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415 // Indie Fascination. Natasha Johanna, davidxrussell, Michael Herbert, Hidden Land, Nic Evennett.

Natasha Johanna – Belmont Park

Natasha Johanna NATASHA JOHANNA hadn’t been in our radar since our review of her past single ‘Rope’. As ‘Rope’ had been a staunch folk offering, with beautiful lyrics and sonic lines, this time, Natasha takes a slight different method of expressing herself. In this relaxed art-pop construction off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Golden Light’ (early 2019), she takes us on a journey of local visions and matters that matter most to budding fans of love of places we’d been, or imagining. For Natasha, this single is of a location actually named ‘Belmont Park’ during vacation when she was 16 years old. “When I lived in southern California with my family as a kid, we would holiday near a place called Mission Beach that had an iconic and popular beachside theme park called ‘Belmont Park’ with a really old wooden roller coaster….I still remember the colours, the sounds and the atmosphere of the place. Everything was fascinating to me because I was a suburban Brisbane girl at heart and when my family moved to California it was the first time I’d ever travelled. In its essence, the song is about being young and carefree but it’s also my adult-self acknowledging that carefree girl… And reminding myself that even as we get older there’s still a child alive inside somewhere that knows how to enjoy those seemingly simple but beautiful things.” Beautiful stuff Natasha. Beautiful stuff. If you’re in Melbourne, see her at The Grace Darling Hotel on November 29th for her singles release show.

davidxrussell – Sunburnt

Off of his latest EP ‘It’s All For Her’, there’s davidxrussell’s single ‘Sunburnt’. Sunny disposition is the kingpin of this dream-pop tune, we dearly adore. She used to be his, and he gave all of himself to her. The two were the perfect peas in a peapod, swimming through the grandeur of that beautiful summer of summers. Spin around on the boardwalk of life, nothing could have been better than that moment in life. Would it last forever? “Hold my hand again,” he asked. “Okay,” she replied. The totally delicious guitar works and the relaxed interpretation of such subject matter tantalizes and sets your mouth to murmur the words, “Wow”, while listening. It’s just a fabulous offering by David.

Michael Herbert – Not Because

MICHAEL HERBERT is a 21 year old artist from Long Island, New York. And ‘Not Because’ follows up his dang good EP from the past summer, ‘Back to School’. Yes. He writes about his environment, his gripes, his loves, his everyday. That’s what he does, and just like before, ‘Not Because’ is a rock tune based ballad of sorts, that is tinged in desires, but just not having the right funnel to dissipate those inklings to the world. At least that’s our interpretation. Michael is just like many of us in the world. There just shouldn’t be excuses. There should be clearer communication and from that base, we all can work it out – live better, love better. Word.

Hidden Land – Remind Me

HIDDEN LAND’s ‘Remind Me’ brings the thoughts of love and everything that seemingly surrounded it, to a domino tilting organization. By way of the band’s delicate vocal presentation, all of the good of what becomes of the gap between lovers is significantly cemented. The smiles, the laughs, the cries, the caresses, and longing looks into each others’ eyes. Then by at the end of the single, all of the love’s of past ghosts whisk through the mist, possibly erasing and igniting the sour tastes that often infect an alliance. But through it all, the lovers survive. They survive through the muck, and hold each other as they did, once more. Myles O’Mainnian from California and Johan Lager from Stockholm Sweden creates songs like ‘Remind Me’.

Nic Evennett – Rivers Under My Feet

Ready to get off the planet, the Little Princess, woke up to another glorious morning after a deep and satisfying sleep. The clouds parted and her day now commenced. She was the savior for the species, and all of the weight of the world’s wanting, and longing was on her shoulders. She knew it. But she knew also to keep it locked up. There was business to conduct. The Universe was awaiting her. NIC EVENETT’s sultry vocal presentation, interlaces our weaknesses and harnesses the little bit of strength we can emit. She ‘bash the piano and stuff’ as Nic stated, as her song construction is glorious. The mystery, the aura, the majesty carried by the imagination.


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