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415 // Indie Fascination. Munro Melano, Red Zora, Bitch Falcon, Rosborough, Luiz Bruno…

Munro Melano – Semi Spinning

In the beginning we’re a bit lost. We do our best. But sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Is it us? Is it you? Are we sure it’s not the Universe doing its utmost to push all of us to the edge? Maybe. Melbourne based songwriter MUNRO MELANO counts the ways with us. A little wag of the index finger is all that is needed. We must keep our guard up, for the forces of success can be masked to look like normalcy. We must keep it fresh. Munro is working on his self-titled debut album, scheduled for an early 2019 drop.

Red Zora – Everest

RED ZORA is a Sydney based indie rock band which blends the feelings of joy, internally and externally, with the enthusiasm of stacks of melodies proudly and observed by the 80’s New Wave movement. The much effervescent chords from the band, rightly and profoundly takes us to a ‘happier’ place, which may or may not have existed. But for right now, when listening to RED ZORA’s single ‘Everest’, it just doesn’t matter. We want to throw ourselves on to the dance floor, arms flailing, as crystal as the Breakfast Club did. The latest 3 track EP ‘Chaser’ is available now.

Bitch Falcon – Prime Number

BITCH FALCON calls out to the dead in all of us. And in ‘Prime Number, the vocals of Lizzie Fitzpatrick, howls as usual, with the meaty consistency of a silver haired wolf up there in the heights. And when she howls, we listen. The death in all of us, pay attention. They have been forewarned of an impending suffering, and emotional extrication. Be afraid. Very afraid. But keep on lovin’ BITCH FALCON. The band consists of Lizzie, Nigel Kenny, and Barry O’Sullivan. They kick butt.

Catgod – Sleep In

The striking flute from the first note is delight for the ears. ‘Sleep In’ is a combination of melancholy and of happiness – tempered. It’s that moment of exuberance that we feel, but the thought of disappointment, the second later, is captured beautifully in this single. So, because we are sometimes ‘timid’ and ‘unreasonable’, we get antsy and nervous about the fortunes of that perfect relationship. “It’s too good, there’s got to be a catch.” But maybe it’s just us, being what we normally are. Life is hard, let’s enjoy it when those positive moments come about. Catherine Marriott and Robin Christensen-Marriott, are a fab brother/sister duo, from Oxford England.

Meat Wave – That’s Alright

Punk fabulousness MEAT WAVE comes at all of you (including you, reader) their latest ‘That’s Alright’. And it’s glorious. The ‘fervor’ is rampant, a recipient of what you deem balanced, or not. It’s that feeling that is unmistakable. “Feeling overwhelmed by the biggest thing going on in your life and the smallest fucking thing: they’re all oncoming, like dominos,” front man Chris Sutter commented. “It’s a swelling. A pyramid. A crescendo. It stems from living recklessly. And selfishly. And regrettably.” Goes great with many scenarios in life, doesn’t it? So, get right up to MEAT WAVE, and breathe in the goodness. Life sucks sometimes, but this singles doesn’t. Word.

David Messier – TV is Better Than Love

Messier recalls, “I looked at the TV and said, “Let’s record it!” And we ended up using the television as a drum on the recording. The three of us played the TV, banging on it, turning it off and on, and dragging a stick across it, like a güiro.” The TV/instrument has an appearance in the soon to be released music video for “Television is Better than Love.” How can you not love that??! David is a multi-talented musician and songwriter, and in his upcoming sophomore album ‘Time Bomb’ (Nov. 2, 2018), he delves head deep into what interests him without a worry on what has transpired. Refreshing. “I don’t have much of a rearview mirror. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is the most self-reflective record I’ve made.” You go, David. You go.

Deer Fellow – No One Wins

DEER FELLOW is a band from Austin TX, that takes what the world of soul and indie-rock, then makes them their own. And ‘No One Wins’ is a single that demonstrates that such acumen. Matt Salois and Alyssa Kelly (core members), takes to a different path with this single, with delectable teases and acoustic strums as mentally stimulating as that hair stroke from your significant other. It’s a beautiful feeling. Addition of Joel Klaus and John Wilhelm, takes the band to a future direction. And we like, at CHF. Word.

