slippery slope of social woes that stems from it.” Rick states that it is a ‘call’ to stop ‘killing each other’. His call to civility and tolerance amplifies the feelings of many in this current state of culture. Let’s work hard towards that point, again – together.

Albany – Kingpin

Listen to ALBANY’s single ‘Kingpin’ and you notice the build-up in the beginning of the song. It’s intoxicating. It’s classic. It’s that movie you’d seen before, with action and a hero whom you’d want to believe in. ALBANY brings that excitement in this single and then some. “We believe #KINGPIN is our strongest, most anthemic, stomping song to date and that it will embed itself in your heads to the point of singing it over and over again.” You want it. So, get it straight from ALBANY. It’s there for the taking.


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415 // Indie Fascination. Melby, The Come On, False Heads, The Nice Nice, Noisemill…

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