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Jaguar Sun – Gone

Chris Minielly is JAGUAR SUN. Appropriately named project, we think. For jaguars in the wild ARE reclusive and notoriously individual in working the jungles in South East Asia. Although don’t take our word for it only, for there are several kinds of jaguars and we can’t speak for them. Just because we’re not biologists and don’t know that much. But we KNOW what Chris here is getting at with this dreammy / tropical jangly guitar fascination single named ‘Gone’. This is ‘sophisticated bedroom pop’ that takes it a rung higher which amplifies the emotions he’s trying to portray. It took couple of iterations in HOW he’d tackle his own solo project and its course of direction, but we think he’s got it. We get ‘Gone’. We get JAGUAR SUN. Looking for more.

Mini Mansions – Midnight In Tokyo

Bad-ass. That’s what a person who admires someone who thinks the subject at hand across the room is ‘better’ in some way or another from the voyeur. Always take it with pinch of salt though. For life isn’t as ‘black and white’ as it seems. Motivationally, it’s easier to get swept up in this emotional plea. But once that castle has been explored, it might seem more like your current house than anything else. That’s the kind of notion we get from ‘Midnight In Tokyo’. It’s about being ‘bad-ass’, enjoying the serene, enjoying the love you receive, enjoying the NOW – and not seeking the other side. The other side of the fence is nothing like you have at the moment. Don’t lose it. Wake up. Word. Seek better. Evaluate prodigiously.

Laura Jean Anderson – Call It What It Is

Los Angeles artist dropped her fabulous new EP ‘Lonesome No More’ and is available now. With ‘Call It What It Is’, it’s apparent to us of the tactile poignancy within her interpretations of her emotions. Ultimate output expression is deeply seeded and comes painfully from her personal angsts. The power of the words and her ‘sadness’ is felt clearly. It’s like wearing your prescription glasses. Her dynamic vocals is all heart in this single, and you can’t help but try to reach out and be empathetic. Strong stuff, we say. LAURA JEAN ANDERSON had parted ways from her strict Mormon upbringing, living her own life, doing odd jobs to make ends meet. She had something to say, and her method is music. There’s nothing guaranteed in life, but from afar, we love her attitude and her musical determination. Can’t, but admire. Beautiful.

Matron – Beaming

New Orleans prog-rock bandits MATRON brings forth their upcoming new EP ‘Standing Water’ (October 26, 2018). And just like the single here ‘Beaming’, which you are listening to, it’s classic rock a lot of you have come to grow with in the decades past. If you didn’t, MATRON puts up a nice and compelling reason for getting into that bag of goodness. That bag is in the middle of the room. Green, tote size, sitting on its own base, with one handle collapsed to the outside and one standing military style. You’re not sure why you’ve been transported to this room. Then you hear it. The chirping of gray squirrels up on the tree, just outside of the window. Confusion is the only order of the day. ‘Beaming’ sets it in a nicely framed context though – you think to yourself. Word.

Stains of a Sunflower – Jennifer

Listen to Natalie Renée’s vocals. It successfully traverses the world of pop and hard-rock. It defines its own world. It emits a wave of discontent to the environment it fills. Then it caresses with the growl of a tiger, soothing, but minutes from being devoured. STAINS OF A SUNFLOWER is an interesting prospect, which provides the ‘darkness tinge’ and sharp invocations of life within, that we just don’t know what to do with it. ‘Jennifer’ is complete. It’s succinct. It’s about a girl, or not. It just doesn’t matter. The beckoning of the planet sized emotions are calmly managed in the words. Patience is what it is. “Where are you Jennifer?” We’d recommend you listen to their ‘Enough’ single as well. The word choreography is fab. Natalie is from Boston. Now dwells on the future in the city of Angels.

Tallbird – Sunburn Sad

TALLBIRD is a Brooklyn based indie-pop band. The band’s single ‘Sunburn Sad’ traverses our Harajuku slash 60’s psychedelia memories, which we never thought we had. But they exist. From birth? Maybe. And if so, TALLBIRD just had the key to unlock the vault that kept those treasures from the darkness. The happy-pop is tinged with reality, in our eyes, and that, in itself, makes it more delicious. The pastel colors of imagined rose petals, are cast aside in the burning microwaves. Don’t you feel it? It’s a giant magnifying glass, and we’re the targets of TALLBIRD. And we love it.

