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Speqtrvm – Too Much

In the 2nd single offering from SPEQTRVM is a retro-future pop that delights. The band’s single ‘Too Much’ is the a perfect example of psych-rock-pop that they seem to love to swim in. But their past singles show as much proficiency in more traditional pop-rock, as they do in the more non-traditional. In either case, they expand the notion of what their brand of music should be, with drizzly guitar work and Galactic sized emotional stamps all befitting a route through a life like this. SPEQTRVM will be coming with even more fab songs in the future, we’re certain.

Spirit Award – The Dark Night of the Soul

“I started to see that a lot of people have built their lives in a way to never be satisfied. That we think we always need more things, new things, progress, innovation. It’s not all bad, but some of this ‘progress’ has lead to things that do more damage than good (automatic weapons, bombs, global warming…). So that to say, death to any progress that is only meant to please for the short term, and onward to the hope that we begin to focus on loving and serving the people around us.” An interesting take on the state of an animalistic state of human affairs, from Daniel Lyon, front man of SPIRIT AWARD. He’s not alone, however, and such sentiments are valid in a society. Let’s see how this world continues to spin, shall we?

N E O C L O N E – S P I R A

It’s 2am in the morning. I’m up, and awake. Don’t need coffee when I’m up and doing but sitting at the desk, looking at the wall. I see cracks in the paint that I’d never seen before. The room – dark – with a dim light from the computer screen. “I want to go there, within the transistors and the web codes. I should be there. Living, thriving, understanding more about life – through the mechanical and A.I. It’s 4am in the morning. I am up and lost. S P I R A is the single from N E O C L O N E’s debut EP ‘Midnight’.

Spike Casino – One Livin’ Hell

‘One Livin’ Hell’ is a diary-like observation of a person’s expectations in a life of a suburb in the mind. The new houses, the cookie cutter houses, are all wanting and deserving of such sunshine. “You think we can ever get out of this place?” he wondered out loud, as they were sitting at the usual spot. “Don’t know. I think we might die here,” Amanda assessed. Mike just nodded, and squinted at the afternoon sun, as he watched its bright yellow warmth hanging over their heads. “Weather’s so nice today,” Mike stated. “Yea, maybe we can learn to enjoy our life soon or later.”

Derek J Martin – Calm Before the Storm

The Ayrshire, Scotland native picked up his dormant guitar. Then a fire lit again in his heart – for music, for creativity, for adventure = once again. “I wanted to write anthems that could be sung from the top of your voice, be inspiring and uplifting but stay true to what I was about. I wanted the songs to reflect everyday life but give a positive message that although life can be very tough at times, most of the time it is extremely rewarding – I think I managed to do that.” Derek’s style is a fabulous mix of 90’s alt-rock and early 80’s radio-rock within ‘Calm Before The Storm’. The tinge of folk makes it even tastier and a delight to see it flower. His new album ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ drops Autumn of 2018.

Adam Wendler – All or Nothing

ADAM WENDLER’s ‘All Or Nothing’ is a folk-pop extravaganza, where the colors of the roads long traveled, come to life within our affection for the inner child within us. The ‘letting go’ of our senses, often is needed, to kick start our cemented notions of what IS and what SHOULD BE. New directions need bold decisions. That first step starts with that ‘first heart beat’ towards that goal. ‘All Or Nothing’ is an inspirational single that is easy to like and perfect for those days that are very hard. Adam’s cheering for you.

Blackbirds FC – These Four Chords

BLACKBIRDS FC thinks like us, at CHF. They see irony and contradictions in certain life situations as fabulous platforms for story telling. It’s a cruel world, and someone’s got to tell it. For posterity, for entertainment, for self-deprecating purposes – it’s all about what we humans go through. ‘These Four Chords’ is a song (as they tell it) about loving another, and not receiving reciprocative responses on the act of showing that affection. You’re kinda stuck. You’re embarrassed. You’re angered. But you accept it, for that’s part of life.

Das Kope – Good Time

DAS KOPE is a project of a multi-instrumetalist artist, George. Appropriate that he is only (at the moment) identified by his first name, for this ‘avant-garde’ like sonic productions come at our cerebral cells like gentle radiations from the Sun: warm, incandescent, familiar, but very much ‘million miles away’ in thought. And just like the Sun, we’re glad it exists, but get too close, our wings might unglue and burn. ‘Good Time’ is a simple request of a song, with lyrics that depict a simple inkling and section of a person’s life. However, it’s magnitude in surmising the life’s purpose, is a devastating retort to a pallet no one should be familiar. The single is done with the flare and under-stated awareness which we dig, lots.

The YeahTones – Lightning

Bad-ass. That term is used lots, within our society. And in music, we use that term like it’s raining cats and dogs. So, when is it appropriate to use the term ‘bad-ass’. Very plainly put? When ‘Lightning’ is on your music player of choice. Direct. Simple. And like Magnesium supplements in your diet, THE YEAHTONES’ single is fabulous and good for you. From note number 1, to the last, ‘Lightening’ gets it right with the ‘kick-butt-no-turning-around-like-that-hero-with-the-dark-hat-at-end-of-movie’ attitude, we all love. Gets the cobwebs out, don’t it?? Mixing engineer Claudius Mittendorfer’s work is highlighted and apparent, giving this score a punch that you’d want for some black & blue, of your own.

HOAX – Grow

We end this kick-ass list of fab singles with the fabulous HOAX. A band that is always refreshing. With ‘Grow’ the disco-pop infusion is that ice cold drink at the corner store, in the middle of that slow Summer afternoon. Your friend comes by, with the good news you’d been looking for. “Hey, she’s into you!” You smile with the confidence growing, and with the previous nervousness having disappeared. ‘Grow’ is what HOAX does so well. And it’s just a beginning of what you can experience with them. Can’t go wrong.


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