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Softails – Total Overkill

“We don’t suck on Sundays”. That’s what SOFTAILS once said. Oh yea gang? We think you don’t suck, any day. How about them apples! Wait. That was a compliment. Dang this making ironic jokes. LOL. Anywho, why are we high on them? Just listen to ‘Total Overkill’. So scenic. So cinematic. And the single is very much hits part of that nostalgic part of your brain. Then. BAM! Hard ass raking guitar chords that brandish your collar bone to brittle bone fragments. What a way to die. Nope. The SOFTAILS illuminate with this one.

Chaos Commute – Get Out

Berlin incubates some fab bands. And this time CHAOS COMMUTE comes with two fists and attitude relevant and exciting as the next. With vibes in likeness of QOTSA and the Foo Fighters, the hard hitting duo of Camilo and Julian, hits quickly in you Adam’s apple and stands there daring you to open your eyes after the initial jolt. You stand there, in the middle of the street, alone – with the inkling that maybe this was all a day dream. Then you’re hit again, and you’re in dazzling pain. You missed it. You liked it.

INTERPOL – If You Really Love Nothing

INTERPOL is back. In our eyes, they were never absent. Never are. The band’s music is their vision, and there’s nothing that is more pure than that sweet nectar. It speaks volumes and the decades traversing value hidden in that intrinsic asset’s weight. The equations of nature can’t put a level to the grip and power of such endeavors. INTERPOL is that. Deviations of styles and formulation, does not relegate the heart of the operation. It pumps hard. The band beats with a dynastic march. ‘If You Really Love Nothing’ continues that trend. Seek out their latest album ‘Marauder’. You really should.

Mustardmind – Bad Juju

Brooklyn based alt-rock band MUSTARDMIND is what you’re seeking. Yep. We didn’t know we were seeking them out, until we heard them in ‘Bad Juju’ as well. So, in essence, we are impressed by the band’s aesthetics, together. And the funk/rock distribution of sonic waves by the band is super-intense in the calmness it seems to preside. But underneath this V8 engine of a song, it is filled with spikes of truth and juices for the long journey into that unknown. What we’re trying to convey is that ‘Bad Juju’ is excitement. You feel like you’ve found a way to find the hidden secret to life’s questions. And all in all – in regards to our musical daily life – maybe we have in a way. MUSTARDMIND’s double-single ‘Bad Juju / Saving Face’ is available now.

Mitch Bradford – Love Is Kind

“The director and I wanted to capture a musician’s relationship to these platforms since both occupy so much of our lives – both as creators and consumers. And as friends, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the artificiality of modern life, our addiction to social networks, and how technology connects us to the world but isolates us as individuals. The video’s protagonist is searching for meaning (in the midst of technology), but it’s unclear if he finds it.” MITCH BRADFORD’s previous single ‘Everybody Got Someone to Love (‘Cept You And Me)’ was our Song Of The Day back in mid-September. And we like Mitch’s music because of his simplicity in putting forth the weaving of the rhythms and contrasts, just so, that there’s a glimmer of hope. Whether in the mundane or the extraordinary, that hope keeps things good and fresh, and memorable. ‘Love Is Kind’ does that for us.

Niki Moss – There Must Be Something In The Water

Have you driven your car and suddenly the breaks are activated, because you’ve just collided with a giant marshmallow stuck in that car tunnel? No? Well, we haven’t either. But the antics of NIKI MOSS’ single ‘There Must Be Something In The Water’ makes us experience that uniqueness, sonically. With jazz elements deeply infused, this single marks and cements what Miguel Vilhena strives to do us. And he succeeds. The soothing timing changes to the perfection of the dead-stop architectural psyche organs, slaps you silly to another level of The Doors like hypnosis, which we haven’t felt in a long while. It’s fabulous. In early 2019, NIKI MOSS will drop ‘Gooey’, his debut album.

The Bare Minimum – Safe Bet

We didn’t know what to say initially. :59 seconds? This song is just under one minute. And this video is a satire of ‘infomercial’ we’d all seen. But then the ‘power’ of the chords compelled us to summon our will to ‘like’ it, and then say something about it. Which we have. Now. Here. Succinctly. Which the band would appreciate. THE BARE MINIMUM’s new EP ‘Where the Buses Don’t Come’ drops Nov. 2, 2018.

MACCOGALLO – Pissing Lightning

Dazy, crazy, shoegazy, brazen. Yes. That last one doesn’t rhyme. But you get the picture. MACCOGALLO is a shoegazy bedroom-pop rock band that give you better than what they ‘got’. And what they got was a couple of coupons to the next cinema at the local town’s downtown district. One movie, and some popcorn. Then they had a great idea. They’d break the party right open. Their solo does this in ‘Pissing Lightning’. You, Us, dark movie theater, and Cinemascope. Rock your socks off. Oh and bring some Ritz crackers, just in case. Rock on.

George Blue Galanos – I’m dead inside

GEORGE BLUE GALANOS is a rocker from Greece. Blues based, and hard-rock crazed, the chops roll off of this artist like the clouds off of the peaks of Mount Everest. Most of all, the attitude in George’s single is palpable and real – he wants his music and his ambitions to be known. The guitar techniques are sound, but his entertainment essence is better valued. Quote: “To rock the world! To testify his own blood and guts, conjure the demons that haunt his spirit, to play rock ‘n’ roll till his last breath. Ultimately, to have a great time doing so!” How can you not like that. Kudos, George. Kudos. Rock on!

The Fibs – Waiting for a Train

THE FIBS consist of: singer-guitarist Preston Newberry, guitarist Joel Raif, bassist Jen Rux and drummer Robby Rux. And the quartet makes up the philosophy that haunts your mind. They intend to; even if they didn’t. We say so, for hearing their silent-hysterics, deeply seeded within every word splayed to the ether, the band expertly slices and dices with the effortlessness of a hack saw. You know there has been a demolishing. The emotional brains are on the floor from this ‘Waiting For A Train’ trouncing. You just step carefully from open spot on the floor, to the next. You’re next. Their self titled debut EP is available now.

The Moth & The Flame – The New Great Depression

‘The New Great Depression’ brings a wealth of experiential solvency, bristling with demure digital amplifications and rock supplied essences. “There are some really dark and uncomfortable moments contrasted with breakthroughs of clarity, beauty and hope,” lead singer Brandon Robbins stated. “It’s something we feel really strongly about, especially with how prevalent depression is today.” THE MOTH & THE FLAME’s upcoming new album (February 1st) surely will dazzle in different angles, which we look forward to.

Mending – Julia is Done with Asheville

MENDING is a collaborative effort between sound artist/musician Joshua Dumas (Weatherman, Quarter Mile Thunder, Chicago Avenue Moon), and vocalist Kate Adams (Deer Theef). And they create the most beautiful combination of sounds and soundscapes, of life yet un-introduced, known, or which we cannot visit yet. “…The songs trace the lives of a family and friends over a 40 year period in a series of connected vignettes. The broad narrative, told chronologically from multiple points-of-view, is set in motion by a catastrophic fire at an oil refinery in Odena, Alabama.” It’s a labor of passion. Have a go.


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