Sarah MacDougall – Baby I Know

Swedish/Canadian songwriter Sarah MacDougall has been very busy. And without us saying anything about her work, it’s obvious why she has been so active in entertaining so many souls. Awards, and accolades are one thing, but the essence of an artist’s expertise will always have to have its own viscosity in romance. And Sarah is beautiful to listen to. Simple as that. ‘Baby, I Know’ is from SARAH MACDOUGALL’s upcoming album ‘All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything’ due out November 2.

Hamartia – Lunar Bay

“I am a jelly washed up in foam, a corsair you wrecked and sank.” We felt like that before, and we assume we’ll have those kinds of episodes again in the future. Hyea, yeahhhh! That was our impression of Metallica. And why that impression? Because, although HAMARTIA’s single ‘Lunar Bay’ seems like a gentle coast down highway 1 enjoying the collages of the memories of the past, it’s a dying chant and growl for the ‘self’ to wake up and ‘smell the coffee’. Because once there was a rocker who said “Love is a battle field”, and love will tear you apart like a cheap suit. Learn from it. Get stronger, the HAMARTIA way.

Lisp – Ready to Die

LISP is made up of males Brian Hanson, Ariel Calabria, and Keir Allison-Bourne. They like making songs like ‘Ready To Die’ where the snow globe world in your head leaks and the community within protests at the new air filled environment – which they know they will suffocate. But then they dry out. Then they acclimate. The jangly, sultry guitar work of this single from this laid back lyrical wordsmiths, make you get ‘real’ with your situation. Oh, and the folks in that snow globe wants their styrofoam filled liquid atmosphere back. They put in the paperwork. You’ll hear from them. LISP’s self-titled album drops in the coming months.

Joel Stanton – Luck

Liquid smoothness was her way. From the first time, I’d thought she was living in a world of forested Oceans beneath the harrowing and turbulent waves. In the deep, it was calm, collected, and the surface where I lived and existed, just didn’t compare. I fell in love with her from the first time we set eyes on each other’s silhouettes. Without thought we merged, even when we were so far apart. No skins to touch, but the chemistry was just right. She moved in mysterious ways, and it was intoxicating. JOEL STANTON is based out of Seattle, and his single ‘Luck’ inspired the dream that is stated above. Fabulous stuff.

Richie Dagger’s Crime – Living In A Magazine

RICHIE DAGGER’s CRIME’s new LP is ‘Sea Of Dysfunction’ which is available now. Retro, yet modern. Nose to the tip future, but instilled in the breadth of compassion and emotions – the swirl of nostalgic misses of desires piled on top of hypnotic hooks and instrumentals make ‘Living In A Magazine’ ravenous.

Yeses – Long Way Home

On October 19th, YESES (DANIEL DIXON) will drop the gorgeous self-titled EP for all the masses to gather their hearts and enjoy each other’s virtual company. Can the act of ‘love’, or the act of the mechanics of ‘love’, be missed? Is what we think of ‘love’, just an existential excuse and bi-product of what actual ‘love’ might mean? Is there such thing as ‘love’ in a tactile form? It’s not an unusual question. It’s a question that we pose ourselves, everyday. Guess you can call it a ‘bi-product’, the exhaust fumes in which we humans have put a label on. But what do we know. It’s a part of nature that helps us cope, flourish, grow. No matter what the ‘mechanics’ behind the label of ‘love’ is, we’re stuck with it. It’s never going or can be set aside. It’s one of the glues that binds us as social animals. ‘Long Way Home’ is what we see the struggle is all about. But ultimately, the trek must be done, no matter how big the logics against it is. ‘Love’ plays hard-ball. Word. Oh, and check out ‘Edge Of The World’ as well. We love it so.

