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Suzy Callahan – Holding Pattern

Much like many popular songwriters of the past, like James Taylor, SUZY CALLAHAN seamlessly puts together the sensibilities of a folk love ballad with the elements of what some indie-pop songs do so well. Suzy’s vocals are the innocent and valiant embodiment of all the souls who just ‘wanted to’, but ‘couldn’t’. Realizing what he or she has in their heart. The Phoenix like flames, which is all but ready to reveal to the world – its sustenance, its attributes, its love. Suzy brings that love through her music.

River Fury – Wasteful

Dan Howe, Patric Nutton, Callum Hayes, and Andrew Gallop in this project named RIVER FURY. They got signed in 2018. Then they released this single ‘Wasteful’. The straight forward rock-ness is demonstrated clearly and solidly within this little diddy, supporting the kind of music that they want to project and devastating the dancing heads at the same time. The pop-ness of the lyrics and vocal styles, contrast the rock riffs nicely to serve the kind of tasty meal you see (hear) before you. Their first EP ‘5 Year Plan’ drops in November.

Snog The Dog – Allergic Reaction

If you want a live show where you can have fun, reminisce of late 90’s Rage Against The Machine, slash Lenny Kravitz musical sex-appeal, while dancing with that can of tall beer on the dance floor at the dive of your choice – you come to SNOG THE DOG. The riffs are hard. Then you wanted it hard, didn’t ya? Juxtapose with the vocals of Rich and the hard-core drums, manipulating your mind – and no wonder SNOG is a good time. Rich, Nick, and Andee makes this project work. Overtime. Word.

Jim McHugh – Avenue Road

Old world folk. Don’t go away. JIM MCHUGH has you covered. Even if you don’t wanna. Listen to the chorus. Listen to the filler electric guitar. Listen to Jim’s vocals. You really should. It’s endearing. It’s delightful. It’s that good time that you’d never thought could exist. It does. Jim and his gang makes it so in the single ‘Avenue Road’. “Avenue Road is the road that leads from Dundalk out to Blackrock and is where the love interest in the song lived. Unfortunately, she left for America…”

Grave Diggers Union – Let Go Of Your Beliefs

How GRAVE DIGGERS UNION describes ‘Let Go Of Your Beliefs’: “Dark and drum heavy; layered with drones, industrial ambiance and 80’s synth lines”. We agree. To the brim. Where’s our black scientist wardrobe, so we can go into that quarantined room full of alien viruses?? Where?? We need it. They will eat our skin off, if we don’t. But GDU’s single won’t. It’s a synth extravaganza that is dripped in the goodness of new wave and that weird part of you that you never wanted to reveal. Come on. Reveal it for the world to see. GDU will cheer you on.

Bend Sinister – Got Your Back

‘Got Your Back’ is that feel good moment you needed today. Tomorrow. Everyday. It’s the good friend who pats you on your back, then tells you ‘It’ll get better’, and with a confident smile. It’s the good friend who hugs you until you’re relaxed and calm again. It’s the good friend who goes with you, so you can reset. Breathe. Deep. Turn on ‘Got Your Back’. The song isn’t pop, purely, but it’s a pretty combination of everything under the sun. It’s dependable, reliable, and so much fun for your rotation.

TV ME – Circuits

Energizing music comes in various flavors. There’s the one that comes with overt and blazing sights and sounds. There’s the one that comes at you with anthemic vibrance. Then there’s singles like ‘Circuits’. And the song produced by TV ME (recording project of Liverpool native Thomas McConnell) is that comes out of nowhere. The gentle re-powering of your battery is consuming, but under-stated. Takes 4 minutes. You’re at 100%. Ready to tackle the world. Why not, right?

Organised Scum – Another Goalkeeping Question For Peter

ORGANISED SCUM’s single ‘Another Goalkeeping Question For Peter’ is in the category of ‘Great Track’. Simple. Clear. Rock. Indie. Proficient and so very talented. That’s what OS has done with this single. The guitar strumming is the star of the song, where it frames the other elements to a place of elevation, which we honestly didn’t think it would go to. The song is that crisp early morning in Autumn. Wakes you up with the palpable beats, where it gently strokes you down life’s paths. What a way to start.

The Holy Gasp – What I Gotta Know

It’s not ‘odd’. It’s ‘beautiful’. Yes. That’s what we say about this ‘chaotic’, but deliberate single ‘What I Gotta Know’ from THE HOLY GASP. Part pulp, part rock, and part ‘Elvis’ like, the single is dramatic with the kind of aesthetics that just wants to punch you in the face. But you like it. The black eye becomes you. Then you dance. Then you dance that ‘Elaine’ dance. You don’t care. You’re having so much fun. Everyone else joins in. What a party THE HOLY GASP really is.

Pink Light – Moon 1

80’s Teen Movie with the beats of new wave from the Brits – PINK LIGHT is all that and then some. So good. Jonathan Kreimerman is the personality behind this project, and we hadn’t reviewed a new song from PINK LIGHT since ‘Catharsis’ in June. And Jonathan is always consistent with the theme of his music, for his vocals are as strong as it is for his particular project’s demands. ‘Moon 1′ is lots more ’80s’ than ‘Catharsis’ but enjoyable as heck, as ever. Fabulous stuff. Oh, and love the video on ‘Moon 1’ too.

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