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415 // Indie Fascination. Lyfe Indoors, Lara Antebi, Dirt Farmer, The Window In Floyd, Alex Dunaway…

Lyfe Indoors – Don’t Rush

“I like to consider ‘Don’t Rush’, a forgotten piece of the LYFE INDOORS catalog. Although originally written in 2015, it never made it to release. I found it again recently and felt that now was the right time to record. Glad to see it have a home online, and can’t wait to see who can connect with it.” Some songs age badly, and some, like ‘Don’t Rush’ ages perfectly. Even though the premise for the song is several years older, it fits with the current stream of consciousness we feel in our culture. Kudos, for sure.

Lara Antebi – Never Apart

Love songs. They are a staple of any part of the music scene. But in reality, for many, hard to truly find. But we humans try. We all try, very hard to find that special one. And if nothing works, we have songs like ‘Never Apart’ from fabulous LARA ANTEBI to get us through. Don’t we all need some encouragement, sometimes? Saxophone, anyone?? Heck yes. May we have another? Lara’s 3rd self-produced album ‘Here And Gone’ is available now.

Dirt Farmer – More Wantin’ More

This folk/country rock diddy is what you need to get your teuckus out the door, be productive, be constructive, and get on the way to making yourself HAPPIER. How? You do what you’ve ALWAYS wanted to. What did you always want to do? What was your perfect hobby-to-business idea? What was your ideal family life? Who was your perfect ‘life-partner’? Do it. Take Nike’s advice. You can do it. DIRT FARMER is Scott, Rob, and Christer doing their thing to make us realize. And vicariously, they motivate themselves – making relevant music, message.

The Window In Floyd – Lights or Paris

Not at all. We’re not into THE WINDOW IN FLOYD, just because they have the word ‘Floyd’ in their band name. We at CHF take pride in writing about bands that are innovative, classic, energetic, and just so good to our ears. And that’s why we have ‘Lights Or Paris’ in this list. The Melbourne quartet is on fire with this single. Tinged with some nostalgic elements, smothered in psyche-rock fragrances, and wholly kick-butt attitude in the lyrics and arrangement. Plainly fabulous. Simple as that. They’re currently self-producing their debut EP, scheduled to drop sometime in 2019. Can’t wait y’all!

Divan & The House Of Quoi – Blame It On The Drums

From the upcoming album ‘The Gay Tapes’, this single ‘Blame It On The Drums’ is that gentle digital breeze through the hallway of that path to the future. It’s dark, but the lights come up, showing you the way to a new world – of expectations, and of new possibilities. The band consists of Divan (vocals, electronics, keys, guitar), Achilles De Raedt (guitar, vocals) & Iskander Moens (bass, guitar, keys, vocals). The new wave-esque sonic dessert, is a primal scream of your heart. The band knows what you’re going through. Go. You can do it.

Chase McBride – Good Love

Off of the upcoming new album ‘Pink Lemonade’ (November 30), the single ‘Good Love’ makes it alright to love again. You have permission. Don’t let your inhibitions get in the way. Because once in your life, you deserve that kind of comfort. You have every right to expect the one who will love you, cherish you, care for you. In reciprocation, you can now give, and care, and love 100% – the way you knew you always wanted and could. Fulfillment to the brim. Beautiful.

Alex Dunaway – Call Me Darling

ALEX DUNAWAY is a beautiful songwriter. Her word-smithing in her lyrics is fabulous to watch as it unfurls during the length of this single. The construction takes a dip from the deep well of many genres, including Broadway musicals, pop, and alt-rock sensibilities. And in ‘Call Me Darling’ Alex brings to the fore, her perfect way of communicating clearly the angst and heartache of a relationship – falling apart, or just about to. But then as many do, the protagonist will RISE AGAIN. We hope so, we wish so. We cheer, as we listen. Kudos.

Baird & Beluga – Where Are You Now

BAIRD & BELUGA is a duo fabulousness of Juliana Lustenader and Michael Downing. And in ‘Where Are You Now’ lightly and gently delights at the conversation of a ‘one + one’, living and existing the best they can, in this sometimes crazy world. Don’t let the world get into the cracks. Don’t let it influence in a negative light. The strength is in the team. “You and I, we can do anything. Let’s find each other, so we can start a new future together.”

Neon Saturdays – Phoenix

NEON SATURDAYS bring the honesty, in the breadth of offerings and from their energy. ‘Phoenix’ is that song that gets you going and adds to that caffeine for the day you’ll need to endure. The quartet from Latvia, seems to make it very natural and seamless in this single. From ‘excitement’ and ‘nonchalance’, all within one song – from height of a mountain peak to the bottom of a valley, the trip is extensive. However, at the end, it’s about positivity that cannot be denied. It’s a perfect companion for that long Autumn, drive to the future of YOU.

Nadia Schilling – Bad As Me

“Turn off the lights. Let’s talk in the dark,” she demanded. It was time for a chat like this, for the world’s concerns came to roost at the end of the day. And now it was settling down in this darkened room. The air was palpable. Still. The heat from her, and the icy chill from him, defined the degradation of them, exactly. She spoke first: “Dan, I’d been very unfair to you. I’m sorry. I’d been enveloped in my own secret challenges, and had been trying to work them out by myself. It wasn’t working. Then I took it out on you.” Dan looked up: “I had been unfair to you, as well. I knew something was going on, but in my moments of pride, I never asked you. That was despicable of me. I’m sorry.” The single ‘Bad As Me’ is a history of heart-aches all rolled up in a sophomoric hatred for the ‘truth’. It describes, to us, what we’re like sometimes as humans, and what can be looked at as being petty. NADIA SCHILLING’s vocals consults you with an ‘understanding’ of the plight you’re going through, with the slight nudge that you need to get you on your way. And maybe a more positive route. Compelling single, however you see it.


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