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415 // Indie Fascination. Jouska, Childcare, Toledo, Volk, Ross Ingram, Mel Parsons…

Jouska – Glitter Chaser

JOUSKA returns to us with ‘Glitter Chaser’. We’d been enamored with the electro band from Oslo since we’d experienced ‘Pills.’ The sparkly vocals and the clean after-taste of the digital markings, make JOUSKA your station for an innovative sonic presentation.


CHILDCARE is remarkable to be honest. They represent singles like ‘Bamboo’ with the kind of empathy and emotional aptitude that is simply easy to gravitate towards. Emma Topolski’s vocals takes over on this particular single (instead of usual singer Ed Cares), and it’s an experience that makes us ‘care’ about the band even more. The change of pace is delectable. “It was very good of him to step aside and let me take lead vocals on this one; this is CHILDCARE taking on another dimension.” We only see this as the band demonstrating how unified and strong their creative juices are focused. And we dig that to high-heaven. Love.


Shimmering guitars, jangly expectations, make Brooklyn based TOLEDO’s newest single ‘Bath’ so compelling. The shoegaze-dream pop offering successfully guides you by the hand to a place of DIY sultriness. The love is strong in this one and from what we’d experienced so far, we’re ready to hear the rest of their upcoming debut EP ‘HotStuff’. In fact we’ll all experience it together come February 2019. Kudos Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz.

Lapyear – Stay Warm

We try very hard throughout the year. Whether for love, a job, whatever that means something to our summary. Passions keep burning, when they’re maintained. It’s that ‘keep trying’ message that we get from LAPYEAR’s single ‘Stay Warm’ that we can relate to quite easily. It’s the melancholic but effervescence offering – that cautious, but “you’ll be alright” attitude from the single makes it come alive. The Hertfordshire, UK based band keeps the engine burning.

&Y Myles – Your Turn

Giving it forward. Giving an inspiration, for the next to become the best they can be – physically, emotionally. That’s what ‘Your Turn’ offers up on this stylistic rendition by the Stockholm based, &Y MYLES. For those who have guided us and lighted the path to better things, &Y MYLES salutes those unsung heroes of their’s.

VOLK – Honey Bee

As scintilating as the the next shot of whiskey, the rock hurricane named VOLK wants to light you up. In their latest single & visual, ‘Honey Bee’ they effortlessly demonstrate the power they possess. The tear inducing gratitude for such gifts, is thanked on our knees, with no shame. It is a whirlwind of a single which is off of their sophomore EP ‘Average American Band’. The energy is REALZ. Get some!

OWEL – I Saw Red

Off of their upcoming album ‘Paris’, the New Jersey band OWEL shows us a soft side of themselves with ‘I Saw Red’. Frontman Jay Sakong adds, “I had no idea that it was going to end up being the first single we released. It’s different than the rest of the record, so I was a bit unsure. However, it’s the most honest and straightforward song I’ve ever written, and I think there’s a real honesty and innocence in that simplicity.” ‘Paris’ releases March 29th, 2019.

Makeout Point – This Might Be

‘This Might Be’ is the 2nd single from MAKEOUT POINTS’ EP ‘Dear Audrey’. It’s about the lonesome quest of finding out about the self, and how it’ll fit in the world that exists outside the 4 walls. But deep inside, there is only one way out. To go forward and tackle the world that’s out there. Out there in the ultra distracting existence. The 6 piece band from Stockholm consists of Simon Hjort (guitar), Shiva Kazemi (vocals), Theo Brus (guitar), Åsa Horakova (synth), Hugo Ewald (bass) and Fjodor Prohorenko (drums).

Ross Ingram – Holding Pattern

ROSS INGRAM says of ‘Holding Pattern’: A “melancholy chronicle of a dissolving marriage set to electric piano, drum machine, and subtle synth.” The second single from his EP ‘Last Night I Didn’t Dream At All’ the inner turmoil boils over to a melodic set of questions for the self and partner. Exploring more into electronic drums and synth, Ross deep dives into the vast Ocean of emotions relationships can withhold.

Creeping Jean – Bandit

Oliver and Joe, lifelong friends, run a vintage clothes shop and works on their songs, with the deadly serious intent to make an album for the coming year. CREEPING JEAN is the latest project from the duo. The blue-rock ladened musical essence is quite simple to dig, with rockin’ riffs and worldly lyrics pleasantly presented delicately. As Oliver puts it: “’Bandit’ is about getting about life as a member of the club in the dark side, living like a villain and the joys of doing so while Avoiding the government living a Bandit’s life, it’s life that would be nice but isn’t a reality.” True. But would be cool though, no doubt.

