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claws ai – time & energy

The Tempe, Arizona artist deems sarcasm and cynicism as his best answering post about this world which he occupies. And the biggest beneficiary for that awesomeness are the rest of us. The public. In ‘Time And Energy’ he continues his ‘manic’ (his words) obsession with the human interest factors he witnesses and digests. As in his lyrics: “Let me be your spirit. You’ll be the darkness.” Could be an awesome pickup line. No? Just us? Possibly. CLAWS AI wants to “making 90s pop in the current year”. Chipping away, and we dig it.

Tender Glue – Back Home

“Sometimes it could get claustrophobic and the lack of air didn’t help either, but my vision for the album kept me going.” Tom Gluewicki is TENDER GLUE and he’s one of the more introspective and ‘private’ in his assumptions, about music and life in general. The Brooklyn artist exceeds in monitoring his own pulse for the fantastics in this world, and tying them to the ethereal and monastic inklings deep within the heart. Might not accumulate to anything at the end, but it does mean that we get to travel a bit with him in his existential journeys. And in our book, that’s a good thing.

Little Galaxies – Out in Control

‘Cosmic Rock’ is how LITTLE GALAXIES describe themselves. We feel that they live on a meteor that has been fashioned out of technically advanced metals that we, in the 21st century, cannot pronounce yet. Significance? It’s to do with the fact that our brains are not adapted to the far future philosophies of existing or the methods of working on our intimacies within. For that meteor is our ‘wants’. And those ‘wants’ are garnered helpless by the mysteries of that galaxy – and with zero coincidence, LITTLE GALAXIES is whipping you in a frenzy. ‘Out In Control’ is their first single off their upcoming sophomore LP.

Ponte Pilas – Out Of My Head

Live performance. That’s when we ALL have fun, with like minded folks listening and enjoying the band up there on the stage. And we feel like the Berlin based PONTE PILAS has it ALL covered, from head to toe in this department. Describe them as being like the rock n’ roll band that has the gumption to make us feel good, with the aesthetics of Oasis, Blur, or the Kinks if you want to nit-pick. Ultimately comes down to the fun-Live factor and there’s no denying that fact. The band consists of: Calum Bolland, Daniel Rivera, Ismael Rivera, and Alejandro Iturralde. They’ve been kicking butt together as the band since 2017.

Lizard Pool – Wave Of Joy

Hook? You have it in spades in LIZARD POOL’s single ‘Wave Of Joy’. The whole song is a ‘hook’. The guitars. The drums. The vocals. The inflections, with the hippity-hop of the words is both enticing and delicious. You must get into their outputs. It’s just dang good. The Leipzig based trio, ‘speaks’ to us as a mere formality and we wince at the confounding mechanistic genius that we witness in this single. Oh, and they’re on a roof-top and playing. So cool.

FLING – Je T’Aime

“It’s an internal monologue of thoughts that rush through your mind when you see a person that captivates your imagination,” stated guitarist Jack Winn about ‘Je T’Aime’. We often have these moments here at CHF. We’re not alone, in this world, doing such thought gymnastics. The 90-degree angles of the world, sometimes come to terms with the indistinguishable phrases and flow of life. And in FLING’s single, it is easy to re-set and regard such complications with due reverence. We all can learn better with it, than without. Bradford UK’s FLING makes things a bit ‘funner’ to deal with.

Ohtis – Runnin

‘Runnin’ will be released as a limited edition 7″ on 30th Nov 2018. In 2011, Sam Swinson was in rehab. It was a turning point. Or at least the first steps of such invocations. From self-made hell to redemption – the body and soul of the man that existed in different planes of reality, forged ahead towards some semblance of sanity. From without, there was the ‘religious cult’ surrounding his every fiber, altering the paths he could have taken, for the good. OHTIS’ ‘Runnin’ is an intimate drilling of what it was like, and how it is in comparison. Both notions, untouchable in ways – and fully un-knowable completely. The band consists of Samuel Swinson, Adam Pressley, and Nate Hahn. The music is heaven. The stories, poignant.

