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415 // Indie Fascination. Harry Jay-Steele, Bathe, Scotch Mist, City of Union, Safetalk…

Scotch Mist – Keep It Moving

“I had a dream that I took the the train to work and it dropped me off in a green, vine covered NYC. At 2:06, that’s exactly what happens. This song is about remembering your purpose.” New York based band SCOTCH MIST is that line between the shadow from the mountain, and the heat of the mid-Summer sun. It’s that other-dimension, we want to visit, but just don’t know how to. The reflection described from the looking-glass by SCOTCH MIST’s ‘Keep It Moving’ moves into motion 70’s glam rockness and beautifully blends the edges so that it won’t cut us to pieces. Because we don’t want to get hurt by the dangerously cool attitude, we’d rather just be caressed by it – nurtured, in a way. The track does that with us in spades. This project is of Edu & Andres Zighelboim’s hearts and minds.

Safetalk – Static

‘Static’ is another notion of what ‘excellence’ should sound like, if it had waves as a form. SAFETALK is a project of David Harks, Hugues Tonnet and Thomas Desnoyers. This isn’t the first time for such a contribution to the world of music. We’d first known and reviewed SAFETALK back in 2017, when we had a chance to know more of David Hark’s solo project. From there we’d gotten to know more and more about SAFETALK as well, and we’d been blown away, ever since. The last single we’d reviewed of SAFETALK was of ‘Gold Of The Highest’, which we’d called: “Safetalk’s Gold Of The Highest wicks us swiftly into electronic umbrage – a shadowy journey taking days, straining, winning, battling, defeating, forging – one’s basic instincts, torn then caressed.” Now, with ‘Static’, the urgency and the emotional thrusts, just keep becoming stronger and faster, which indelibly stamps such positive aura about it. We think ‘Static’ is just fabulous. Simple as that. What a ride.

Harry Jay-Steele – Ancient Waves

What can we say that hasn’t been clearly communicated by the his gem ‘Ancient Waves’. HARRY JAY-STELLE is beautiful to listen to. With a voice that is in some tones a bit androgynous, his song transcends and leap-frogs what we thought should be predicted. This delectable indie offering is just glorious in every way. Lyrics, presentation, arrangement, driven in part with a synth-attitude, tempered of course Harry’s un-maskable charm and insistence in the music. “This track came from a conversation with a friend about relationships; experiencing wave-like pulls towards certain people, sometimes you can see them on the horizon, rolling in slowly or they can come out of nowhere and surprise you. Their force can be incredibly intense pushing and pulling you in unknown directions. Then, some die out completely while others recede to the backwaters, staying with you but may rise again”. Harry’s new upcoming 2nd EP ‘Can You Hear Us Now’ will drop December 7th.

Bessie Turner – Nino

“The song has some well disguised personal references that relate to me…” BESSIE TURNER stated. “…body image, boredom, sex, and that feeling like you want to go into self-destruct mode because of it all. Life can overwhelm and consume everybody and having someone there to give you a push or a boost is sometimes all it takes.” In fact, ‘Nino’ is what her boyfriend calls her when she says she can’t do ‘something’. A motivator from a loved one. Interesting Bessie. The song is about ‘support’ and it carries a sense of ‘can do’ even if at extraordinarily hard times, a little help is all that’s needed to get to that goal. It’s a track of ‘thanks’. The Ipswich, UK originating gal, does good in this track. And we dig it so.

City of Union – Hands & Feet

CITY OF UNION’s ‘Hands & Feet’ is glorious, beautiful, salient, visceral. The sounds of Matthew Campbell, a result of Missouri stock (now located in New Zealand) handsomely propelled our minds into a journey, rare to see sometimes, these days. This track does what music can achieve. “With sounds of my past and present I embarked on this new journey called City of Union. This project has given me a chance to do something that I’ve feared my entire life — be honest. Generally I would pass a chance like this up, but something inside me decided to be vulnerable and try to speak more clearly. I’ve never considered myself a lyricist — luckily I’ve always been surrounded by very talented lyricists. This music is my first attempt to summarize a moment, a feeling, or even a lifetime in 3 minutes.” Love. We hope to review more and more of his offerings soon.

