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415 // Indie Fascination. Melby, The Come On, False Heads, The Nice Nice, Noisemill…

Melby – Overthinking

What can we say that wasn’t mentioned by us in the past about MELBY. The innovative band from Sweden took our little hearts long ago, and let us into their little music circle. Virtually, of course. In singles that they produce, the chance of entertaining the masses is almost guaranteed. In ‘Overthinking’, they keep on reminding your soul that love is with you. No matter what the world says. A dreamy harmony is spread across the desert. The seeds of passion is drizzled throughout.

Vagina Lips – This Is A Good Life

‘This Is A Good Life’ comes from the mind of VAGINA LIPS, a project based in Greece, where thorough examination of life is a requisite, and where introspective interpretation is in all outputs. This single, with the punk-paced strutting attitude, reminds us of the glory days that could be come our way. We do hope so. VAGINA LIPS drops their full length album ‘Generation Y’ on November 12th.

The Come On – Checker Charlie

Sam Barron wrote this single ‘in a moment of hot-headed hopelessness’. “I could no longer feel the immediacy of other’s work, and mine as well. I was missing the days of diving into records. Listening over and over to something. Sometimes it takes hearing a thing more than once to get it. Some of my favorite records, I did not like on first listen.” ‘Checker Charlie’ is a single of ‘rebellion’. A song of F-U to the external distractions that exist. Mostly though, the anthemic rock ensemble is about the inner-self, starting again, and seeking that ultimate triumph.

The Travoltas – Snowball

THE TRAVOLTAS is made up of Dallas, Texas based artists: Salim Nourallah (vocals, guitar), Paul Slavens (keys, vocals), Nick Earl (guitar), Emsy Robinson (bass) and Jason Garner (drums). Reminding us of the attitude that is thick with fun and fabulousness from bands like CAKE, THE TRAVOLTA’s single ‘Snowball’ is unapologetic with wit, where critique of life as it is, never gets avoided. Irony, acceptance, and everything in between is the band’s game, and there’s no stopping that sullen but observational practicality.

Man Called Noon – Everybody Move

Chicago based rock band, MAN CALLED NOON offers us an anthemic and positive rendition ‘Everybody Move’. Their new EP ‘Everybody Move’ continues to deliver the demonstrated theme you hear in this single. And that’s just what the world needs, even more these days, right? The operatic tinged style of the band and lyrics, band together the airy visions for what they see as the future. MAN CALLED NOON consists of: Tony Giamichael, Dave Aitken, Josh Fontenot, Jacquelynn Camden, Erin Myover-Piotrowski, Nathan Crone, and James Manny Manno.

False Heads – Help Yourself

The last time we’d visited the music of FALSE HEADS, we were fawning (with good reason) about their single ‘Yellow’. There’s just something about the band. Could be the vocals as well. In any case, the combination of the band is just what you want if your desire is to have the grunge-era, with the modern facilitation, profoundly presented in this band. It’s excitement, at its best. You wanna rock? You have FALSE HEADS to turn to. Word. Their EP ‘Less Is Better’ is out now.

The Nice Nice – Pleasure Leisure

Far off continents don’t mean sh*t to the duo in THE NICE NICE. Germany? Australia? Physical gaps mean that the results can be even more compelling. After all, it’s the music that matters, right? And THE NICE NICE’s ‘Pleasure Leisure’ matters. Take a little stroll of memories still un-made, with the band. It’s okay. The future is bright. Their debut 4 track EP named ‘EP I’, will drop late January, 2019.

Damon Smith – Domino

Like a force of nature, artists who are (or have moved) to NYC, are unique. And just like so many artists we respect, there’s DAMON SMITH. And this time his single ‘Domino’ brings the forsaken empty feelings we often feel into a ‘physical’ array of sound waves for us to be enveloped and digested. The NYC/Boston artist beautifully explains challenges and possible triumphs, in his single. All encompassed by the 70’s psyche and operatic rock, enveloped by the tantric and exciting style that is reminiscent of MUSE. It’s just fab.

Leda – Not A Love Song

LEDA is a pop singer who certainly takes her craft to heights within that genre, every day of the week. But somehow, in this particular single ‘Not A Love Song’, we felt that the electro-pop endeavor deserved to be in our indie-pop category. Why? It’s the synth derivatives that she has decided to sprinkle upon this solum song about destinies and questions. And we think that’s just interesting and delectable to our senses. The perceived contrast gets us up for the new day. Her debut EP ‘Wildfire’ is available now.

Charlene Soraia – Now You Are With Her

CHARLENE SORAIA’s music is gorgeous, and especially with this slow ballad ‘Now You Are With Her’. The solo vocal extravagance is supported with one acoustic guitar. The stripped down and simple track is impactful with the kind of vocal inflections CS has accustomed in offering the listener. “I had spent a long hiatus with little human contact, zero trust, and not much experience of human kindness, so I suppose looking back, I had merely mistook someone’s kindness for something more meaningful,” Charlene says of the song. Her upcoming single ‘Where’s My Tribe’, drops January 2019.