Beacon – On Ice

‘Gravity Pairs’ drops November 2nd. BEACON drops, in the meantime, another masterclass in atmospheric resurgence. The walls have been destroyed. Your will is being dissolved, as we seek – read – ponder – mistrust – love – hate – and proudly miscalculate the position of your soul in this world’s dimension. It’s a problem. But she loves you. That’s your salvation. The utter knowledge that, among the clutter and chaos, she is the anchor that sustains you. And you realize that you are nothing by yourself in this dimension. Your soul mate had been found. She’s next to you. ‘On Ice’ is BEACON’s fabulous single in a series of singles in the past several months. We’d reviewed ‘Be My Organ’ and ‘Losing My Mind’. The versatility of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett makes it all so worth while.

Blastfinger – I’m In Trouble

Once there was a guy named Nate. He was in this world, so that he can become the next WWE wrestling superstar. He prepared for this career from the time he can’t remember. He lifted weights, and he ate sensibly. He ran miles upon miles, and loved extraordinarily. In his 18 years, he’d not wanted something more than to be a superstar. Working hard, and working every day, crumbled with that fateful day. It was a fate that he could not escape. His WWE ambitions would not see the light of day from that day forward. ‘I’m In Trouble’ is part of upcoming album ‘Reallife’ from BLASTFINGER. The single is a jaunty trek of a soul that wants to live, but has been put under restraint. And it’s that challenge that keeps things difficult to deal with. Demons rear its head, derailing and subjugating to unhappiness. Let’s not be that way. Let’s all strive for that ‘superstar’ status. You deserve it.

The Revies – Sweet Surrender

THE REVIES brings a sense of force with drums that hit your face, and guitars that rake at your precious riots of your heart. The LA based rock band is made up of Etienne Rosas (vocals/rhythm guitar), Carlos Rosas (bass/keyboard) and James Syme (drums). And they make rock. From coast to coast, they want to entertain and please your urges. Their latest full-length LP is ‘Heartwoken’ and is available now.

Starship Infinity – Crystal’s Castle

‘Crystal’s Castle’ is the first single from STARSHIP INFINITY’s EP ‘Mystic Inways’ (available now). The project is a sole interstellar grievance of the heart – the lonely heart- through the artist’s mind of Eddie Bond. The synth malaise is the pounding silence of the waning light, within a darkened jungle, which dies at your every step within. It is the soul searching that will only compound your efforts into answers you never wanted to hear. But you do it anyway. Because you’re curiosity gets the best of you. Your heart wants, what it wants.

Pan Aprilian – Moonlight Mirrors

‘Moonlight Mirros’ is a mix of 80’s hairband excellence and the glorious stage presence of Queen. The drama is the key in this single. Picking fights is what it does best. But the galaxy is just too small for all of us. ONE must rule. And PAN APRILIAN knows who can rule this vastness. The clock is ticking. But you’re just too enamored by the hook of this single. The kingdom is doomed, thanks to you. In any case, the guitar work on ‘Moonlight Mirrors’ is just gorgeous to listen to. Yep. Just listen. Just do it. This is their 3rd single and the video is perfect for it.

Smoky Knights – Feels Right

SMOKY KNIGHTS’ ‘Feels Right’ makes it absolutely ‘alright’ to feel the way you do. Dance. Rock. It is the 1st single from their upcoming album to be released in 2019. The colorful splash of goodness from the band is ALL THAT IS NEEDED. The ‘live’ vibe is fantastic, with charms of bands like Franz Ferdinand, intertwinded with the hectic mannerisms of a rock prince, ‘Feels Right’ is the perfect getaway trip.

Tenth Electric – Brighter

In an interesting way, TENTH ELECTRIC melds together the sensibilities of Tom Petty and the electro-rock-pop goodness of Keane and Journey. “‘Brighter’ is a song about seeking joy in the little things of life but within a bigger perspective; In a world where we are all traveling at 100 miles an hour it is important to learn to love the little things as these are what ultimately really matter.” That’s a good thing, for moving so fast, our toupé might fall off. Just kidding. And speaking of toupé, there’s nothing more honest and refreshing as ‘Brighter’ from TENTH ELECTRIC. We all deserve some fabulousness, now and then right? Car window down. Check. Engine revving down the highway. Check. ‘Brighter’ playing while the new dawn of your life is right over that horizon. Double check. Good times.


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