Sam Florian feat. Ia Oberg – In My Body

Who is SAM FLORIAN? His is YOU and US, but with the sensibilities of pop and rock that is just simply undeniably rapturous. ‘In My Body’ brings the kind of sonic experience that has already garnered popular support from curators like Hybris and Kitsuné Maision. Blending and extruding every ounce of emotion and sihouettes in his notes, in his latest single he explores “not being comfortable with your body and the angst that come with it.” He is currently working on his debut album which is slated for release in 2019.

Tender Glue – Endlessly

TENDER GLUE is Tom Gluewicki. And it’s pretty apparent to us that his new project is an offering of extraordinary and insightful catelogue of indie music. TENDER GLUE is another one of those projects that doesn’t pretend to be technically perfect. But it is one of those projects that are “perfect in its imperfection’. We come across these gems and there’s no way that they should be overlooked in any fashion. ‘Endlessly’ is a continuation of this fantastic burst of creativity from Tom.

Bathe – Sure Shot

Brooklyn duo BATHE shares with the world their debut single ‘Sure Shot’, and like when we’re looking at solving the complex math equations of the Universe, we do the same head tilt, then steady rhythmic nod to the intrinsic floral manifistations depicted by this single. With r&b paintings, on a cloud of angelic raw guitar chords, we rest ‘in pieces’ to the beauty of the sentiment. Best friends, Devin Hobdy and Corey Smith-West are the drivers of BATHE and we sure like where they’re going. Their upcoming debut EP ‘I’ll Miss You’ is on its way.

Porcine Assembly Line – Piggy in the Middle

Concentrated thrusts, un-balanced note edicts, profound hauntings forever cursed to hang with you at your next rest cycle – that is the very vibe of ‘Piggy In The Middle’. PORCINE ASSEMBLY LINE stated that this single might be their ‘strongest’ track on the latest EP ‘The Darkest Place’. It all just depends on what angle you’re looking at it from. And when you’re looking at PAL, there’s only one way to look at it. And that is from an ‘Intense’ point of view. Gangly, direct, sophisticated, raw, emotional – the project is all that you want from all you wanted from that dark, dark place in your mind. Well, at least ‘Piggy In The Middle’ will be your guide.

Black Bear Whisper – 1000 Eyes

Danish vocalist Kat Boelskov and London-based producer/multiinstrumentalist Unfamed, are two souls on this Earth who have gone to the future-past and then admitted that they say the Sun blow up into neutrons. Doesn’t matter what that sentence meant, but that it is solely important that you ‘get’ that they aren’t OF THIS WORLD. ‘1000 Eyes’ is another offering from the duo which continues the relevant dispensations of that particular Alien colony way up in the vastness of space. Dig the synth. Dig the uniformity. Dig this single.

Paul Sweeney – The Endless Search

Although we review instrumentals, we rarely post our thoughts onto the site. But there are rare times your senses are driven to, nay, compelled to write about them. PAUL SWEENEY’s ‘The Endless Search’ is an acoustic gem, in its own right, which we just couldn’t pass by. The UK based guitarist brings tints of classical guitar fashions, and intertwines quite effortlessly jazz and modern pop muzak sensibilities, for all to share and adore. Turn it on. Listen.

TheMightySmall Paolo Morena – Not in my name

Just can’t get away from UK artist Paolo Morena’s project TheMightySmall. And this time his single ‘Not In My Name’ takes you on that journey when a classic 70’s rocker, Meatloaf, takes your hand and tells ya that we’re going to go on a propeller plane ride up Mount Everest! You can’t deny what Meatloaf had stated. You want to see the other side of the mountain. And dang it, you don’t want to be timid any longer. “Yes! Let’s do this!” Paolo is fab on this single, and his fans are more than satisfied with this studio version and his live sessions, we’re pretty sure. ‘Not In My Name’ is that sweaty fun night you want (in a public joint).