The Pale White – Wisdom Tooth

THE PALE WHITE is glamor-rock that needs to be in your rotation. Just fashioned black leather within tailored nails is what this sexy institution named ‘Wisdom Tooth’ looks like. Chorus? Heck yes. Feel it, lick it, drape it over you like it’s ‘her’, ‘him’. The taste of it is delicious and impeccable to the orifices. Frontman Adam Hope states: “Think of ‘Wisdom Tooth’ like having a big clear out. Parting with something that you don’t exactly want to let go of, but you don’t need or isn’t good for you anymore.” Word. Sexy is sometimes things that just isn’t good for you. Part of life, no? Oh yea, so devilish.

Defy The Ocean – Subsolar

“It’s about the beginning of a relationship, and looking back at the naivety of youth through a fog of hazy memories and nostalgia. It is the start of an epic tale exploring the grandeur of two ordinary lives.” DEFY THE OCEAN’s ‘Subsolar’ is like taking a dip in the waters off of your cliffs of Dover, wind swept, always present. Carrying some aesthetics of Incubus, the jazzy/rock percussions with the strength of lyrical work, petrifies the senses into forging towards the greater Universe. The ocean is vast to us humans. It is a giver of life, here on Earth. Just like the welling up of the hopes and dreams of ‘Subsolar’.

Peculiaroso – Something about you

This bluesy rendition by PECULIAROSO is peculiar. We’re sure they’ve heard that before. But it’s true. And what’s true is that ‘Something About You’ is what we feel when we’re confused by our individual significant other. They perplex us like nothing else. You might be a genius at taking apart and re-assembling that macbook pro to perfection – but she perplexes you. You might be the best Secretary Of State for the most powerful country in the world – but he perplexes you. You might be the genius who knows how to win a ground war – but she perplexes you to high-heaven. But you all love it. It’s the dynamic. It’s what’s built our society. It’s love. Maybe? Who knows. PECULIAROSO knows though.

DD WALKER – Psychic Twin

‘Psychic Twin’ is not pop. It’s what you get when you have a talent like DD WALKER doing his thing in an 80’s vacuum that lies beneath the consciousness of the 8th dimension. It’s more than pop. It’s more than indie-pop. It’s just what it is. The single depicts that daydreaming instant, while tracking your favorite gal in the crowd. You see her. You’ve always wanted her. You’re always curious if she’s ever noticed you. Makes you happy in a way, and you accept the ‘bliss’; then you move on. Fleeting circumstances, delicately described – that is ‘Psychic Twin’.


“I like the way the sentences all of a sudden get an extra dimension when you combine words about your own life,” stated Julie Runa. The lives around you and the lives you imagine someone is living with descriptions of interplanetary dust particles, black holes, fractured bones and straight lines disappearing into eternity” ROXY JULES is Julie Runa, and her lyrics are just out of this world. Odd, noisy (although quiet sonically), and burbles with the kind of chemical reaction that is both sexy and profound. Can that happen?? Yes. It just did with this single. Deal with it.

Mercury Machine – The Lost

MERCURY MACHINE is industrial, with electro-pop circulating within its veins. And you can’t deviate from that. It’s just a fact of life. And in their latest single ‘The Lost’, the mark of MM sets it to level ten, so that we, as listeners can come slightly closer to that realm of consciousness that has been so hard to achieve. The Manchester UK based five piece band mixes 80’s feel with the darkness that drives their power-plant. It’s a Vee-12 dark engine, and it’s ready to trounce to you bits.

