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415 // Indie Fascination. Sleep Thieves, Guillotine Sunbeam, Bizou, OTHER STATES, Omar Jr…

Charlie Hole – Find Someone Who Cares

CHARLIE HOLE is what you want when you’re in a difficult situation. His music is love. As one of the more exciting lyricists and singer/songwriters, the UK based artist effortlessly weave melodies and ‘ideas’ of life, into that comfort we seek.

Dizzy Spells – Retrograde

Rising behind the sickly old tree, the buffalo slowly crept towards the sun. The hunter just didn’t know what he was to do. And for 3 hours they stood, admiring each other’s stance – of confusion and of soon to be malice. Just like that buffalo, DIZZY SPELLS drags your sensibilities to a place you’d never thought. The ups and downs within ‘Regrograde’, fires off warnings. The warnings of impending doom – of impending falsities. ‘Retrograde’ is off of their upcoming new album.

Sleep Thieves – Sea of Shadows

This Irish trio is a tour-de-force in fresh synth-noir-pop. The landscapes created by them are tremendously crystal, with undulations in emotions, as palpable and tactile as can be. Sorcha Brennan, Wayne Fahy, and Keith Byrne make up this fabulous project, and we just can’t get enough. Thrive in the low toned booming acrobatics, surge into the neon protection of the vocals, then desert your senses for a moment – out of body – enthralled in sonic might. ‘Sea Of Shadows’ is off of the upcoming EP ‘Fortress’.

Guillotine Sunbeam – Drowning In Dust

‘Drowning In Dust’ is the 3rd single off of the 3 track EP ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’. It continues the galactic palpitations, as gigantic as when meeting the love of your life for the first time. Time and space pause, just enough for you to catch your breath. You and he exists, in this wonderous circle. What are your goals now? GUILLOTINE SUNBEAM is the solo project of Yoni Collier.

Bizou – Superstition

Prietto reveals, “I think a lot of our stuff treads that line of dark message/bright vibe. Our music straddles duality both sonically and thematically”. Like a drag race car chase of the mind, the cocained thumping and throbbing of your heart, reaches for sanity. You reach far and deep, but nothing exists. Are you this empty? Don’t be. ‘Superstitions’ is the rock power track from Marisa Prietto, Nicole Fiorentino, Erin Tidwell, Nicki Nevlin, Josiah Mazzaschi, where reality cross sonic dimensions. Punch in the face, comes with the territory.

Jared Saltiel – Away With Words

JARED SALTIEL’s music is magic. With each strum and pick of the guitar, his soft and ethereal vocals, combine to make something special. The arrangements to the emotive focus of the hand that guides his work, profoundly and utterly makes you pause from the daily doldrums. We all want to fall in love, when listening. It’s just not us, we’re sure. We’re fans. ‘Away With Words’ is a single from the upcoming new EP ‘One More Revelations’, due to drop November 16.

SydneyDanger – Hurricane Evil

SYDNEYDANGER’s ‘Hurricane Evil’ is a devious single. You’ve not been drugged. You’re not in some 6th dimension. It’s just that the single successfully distorts and queries your mind for faculties slightly unhinged. Maybe you’re ‘unhinged’. Why not? The electronic narration by the artist is disturbing, determined, and incomprehensibly talented.

OTHER STATES – Devil Struck

‘The girl is trouble. And I can’t keep my eyes off of her. I’m doomed.” Many of us had the experience of having zero chance of deflecting the advanced of a girl, nay, THE girl that seduced you to nothing. You were afraid. You were afraid that she’ll destroy your life. You were her’s for the taking. Nothing you can do, will be enough. ‘Devil Struck’ is that inkling. It’s the dream of nectar – sweet, beautiful, deadly. Some pulp fiction? Maybe. But what a ride.

The Lark and the Loon – Code of the West

Old country bluegrass/folk? Banjo to boot? Heck yea. THE LARK AND THE LOON brings us ‘Code Of The West’, and we’re shuffling like we’re in Appalachia, proper. The single is off of the new album ‘Homestead Hands’ from the husband/wife team, Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen. It’s music that fits any household, and hearts. Good stuff.