Geo and The Defectors – Love is Dead

Checking out where GEO AND THE DEFECTORS comes from, it is easy to understand where they’re going with their music. We’re not talking about heretical nor genetic backgrounds, but we’re talking about the left over emotions strewn on the road to the better NOW. This project of Geovanni Martinez blends folk, rock, and as he puts it ‘Chicano’ vibe into a formula that is shoegazy and dreamy at the same time. We always say it’s the fashion of “the perfect of the imperfection”. Which in this case, the guitar style and the monotone vocals, just doesn’t hinder what is the focus of the song’s projection. And in our eyes, contrasts like that is fabulous to hear. The Seattle based Geovanni, does his own thing and nothing’s going to stop him.

Graham The Empire – The Best Of Me

“So, rockin'” is what you think when listening to GRAHAM THE EMPIRE’s ‘The Best Of Me’. Listen to the chorus. Go on. We’ll wait. When you’re done come back with the smile that is perfectly deemed for such an experience. With the best traditions of The Cars, and contemporary classic rock band, GTE makes a compelling argument for such an alt-emo-rock offering. And we’re just stoked to listen and be mesmerized by the track. You can’t help but get into this fab track. Word.

Samara Jade – White-Throated Sparrow

Originally hailing from Hudson Valley, New York, the now North Carolina resident willingly offers you her heart, happiness, smiles, and talents to give you the delightful ‘White-Throated Sparrow’. It is a delightful example of what story telling COULD BE. Taking old world folk and expertly wrapping it up in modern indie rock, this single is in itself a ‘Universe’ in itself. What we mean is that it expertly depicts clearly of what a possible novel or movie script should be. It’s that exciting to listen to. From the string support of the acoustic guitar, and from the gentle weeping and curiosity depicted by the choral harmonies – SAMARA JADE and company, dutifully succeeds in intriguing and satisfying our lust for such acumen.

The Tyler Sears Band – St. Peter

Like we’d said about THE TYLER SEARS BAND before, they are what you’re looking for is you want some FUN! Blues, dipped in bad-ass story telling, all comes into a sharp pin-point when they are projected by the vocals of Tyler Sears. Just listening to his voice makes you just want to get up. And dance. The best you can. Smiles abound. Taking the hand of the girls next to you. Loving every minute of each slide guitar moves and notes. What is better than that in a night’s outing??

Frankie Crea – So Long…

FRANKIE CREA is an artist from Perth, Australia. And in ‘So Long…’ all of the troubled times we’d had in our lives needn’t be nurtured in silence. For there will be a day when a reckoning will appear, and there will be peace. “I initially recorded, mixed and mastered 15 tracks in my home studio during the sessions spanning over a few months and narrowed the EP down to six tracks,” stated Frankie Crea. “The lead single Dream accompanies it well, it’s a real deep track lyrically about how dreams can be vivid, much like relationships; there are good memories and bad memories of them.” Frankie’s latest debut EP ‘Countless Days’ is available now.

Eliza Hull – Going Soon

We’d reviewed ELIZA HULL’s single ‘Hard Way’ back in February of 2018, and we’d said: “Relevance in trauma, in love, or in hate, comes at costs. Accumulation of energies, layer by layer weigh down the over burdened notices of life’s desires, and passions.” Here we return to Eliza with her single ‘Going Soon’ and with a more ethereal approach to her story telling, we’re drawn in by the power of the future in her grasp. ‘Going Soon’ is a folk edged track and as Eliza accentuates: “it’s about moving on from elements of the past, and being apprehensive of the change that comes with that.” The single is off of her newest upcoming EP ‘How We Disappeared’.


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