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415 // Indie Fascination. Lampland, The Howling Tongues, Castle Pines, Molina…

Phantom Phunk – Cheap Thrills

Psychedelic beast of a storm, ‘Cheap Thrills’, the single perpetrated by the diabolically decadent PHANTOM PHUNK, scrapes your eyes out (and your brains). But you don’t really mind. It’s just the way it is. The Tampa FL quartet makes it happen.

Lampland – You Little Liar

The glasses of memories lie on the waxed floor of the kitchen floor. You cried for our relationship. But there was no way out of this labyrinth. LAMPLAND is the Brooklyn based songwriter named Tommy Bazarian. His debut album ‘No Mood’ drops February 2019. Get righteous with his emotional folk drizzlings.

Punch The Sun – Character

Shannon Söderlund, bassist and frontwoman for NYC band PUNCH THE SUN does her best to make us cry with emotion, with infectious agreement. ‘Character’ comes with multiple genres, packaged in that distinctive wrapping of beguilement, sultry darkness, and jazzy/operatic thought retribution we love. Full length album will drop sometime in 2019.

Joel Paton / Deer Venom – King of Worms

DEER VENOM is the darkened sonic exercise of project head Mario Barbetta. On ‘King Of Worms’ he digs deeper with compatriot Joel Paton. The ultimate outcome is a musical experimentation that dashes towards the finish line of the damned, wiggling with delight, and delightfully emotive clear visuals just around the corner.

The Howling Tongues – Fever Dream

Rock n’ Roll is what it is and THE HOWLING TONGUES makes it even more fun, with ‘Fever Dream’. “We wanted to incorporate that punk, Ramones-Stooges feel, especially in the breakdown chorus, with that simple kick-snare-hat thing,” says lead guitarist and producer, Nick Magliochetti. Fab fun.

Castle Pines – March Mellow

CASTLE PINES’ sing’e ‘March Mellow’ is a fun and playful look from a 1000ft above, depicting scenarios and observing some of the plights that drive part of our lives. Solitude and loneliness – even if self imposed – doesn’t mean it has to the be all, end all. You can do it. You can adjust.

Gleneagle – 2009

GLENEAGLE’s single ‘2009’ is their latest off of the upcoming Ep ‘When You Weren’t Around’. The grip of a once loved effigy, a statuesque reminder of what was available, we miss it and will, until we die. ‘2009’ is a guitar driven excitement of once true emotions.

The Innocent Bystander – Neon Lights

The earworm status of THE INNOCENT BYSTANDER’s single ‘Neon Lights’ still stands. You. Me. Us. All of us. We drive the beat of the new love and lover above the future clouds. Dance you fool. Dance to the enthusiasm that is ‘Neon Lights’.

Pelicat – Sorry, no

“The odd thing was that she told me that she liked me,” as he was making his macaroni and cheese dinner in the microwave. “Wow. She really likes me!” PELICAT’s single ‘Sorry, No’ drives your senses to that niggling feeling you’d had back sometime in the past decades. Take delight in the pop goodness of the Beatles-like enthusiasm propelled by the band. Infectious.

Beard Bates – The World is Blown

”A musician friend of mine Jonny Polonsky made this track for me. Interestingly, I had commissioned him to write and record some ambient relaxation music for pets, as my father is a veterinarian and plays slow classical and relaxation music for the pets in his clinics…the take aways are: 1.) it’s ok and natural to at times be down, and 2.) even if the entire world is blown, please have the decency to be honest and not sugar-coat or polish turds.” BEARD BATES is a multi-talented musician who dang knows what to do with sound waves. Word.

The Day – Where The Wild Things are

Directed by Lumi Lausas stated: “The music by THE DAY always brings me in a certain state of nostalgia. Unlike listening to an old playlist, it does not throw me back to any particular period of my life. Instead, it triggers a longing without an object, the sensorial memory of a past mood taken out of context. This relates to an illusion of a future that never materialised, comparable to the colours of a vivid dream fading away with time.”

Coke – Deku

COKE wants to drive that nail up your nasal cavity, today, tonight, and even when you sleep. The Bay Area destroyers of norms and dimensional formulas of music, is righteous, indignant, and glorious in its degradation. Word.

