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MESSIMER – I Know I Should

Boise, Idaho based MESSIMER is a psyche-doowop-rock band that fills up your cup of coffee within your heart. To the brim. “Would you like Splenda with that?” And you reply: “Why yes, please.” A relationship blossoms, instantly. Think of that 70’s sun-lit pool party in that ranch home, with the friends from the 50’s in ‘I Know I Should’. The song and that pool party is as good as your imagination deems. And you dig. Dig lots. Luke Messimer, Reggie Mace, and Dalton Mace make up the band. We think this debut single is fabulous.

Isadora Eden – Quick To Burn

We’d reviewed ISADOR EDEN’s single ‘Without You’ and stated that it was “a complex and layered presentation of our ways of dealing with emotions. Thinking internally. Suffering, maybe. Technically this single is simple. However, Isadora’s vocals and the combination of the words, make it more than a one layered cake of self-introspection. External forces hint at life’s deviations. Maybe Isadora has the key.” Nothing changes with ‘Quick To Burn’. And that’s a fabulous thing. Her sometimes brooding but always contemplative vocals makes EVERYTHING alright. Simply, Isadora is a grand songwriter from Brooklyn, who encapsulates the essentials of a thought, a glimmer, a hope.

Yacht Punk – Need a Reason

‘Need A Reason’ is a punk leather laden single that has zippers that will bite a chunk off your sensibilities. Is that a good thing? Maybe just for today. And YACHT PUNK knows that it’s good for you. The bite won’t hurt too much, as the chorus touches you with felt lined gloves, caressing you a bit more. You smile. While you bleed on the floor with a part of your flesh having been taken out. Don’t think it’s not hard? In its own Universe it is. “The song was partially inspired by Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and if you listen closely you might hear subliminal messages from the HAL 9000 supercomputer…” said Graham Bockmiller of the single. Told ya.

Responders – Face Today

The self proclaimed “wacky, goofy and crazy five piece indie-rock group from Boston, MA” completes that thought with ‘Face Today’. And when we say ‘complete’, we mean that the single is very, very good. Their own description is NOT warranted. It has a tone of ‘dis-service’ to it. We’d rather think of the RESPONDERS as a fundamentally fabulous indie-rock band that is fabulous live too. Entertainment machine, you can say? We’re convinced. Bet their fans are convinced too. Their newest self-titled EP is available now.

Murmur Tooth – Memory

‘Memory’ is the first single of an upcoming album soon to drop in November by MURMUR TOOTH. The band project is spearheaded by Leah Hinton, and the multi-instrumentalist is dark, practical, gray, and suited for those times when you have private thoughts, by yourself, in the living room, 3 AM in the morning. This single is a ‘mourning’. This single is about a ‘celebration’ for the life that ‘was’. It’s that ‘death march’ to madness, that is inevitable. Or is it? Leah begs the question, with a gravity of a dying planet. It’s a trip.

Andrew Lipow – Just A Memory Now

We love folk and country here at CHF. And put it together with the tone and depth of a dream-garage rock sensibility, as ANDREW LIPOW has done in this single ‘Just A Memory Now’ – then we’re IN. The ever foreboding future horizon is within reach. But maybe in a tale like it is presented in this single, maybe it’s just NOT. It’s a double edged sword that must be accounted for. But the protagonist is always waiting and ready for that next chance at love. Always. Maybe Andrew can help it re-set and get you on more positive way. We think he can. Andrew is a New Rochelle, New York originating soul, who is now doing his thing in Nashville. We think the combination is fabulous, as demonstrated in this single. Word.

Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six – Too Old for Love Songs

Positivity is what ‘Too Old For Love songs’ is all about. And when tuned with soul, gospel, and rock, the band encourages the kind of worth you deem your life fulfill. It’s what’s to come. The band is what the future can procreate. Coming from the fabulous Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the quintet drives up hooks that are gentle for the lion-in-you. It’s just the way it is. The band wants you to be that lion, in and out. Roar to the maximum.

NYIKO – In The Middle (Midnight Remix)

NYIKO (“nee-koh”) is a mystery to us. Well, what we mean is that with a song like ‘In The Middle’ he rides that thin dividing line between pure pop and electro with the grandness that is very much becoming of the artist. The ‘dance’ is there. But the intellectually stimulating parts are as well. The mix of the two makes a venn diagram just useless for the moment in describing NYIKO’s work. But everything’s fine. The world is better for it. ‘In The Middle’ takes the aesthetics of Morrissey and slightly lo-fi’s it to a delectable lyrical experience. The 2017 release single is put new accessibility through this remix. It’s the bee’s knees.

Kites With Lights – Travel in Sound

Intro is beautiful. The glorious Erasure aesthetics within the beats is infectious to listen to. The nostalgic accents in ‘Travel In Sound’ is a sonic travel in a silent Concorde of your dream state. The clouds are pink. The Earth below is pastel and bright. The world is in harmony. KITES WITH LIGHTS is Jonah Cordy and his work spans more than a decade. With his debut ‘Cosmonauts’ in 2011, he’s continued to make his mark in this wild, wild world of ours. His latest album will drop Oct. 12, 2018.

ttypes – Empire Dance

Originally released in 2012, TTYPES’ single ‘Empire Dance’ releases the hounds with the jangly feel of a 60’s surf band, and mixes it up with the lyrics of a despotic vagabond in search of the perfect score. It’s a contrast, and the song is very comfortable doing so. The world created in ‘Empire Dance’ is by Michigander, Tim Krauss, and his dip into political atmospheres is very much so in this single. It’s okay. The world won’t fall apart, but thinking about adds to the conversation, no? Yep. It’s a good thing.