Edictum – You Can’t Hide (feat. Powernerd)

‘You Can’t Hide’ is that horror within your gaming soul. Its darkness profoundly envelops you, your surroundings, your senses. EDICTUM’s new single is exactly what you needed to kick off that marathon weekend you’d bee planning. Or thought of planning. Get off your lazy ass! We at CHF dig good synth-retro-wave. We think there’s something here with this single. Oh, and maybe play this during your Halloween party? Guitar solo is killer. FYI.


Don’t let LUIZ BRUNO’s captivating and inviting smile all riled up. Just close your eyes, and listen to this ode to a past decade of A Flock Of Seagulls and DEVO. However, as always, Luiz brings his own flavor to the crumble cake, with odd changes and the guitar acumen we come to expect from him. You can’t help but just get into this. Right? Luiz is a multi-genre artist who dips his talents where he thinks he can add some color to the conversation. He certainly does here, for sure.

Luc – Don’t Hide Away

LUC’s 3rd single of this year, ‘Don’t Hide Away’ is stroke of your ego. The up-beat and danceable dark-synth pop aesthetic, bruises your self-indulgence, then pounds away by the tick-tock of the constant beating of the clock. Cinematic, and perpetual, ‘Don’t Hide Away’ reels your stomach into knots, in much pain of love aches, and the clarity of what love could be.

Twain – Young God (gotta lotta feeling)

TWAIN returns with their single ‘Young God’. The respected artisans, brings ‘a whole lot of feels’ to the table with this single. And we ALL are consumed by the arrangement. “This song is about the freedom-feeling of allowing Love its natural Death.” The video animation was done by TWAIN’s drummer Pete Pezzimenti. With this single, a 12″ double EP (‘2 E.P.s’) will be released January 25th, 2019.


‘Breathe’ is a collaboration between Australian Alex Gillett and Chris Chris Schafer. The new album will drop December 7th, and the result is the next chapter for the singles that were recorded over 5 years of the duo’s lives. The calm waters of the single, delightfully makes you want to love again, in some way, during such stressful and complex times. Forgetting what’s outside of your window, for a moment, dreaming of a betterment of the next moment to come. It’s a fab feel.

Leonie Kingdom – So Much More

Folk singer LEONIE KINGDOM, in ‘So Much More’ felt like an uplifting gust of wind. Can’t help it. It’s her voice, to be honest. ‘Joni Mitchell’ like vocal attitude that is cool with modern pop renditions. And that is a good thing. “I’ve always taken experience from the darker side of life,” Leonie Kingdom said. “This is where most of my experience in song writing comes from. I like to write about things that are important, and people can relate to. I thought it would be refreshing to put a bit of a lighter and positive feel into a song with a big meaning. Encouraging people to keep going when life gets tough and remember there are other people going through their own struggles in life. We are not alone.” Can’t go wrong there.


XYLAROO is a sister duo of Holly and Coco Chant. And they are fabulous. In ‘Stranger Than Love’ the combination of sultry vocals with the pop-soul demeanor, just gets to you. “‘Stranger Than Love’ was a song I wrote a while back coming out of a breakup,” Coco states. “To be honest we didn’t really know what to do with it and the song has evolved a lot of the time we’ve worked on it. We’re not sure ourselves where the new music will take us but we’re excited to be working and recording again…” Look for even more from the duo. Taking the warm rapturous music, the super popular ladies will captivate even bigger in the coming year. Can’t wait.

Rosborough – Burn Blue

ROSBOROUGH is Glenn Rosborough from Derry, UK, and his voice is something to behold. The emotive and raw vocals, soak in the vibe of destined lovers, and lost souls, alike. Perpetually seething with calm essences, his song, ‘Burn Blue’ reverberates the angst of folk-country, then turns it all around in 180 degrees, in to a fascinating ‘turn of events’ – all in a short select number of words and characters. The single was released in 2017, but this new video re-instates what has been a potential for a long time. Look out for Glenn’s vital vocals, and story telling. Listen & absorb.

Doom Flamingo – Runaway

DOOM FLAMINGO is delicious. Especially with ‘Runaway’. Part synth-wave, retro-wave, nu-disco, the single brings the up-beat, positivity that is indicative of a past silhouette of Kenny Loggins. The expert construction of this single from the sextet (consisting of Ryan Stasik, Ross Bogan, Thomas Kenney, Stu White, Mike Quinn, & Kanika Moore) is nothing short of refreshing – especially, Kanika Moore’s vocals.


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