Elly Swope – Arrow

ELLY SWOPE’s ‘Arrow’ is the 2nd single from her debut EP ‘It Feels The Same Everytime’. That could be anything. Any kind of comparison, or imagery can be viewed in your head. It can be derogatory, negative. Or it can be looked as a first step towards that journey towards freedom. Yes. Let’s look at it in that positive light. Ride this psych-riddled rock indulgence from Elly.

Molina – Mike

MOLINA says: “The lyrics define “Mike” as an underdog — a person trapped in and weary of the neverending Treadmill of Life. To give the story another dimension I’ve created a video about a person liberating and standing up for himself. The opportunity to become the person you want to be is in my opinion the ultimate freedom. I hope that the tormented Mike and all the different emotions I associate with both song and video will make people relate personally with “Mike” and let them apply to it exactly the narrative that feels right for them”. MOLINA is a special artist. Don’t mess with her. Listen to her art-chic.

Canary – Two Step

CANARY lays down bare the dream-carpet that we always wanted for our birthday. The dreamy melodies and intricacies of arrangement, plays hard to get with the playful rowdiness of their sensibilities. ‘Two Steps’ continues their mission.

aiwake – Palm City

“The emotions that accompany such an experience are often hard to read as two people dance around concepts of flow and commitment,” stated AIWAKE. “Hope, intrigue, wistfulness; these feelings rush around with a large dose of uncertainty at the core. Peering through the noise, it is usually the case that both parties involved are much closer to being on the same page than either can truly comprehend.” Love is no match for the musings of AIWAKE. No chance.

dielines – Buried You to Keep You Safe

Hypnotic offerings of DIELINES makes us think that we miss the very little things that matter most, sometimes. And the Silver Lake California based project of Daniel Berkman and Trevor O’Neill, wants us not to forget. The folk-highlandic vocals depicts a magical painting of rock, and atmospherics – both paternal and affectionate.

Mikel Rafael – A Sidewalk’s Dream

MIKEL RAFAEL drifts a waft between this dimension of recompense and dreary weathers – wet and unrelenting. Michelangelo Macrohon is MIKEL RAFAEL, and the talented Los Angeles based alt-folk story teller, successfully pulls our heart strings with grains of untapped energies. Only the power of an acoustic guitar is needed.

Korky Buchek & Dofu – Wanna Know

KORKY BUCHEK frisbees his newest single ‘Wanna Know’, in conjunction with good firend DOFU. The soulful extractions of DOFU’s vocals illuminate the cloudy skies with impending slices of glee and forthright attitudes. Get draped in the fun and smooth rationalism of ‘Wanna Know’. Be love.

CLARA-NOVA – Scattered Hearts In The Parks Of Cities

The mountains of that land, far away, shined over the mini fortresses which broken hearts built on those plains. The clouds of doom moved from east to west with speed. It was time to move on, and see what she always wanted. CLARA-NOVA is the uber talented project of Sydney Wayser, and her art is what you’ve been looking for. Drenched in uncertainty of emotions, Sydney’s stories tell like real life. Sydney Wayser. Continue with her debut EP ‘The Golden Age’.

LUCIA – Cheap Talk

LUCIA’s latest EP ‘Cheap Talk’ is available now. And we state that first, because we think this Glaswegian band is very much delectable and refreshing that you should have a go with their fab music. LUCIA is headed by Lucia Fairfull, and as she’s stated: “Over the past year we have been playing shows relentlessly, and developing our sound and we feel that this collection of songs captures every angleof where LUCIA stands right now. It is a journey of young heartbreak and angst, with a blend of everything that inspires in between.” Oh heck yea. Heart broken, will rise. Dang sure.

Stella in the Clouds – Monday Thrill

Can we say ‘Wow’? Yes. That’s aloud we think. And why use that adjective to describe STELLA IN THE CLOUDS’ single/video ‘Monday Thrill’? Once you’re listening, you’re funneled into that place of rejection. An electro storm of regrets, lined with the formation of deep dark emotions, waiting for that day of ‘revenge’. For your own soul? Of someone else? Maybe. The video is set in front of the ‘fading beauty’ of Brooklyn’s Coney Island. The whole thing is ‘wow’, because its way of extracting our deep collage of memories we’d never thought had. What a thrill.


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