Nepotism – Growing Pains

Combining Lenny Kravitz with the gravity of Rage Against The Machine, then you have NEPOTISM’s ‘Growing Pains’. The Columbia, South Carolina based band is a hard hitting garage rock band that has ALL the elements to entertain. Riffs? Yes. Hooks? Yes. Guitar solos to rain down like blades? Heck yes. And put the vocals in the middle of it, the hurricane chaos is complete for our consumption. ‘Growing Pains’ is about losing the guilt and resentment of ‘loss’. It’s hard to do. But must be done. Let’s go forward.

a. harlana – faces
A. HARLANA is a talented band that surges effortlessly between the 7th dimension of space and time, and of the SUV like realities of NOW. Walking down the street after a wash of fresh rain, puddles in my brain are displaced by the feet of my mind. Flexed, then coiling in reverse, my heart goes out to you – in literal heart muscles – tainted by our inflections of the heart. Imperfect. Never suitable. Always uncontrollable. But you are mine. I am yours.

Oh Pep! – Hurt Nobody

New album ‘I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You’ drops October 26th. And from what ‘Hurt Nobody’ has been constructed as, we’re all in for a heck of a delightful experience. And you shouldn’t shy away. Different and interesting things should be headed straight ahead. Breathe deeply. The world is better than that. You are better than the world. Becoming consumed, it is that moment that can dismember thoughts of discontent and emphasize the malnutrition in soul. That is OH PEP! Let’s look for it. Open your eyes, ears, and heart.

Johnny Payne – Alice on the Other Side

JOHNNY PAYNE is a whole different animal unto himself. And for the rest of us, we’re gripped by the songs, while sitting on the floor of the concert show. In ‘Alice On The Other Side’, Alaina Moore of Tennis, joins the fray in completely destroying our sense of balance and whispers into our frontal cortex of that winter wonderland of memories and of being loved. There’s just no doubt about Johnny’s prominence. And we ALL should be on board. We’d reviewed Johnny’s single ‘Never Stop Learning To Love’ and we’re still very much enamored. Word.

Faintlife – Remudadero

Relegated to the back of the class, he pondered his method of existence, while looking at the family of robins on the other side of the window. The birds and their brood looked so content, he thought. And he wondered how he could exist with the same kind of zest, that the animal species specified on that tree branch. 2 plus 2 equals 4 they say, and he agreed. But can another dimension exist in the way of making a difference? Do the robins think like this too? The class bell rang, and it was time to go. FAINTLIFE is a Chicago based band which makes us think about these weird things. It’s that sensation within, ain’t it?

MALMØ – The Way (feat. Eivør)

MALMØ’s new single ‘The Way (feat. Eivør)’ is a march towards the stars. The stars that is a Billion miles away, but close as your finger tips. And the 5 piece band brings that struggle for insight, with the Eivør, within the frame of this galactic rock single, infused with jazz elements, just enough to quench the thirst of that long travel. Think of Enigma with the distinct actions and purpose of MALMØ, with the heart moving vocals of the Faroese singer-songwriter, Eivør. Wonderful is an understatement.

Sealife – Breaking Up Together

“It is a chronological documentation of emotional renaissance,” stated SEALIFE. “But the path it paves is not necessarily one of solidarity of success…Each breakthrough eventually slides, and loses its edge, to reveal how shockingly predictable newness can be. Perhaps there is always a paler shade…When our minds are polarized by pleasure and by fear, we live our greatest lives in the short dan of novelty.” It’s never quite sweet without the sour. That will ALWAYS be. And SEALIFE’s shimmering aesthetics is something is will turn your thoughts and feeling around – to that footprint, on top of that glorious mountain top. Sealife’s debut album ‘A Paler Shade of White’ is available now.

Destroy Boys – Soundproof

DESTROY BOYS will kill you. This ice-cream from the corner shop has razors within it. They have lots to say. No matter how, no matter who – the songs will take you on. Get ready for the HONESTY. It is a pair of elbows, holding a couple of ice-cream cones, throwing razors. Understated, under-shimmered riffs take that contrast to the bank. “‘Soundproof’ is a culmination of my thoughts and doubts about singing,” said Alexia Roditis (Lead Vocals). “I used to be skeptical of the praise people would give me and those doubts stick with me to this day. However, I’ve gotten over a lot of those fears, and now I’m sure I sound good. I like to walk around outside before we perform as a way to calm my nerves and get away from people’s attention. It’s a lot! Lots of eyes, judging, and I think “Soundproof” captures my fears pretty well.” Alexia might be skeptical of praise, but lots WILL praise DESTROY BOYS’ efforts. CHF does too.

Ritzy Park – My, My, My

‘My, My, My’ is an anthemic classic grunge rock take. It’s a glorious return to that beautiful nostalgia. But RITZY PARK isn’t just nostalgia, but a force unto itself. Just listen. From the vocals to the gritty guitar solo interpretations, invoke the sensibilities of a hidden world. Maybe a world where you exist. Maybe a world that only exists without you. This power-ballad insinuation towards the future is deep, and resonates correctly the strengths of the band. RITZY PARK was certainly a pleasant surprise for us. Should be for you too.

Family Hahas – Gone Before Morning

Best friends Alex Rogers and Joey Briggs took their concept of a band and made this colorful pallet named FAMILY HAHAS. The wistful condolences to the past decades of family picture albums is deeply ingrained within the nostalgic renditions from the band. And when going about their business in the single ‘Gone Before Morning’, you are compelled to join their ‘westerly’ journey towards a golden setting sun, in the vastness of a desert of no name. And within the confines of the classic convertible, they find love, affection, guidance, sympathy, which highlights what ‘matters’ truly in Life. And we think that’s what FAMILY HAHAS is all about and especially in this single. Join them in their journey.

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