Idle Joy – Let’s Just Go Surf

‘Let’s Just Go Surf’, as the band put it, “was written in a garden on a beautiful October day last year” before singer Tom Conneely had to go to work. The song is about his relationship and how life puts un-realistic strains within. So, hence the song’s title, is a rebuke to a sense of all the ridiculousness of those ‘stresses’ that, in a different light, are just ‘frivolous’ and ‘distracting’. The relationships are good as they are. The relationships are, in themselves, an important addition to the life that we lead. IDLE JOY doesn’t want you to forget that. The band consists of Daniel Lavezzo, Tom Conneely, Alex Coltharp and Steve Jaegar.

Trainwreck Department – Sea plus Bees

We love projects like the one Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt has accomplished with TRAINWRECK DEPARTMENT’. Its basic soul, and purpose of existence is pure and is easily conducive to innovation, where a possible explosion of creativity can flourish. That has certainly happened in ‘Sea Plus Bees’ by Jacob. The home recording project is another of his fab art projects. In addition, he publishes under CRYSTAL SHIPPSSS as well, a project we’d featured on CHF, prior. The honesty of it all is what we gravitate towards, and not what equipment is used. The contemporary exhibition makes our core shutter with congenial agreement. Word.

Petula – Juno

PETULA’s ‘Juno’ effortlessly brings you to that precipice near the black hole, and dares you to jump in. It is what it is, and in this dark and foreboding ballad of rejection, your bet against the pull of that cliff will inevitably turn out in an unfortunate fashion. All you need to do is jump. Jump forward. You don’t know what lies beneath. But you’d never tried to get there, so this will be the first. Don you know yourself? Do you know her? Him? What have you been doing all your adult life? Jump. Find out. ‘Juno’ is the first single form PETULA’s new album ‘Fuck This Shit’.

Noisemill – When I Have To

Had you experienced vocals from a band that played in the 80’s? With out imaginations, let’s think what that would be like. And what do you know. The perfect example comes our way, and NOISEMILL shows us the way it was and how it is NOW. The strong vocals of Mikkel Sandager, fabulously intertwined with the skills of the band (Morten Sandager and Michael Opstrup) makes this unique offering an unforgettable insight into what rock could be. The succinct power ballad is of the glory days of the past and today. You should check out NOISEMILL.

Levi Kane – Cut

LEVI KANE brings us another fantastic 90’s alt-garage-rock single in his single ‘Cut’. The seeping writing in the guitar work of the single is obvious to witness. Relishing the classic rock of a past 90’s decade is solidified by the construction of this fabulous throw back. You need a cleaning between your ears? Levi’s got you covered with this deep look into the abyss. The Brisbane Australia based artist knows how to rock your soul. Let’s rock.

Danielle Dahl – Love Song

DANIELLE DAHL is an artist of many angles and sides. But in her music, she demonstrates the ominous, fatal, and the devious to a degree of radicalism which we, individually, want to caress, but cannot. She helps us to devour our inhibitions, and shows us a tool set of methods to look at things in a slightly different way. ‘Love Song’ seems to be a gentle beckoning and revelation in a loving relationship. But it’s the gauging of the eyes, and destruction of the soul, where love does not exist. Within that ‘entrapment’, the protagonist wants to escape this dreaded plain existence. The song is glorious.

Joseph Landau – You’re Still On My Mind

JOSEPH LANDAU knows how to pick out, and highlight the awkward existence of us humans. There’s no reason to be ‘ashamed’ or ‘mindful’ of that fact, for we all are ‘awkward’ sometimes. Some for a moment in time. Some for a lot longer. But we all interact as human-animals, and thats where the fun is at, right? ‘You’re Still On My Mind’ is a fabulous tale of self-degradation and selfish expectations, afforded to the powers that be, in this Universe. ‘Wants’ are a subject that is a ‘battlefield’ unto itself. Joseph, knows it. And he knows that we all hide from it.

Couldn’t Be Happiers – Listen

The folk duo COULDN’T BE HAPPIERS makes the rains falling from the skies, into a celebration. The ever positive lyrics and arrangements of the duo are infectious to a point of being a bit too much to handle for our mostly pessimistic life times. But that’s just the cynical sides of us that’s effected, right? There’s that therapeutic method to singles like ‘Listen’. They pronounce that they are ‘your friends’, and that they mean more than you need. Open your heart. Accept that there’s better, out there. Let’ the COULDN’T BE HAPPIERS help you see.

Dimitri von Büren – Moonlight Confession

‘Moonlight’ is the beautiful production from French based DIMITRI VON BUREN. The debut ‘self-produced’ single injects the perfect amount of jazz-rock to the format. This solo project of his, comes off to us, as delectable as your girl’s loving look, even though you don’t deserve that kind of affection. The bedroom-pop single is only the start for Dimitri, as he’d stated. We can’t wait for such delicious productions, which add significant conversations to the musical Universe.

Brixn Water (featuring Kyle Crosbie) – question still remains

What a single. The latest from BRIXN WATER brings the quaint look of the past and what can become of the future we all can set out for ourselve, into a neatly projected and fabulously constructed blues-rock feature. From the well construted attributes to the wilds of a saloon that exists in your memories, the song layers effortlessly into that amalgam of stairs, onto which we shovel our deepest desires for the living to see. Your senses won’t be able to get enough.


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