Ead Wood – Cold Hearted

EAD WOOD is the project of Ed Soles. He’s fab. And in ‘Cold Hearted’ his longing for the lost love still exists, thankfully, in his music. Like a piano man, lonesome but talented at a smokey piano club, the drinks go down easy and the patrons enjoy with belly laughs. And it’s a deflection of life’s unfairness. A resistance to the cold and un-amusing irony. Ed turn frowns into smiles, no matter what. This song is off of his latest EP ‘Beige Dreams’, out now.

Omar Jr – Omar (You’ve been too far)

His morning walk on the rocky beach was a routine that wasn’t an option to skip. It reminded him of his walks with this beloved. She went away, one day, and he’s bee stuck in the beach, ever since. The rut of existence was drowning him. Then he found her. She made him break out of his shell. “Get with it now. Be happy now. You’re with me now!” He obliged, and even danced. What a change it was.

Johnny Gates – Brooklyn Nights

JOHNNY GATES is a terrific rocker who brings the classic 80’s rock to the fore. This is the accompanying visual for his released single ‘Brooklyn Nights’. It’s a moving mountain of a chorus. No matter the genre, if you’re into that kind of emotive power, you’re just not alive.

Churrus – 21 Tyndalls Park Rd

CHURRUS is based out of Brazil, and their soft as sheep’s coat, makes our dreams turn out right all the time. The veterans of Brazilian indie-rock turns up their understated offerings in this single ’21 Tyndalls Park Rd’. The shoegaze/dream guitar works, makes it real, for the good of all humans living on this earth. The band consists of: Túlio Panzera, Matheus Lopes, Luís Couto, Bruno Martinho, and Daniel Mascarenhas.

Lou Richards – Glastonbury Tor

In late November, LOU RICHARDS’ debut EP ‘Good Woman’ will drop. The Yorkshire born singer/songwriter’s folk aesthetics is the perfect antidote to your longing cry for the normal, the return to a more meaningful moment. The enchanting vocals of Lou is unmistakable, with the best of traditions affectionate of style brought on by Jony Mitchell, and contemporaries. It’s a beautiful start to a tale of floral sanctioning in mythical experiences.

Curtsy – Vista Del Mar

No matter how you cut it, we think CURTSY’s latest ‘Vista Del Mar’ is haunting. It’s tragic in every way, and its heft in atmosphere is as melancholic as a Pink Floyd chorus. It sticks to your gut, and ribs. It makes your heart beat faster and harder, for no reason at all. You’re in anticipation for the next segment of the song – maybe the next segment of your life. What a song. CURTSY consists of Austin Knecht, Crystal Napoles, Kai Dodson, Tamara Simons, and Jonathan Palmquist.

The Holy Knives – Memory Book

Brothers Kyle and Kody Valentine digs deep into their left heel, in anticipation for the future ahead. The darkness of their guitar work and lyrical works, is the up-ahead ‘caution’ sign that you see. You’re coming close to it. Now it’s her. She knows where you are. She knows what makes you tick. Be careful now, your journey for a different future lies just beyond that caution sign. THE HOLY KNIVES will make you look twice. ‘Memory Book’ is off of their brand new full length debut album ‘Year of the Black Dog’.

Kris Kelly – We Flew

KRIS KELLY’s chamber-pop music is as delicate and emotive as a ballad from a 70’s love/tragedy movie. ‘We Flew’ depicts a love that should be stronger than what is thrown at it from the outside world. Mis-understanding is the cause of it all. The ignorance of Ignoring what’s fact, gets in the way of civility. The slightly politically charged call to arms, states what level of intolerance some environments have succumbed to. Will love prevail? Will the world just ‘spin’ out of control? We’ll have to find out. His upcoming album ‘Runaways’ is scheduled for Spring 2019.


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