Lisa Brigantino – I’ll Waltz Before I Go

LISA BRIGANTINO keeps on churning the goodness for us in her folk offering ‘I’ll Waltz Before I Go’. The title track from the new album wants all of us to know that we all should live gracefully, and to the fullest that we can. Let’s smile and laugh and enjoy the life that we have. In the little moments we live the fullest. Don’t forget that. The new album is out now, from the Brooklyn based songstress.


DIRT HAND is Arun Roberts’ solo project of concepts and the work of accepting the relevence of the world, pulling them together into an art jazz/experimental extravaganza. ‘Lion’ is one of those golden bullets of ratification for the extraordinary. “LION came about very quickly and has refused to leave me alone ever since. I wrote it one day shortly after my uncle had finally succumbed to the myriad cancers plaguing his body and life. He was a dear man and role model and I could only liken his passing to the defeat of a mighty lion by a gust of wind.” The album ‘Thorn Variations’ drops March of 2019.

Dana Crowe – Peace Of Mind

In ‘Peace Of Mind’, DANA CROWE combines the essence of folk-Americana with the hooky beats of pop that is reminiscent of the 90’s vocal groups that stays with us decade by decade. But then at the solo, the single brings us right back to the heart-land strong country vibes that keeps things very much balanced. Dana’s delicate vocals, consistently makes this single a delight to listen to.

Bears In Trees – Fly Out To Alaska

Fear manifests people in different ways. Circumstances differ, as people differ from one to the other. Escape to the wilderness to escape confronting which scares you? Escape under a blanket, so the darkness helps you hide the unwanted light of the truth? Or do you want to see how you fair in the face of the biggest challenge of your life? We think the gang in BEARS IN TREES, will take option number 3, we believe. And we all should too.

Westrin & Mowry – Start By Letting Go

Brian Westrin and Peter Mowry tries to move you in WESTRIN & MOWRY. The Lansing, Michigan based duo, pops the cork on the dream of how a relationship can go forward. Or not. But there’s one thing that is certain: there must be resolution. To continue, there must be improvements, and goals met. To end it, there should be a clean cut and knowledge that both of you did the best each could. We are partial to ‘contentment’. It is a license to survive this day, to fight a heartier battle tomorrow. Dig.

Mel Parsons – Just ‘Cause You Don’t Want Me

MEL PARSONS is a heroine of ours. Especially in her single ‘Just Cause You Don’t Want Me’. It’s what we do when we are jealous of ‘letting go’. Break ups are a difficult cut to the soul. Hard to swallow, relationships are part of two once devoted individuals. But something went wrong. Not it’s time to depart – fully, and equitably. Mel is the best tradition of Stevie Nicks and the profound strength of Natalie Merchant, rolled into one. Missed that in a voice. And in Mel, we can enjoy all the best.

O Mer – Everything Is Everyone’s Fault

“There’s only so much time to live a meaningful life,” stated O MER. “And we spend a lot of it looking for something or someone to blame for our suffering and misfortunes. Meanwhile, real freedom is letting most of that stuff go and realizing we all mess everything up together, I find hope and comfort in that.” This single belongs at the corner of that ‘Movie Of The Week’, with pastel colored memories of love and affection, sprinkled in with the kind hearted lyrical infatuation of a 70’s soft-rock band. Reminiscent of the best of bands like BREAD, America, and Simon&Garfunkel, the Brooklyn based artist delves into life’s meanings and cracks. O MER’s vocal aesthetics is beguiling and beautiful to listen to, with crystal clear resonance and palpable emotions.

Sleepless Nights – Pink Popcorn

‘Pink Popcorn’ is the pop new-wave dish that you’d been missing. It’s the multi-vitamin for vitality that you’d wanted in your daily routine. With The Cars-like rapture, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, brings the right brilliance to the guitar and beat driven pop-rock single to the masses. It’s time to get back to basics. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is a project of A.A. Wallace who collabs with the best to throw caution to the wind near Toronto and the world.

RAT BOY – Chip on my Shoulder

RAT BOY makes quite a splash in their touring life. Their release of ‘Internationally Unknown’ is an exciting offering. And when energy that is immited from the album is translated, it’s very obvious why they are so followed. ‘Chip On My Shoulder’ is a biographical account of the way they survived and now, thriving in the world. Skateboarding is one of the pillars of the band, and in Los Angeles, they filmed this video during breaks from recording sessions. It’s what you want when you want to get a bit antsy. And don’t we all? Get into RAT BOY. It’ll do you good.


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