Minna Lee – Cuffing Season

MINNA LEE is an artist first. Her brush is her music. And that combination birthed the single named ‘Cuffing Season’. It’s about love that isn’t quite love. But the protagonist isn’t quite sure of that either. “What’s going on?” is the first thing that comes to mind. Then you remind yourself that it’s MINNA LEE singing. And then you smile, with contentment, lay back relaxed on that Lazy-Boy. You pull up the leg extension. You’re very comfy, and dream of your love. Do you have a boyfriend? You don’t care that you don’t. All that matters is how cool the relationship would be. Then you drift off on the voice of Minna’s. Minna is from Seattle, WA and is the lead vocalist and drummer ANIME CREEK, as well.

Plural – A Darker Wave

PLURAL’s ‘A Darker Wave’ is a single off of their debut EP ‘In Blur’. The band is made up of Will Tendy and Will Haywood Smith, and the duo has the indelible sensibility of making the novel ‘1984’ live again. Although the song isn’t exactly about a dystopian world, with a demonstration on what humans can do do each other, but ‘A Darker Wave’ does touch upon the makes of what ‘seeds of power’ that lies within the most mundane of our personalities. PLURAL states that it exists. What we do with it, has not been determined. What a conundrum, ain’t it? Fun stuff.

Eddy Ulm – Haunted House

It’s October in the U.S. It’s Halloween season. Have you dug out the eyeball from the pumpkin? Have you picked out the costume to scare the bejesus out of your little son and daughter? You dawg, you. EDDY ULM love it too. The ‘scare’ we mean. In ‘Haunted House’ the structure of a three-chord punk frame is used to produce the bluesy rock cinema that you hear at this moment. Oh and that costume is a bit scary for the next door neighbors, no? Don’t think so? You are really into it, aren’t you. This is EDDY ULM’s first solo effort. He was a part of the Chicago based band ‘The Headaches’.

Unidimensional – Trapped Star

UNIDIMENSIONAL is a beautiful little project from songwriter, Ismael González Trujillo. The guitars through the calm of the lyrics bely the angst and trepidation of the protagonist within this single. Whenever you are lonely, I can be there to comfort you. Whenever you need someone to talk to I can be there to crack that joke. I want you to smile. Everyday. Your gentle soul needs a tainted soul, like mine, to be a shield from the world outside. I volunteer to be that for you. I guarantee that for you. You can trust me. ‘Trapped Star’ is a bursting promissory letter to what could be. Will you ever? The story continues.

The Good Minus – Laughing Full Steam

‘Laughing Full Steam’ is from THE GOOD MINUS, a Melbourne based art pop band. The trio makes songs like this to make our hearts assemble for the big reveal at the state fair. She asked you out, then you said yes. Met her at the front entrance, and she shimmered in the sun like daffodils. Her smile was glorious, which made you feel like you were in heaven. She meant the world to you then. She means a heck more, now. You miss her. You hope she misses you too. She had to leave a bit sooner than you did. Someday you’ll get to see her at that state fair, once more. The buttered popcorn awaits you two again. THE GOOD MINUS’ simply beautiful single is part of their upcoming album which is to drop early 2019.

Mad Meg – Saving New York

MAD MEG has been active since 2011. And with singles like ‘Saving New York’, they make the chairs by the bars shake with anticipation. The Bowie like vocal attitude drizzles the irony and the destitute descriptions of the city, or the town, or the individual misdeeds. the New York City based band is eclectic, and so very ‘NYC’. The rock institution is as 80’s as much as current. The profound ‘absurdity’ of the world is noted clearly and defyingly in this single. It’s a fun and thought provoking addition to the musical discourse, for sure.

Monks In The Wood – Captivated State

Daniel Toone, Matt Powerand, James Oliver, Laurence Brydges, and Samuel Powell make up MONKS IN THE WOOD. In ‘Captivated State’ the ‘grudge’ and the ‘distaste’ from a disintegrating relationship is clearly disseminated for consumption. It freezes you in a silent degradation. This single is a tasteful delight, as it dances up and sideways to a glamorous tale of self-induced intrigue and ultimate self reliance. Breaking open that plot, was the key. Help was on its way. It’s just a very cool song. Kudos.


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