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TENDER – Handmade Ego + No Devotion

It’s fitting. Pulling together multi-ethnic musical elements with jazzy/funk accoutrements is what TENDER does. And in their single ‘Handmade Ego’ the certainty of that decision is confirmed by the emotional shower it depicts – and the silent but deadly affection we feel when listening to it. “Lying awake at night, when it’s just me and my mind racing, that’s when I drift into the darkest parts of myself,” says TENDER’s James Cullen. “Until I wrote these songs, I never really knew if anyone else struggled with those same thoughts and fears.” The struggle is real. The struggle is Universal. TENDER makes it feasible. Look out for the new LP.

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts – Mush

‘Mush’ is the love that you’d always wanted. It’s the love that was taken away from you. It’s the love that still sits in the corner of your complex animal instincts. SPARE PARTS FOR BROKEN HEARTS’ singer/guitarist Sarah Green brings back the 90’s pop-rock. And with her vocals the ghosts of Matthew Sweets’ nonchalance and general vibe, drips and congeals with the distinct SPFBH’s muscle chords and riffs. In ‘Mush’ Sarah advances the conversation in our current and future dictates. What will we do about it? How will it manifest? The initial EP project has become an LP, which will drop in 2019. Word.

Shelby Raye – Can’t Rain Every Day

Chapin, South Carolina native SHELBY RAYE is the sunshine in a gloomy day. Although in ‘Can’t Rain Every Day’, her discussion with you that the world is still out there to derail your every effort to survive and thrive. However, she retains that the secret is within your heart, your will, your thorough way of reaching for the stars. YOUR star. The storm will pass, and you’ll be better. It can’t last too long. So get your ducks in a row, for you’re too special to not shine. Thanks Shelby, we ALL needed that. Shelby’s completing plans for a new album and tour for 2019.

Victory Chimes – Halos

VICTORY CHIMES’ upcoming LP ‘Spinning Wheel’ will drop Nov 16, 2018. And the miraculous skip and hop of the single ‘Halos’ percolates underneath our skins, like the return of truths. Always wanting to be revealed, but hidden away from the light of day, because of our human ambitions and egos. “Halos is a song about contradictions. How, in our daily lives, we wear different faces, different hats to get by, to get ahead,” explained Jeff Louch of Victory Chimes. We hide behind masks, and sometimes we need to let them down, fall to the ground, especially for people we love. Honestly. Gently. For destruction lies just underneath that layer, as well.

Puma Blue – Midnight Blue

With the lights of the broadway, shining in and out of peripheral vision, he dreamt of the day when he can fully be free. He listened to the radio as he chilled for a moment in this darkness of night. The ride on the highway would take a while. Maybe an hour. He could decompress a bit. But the scars of the conversation with her – Jasmine – would be physically and emotionally damaging, for a long time. He knew that. He knew that would be a fact. The nail rakes on his face reminded him of the pain. Of HER. The disaster of the night. His sunglasses helped cover his heart’s truthful longings. Now it was too late. Upcoming EP ‘Blood Loss’ drops November 2nd.

All Things Blue – Stardust

Relegated to the back of the class, she took the chance to reflect. During the walk to her new seat, she saw his gaze. He undressed her with his brown eyes. It felt good to her. She smirked – though inside and in secret. She sat down at her seat with renewed affection to the world. The world seemed good now. The scorching death she felt was upon her soul, was past. She turned back to give a glance to the boy several rows right of her. His continued looks made her heart jump. Thump-a-thump. A new cool future, she asked herself. ALL THINGS BLUE is headed by India Coombs. The Allentown, Pennsylvania native (now in Los Angeles) is making a splash. And the water feels great.

Cumulus – Lighter

Alex Niedzialkowski’s (nee-jul-KOFF-ski) hard times rained down like a Hurricane storm. All things comforting, seemed to have, at that time, evaporated. The steam escaped her atmosphere, and was left with only the husks of memories of better times. With a relationship that had crumbled, a job that disappeared, and with cancer diagnosed of her mother Alex reacted like a songwriter would. “I felt completely overwhelmed and insecure in everything,” Niedzialkowski explains. “I questioned whether I’d ever be able to find my people again, let alone write another album. Basically, this entire world that I had built around myself was crumbling apart,” she says. “Comfort was complete bullshit. I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, writing these songs to get me through it.” Doubts accumulate. A return to confidence takes time. And we’re glad Alex is making progress, in her personal and musical life. CUMULUS is her new project and outlet and we want to see where it takes her.

Young Sawbones – Show Me The Way

Ben Fox Smith is an artist. We’d featured him before and when he sings and plays in his singles, it is a trip to another world. Always. Without fail. The angst in relation to the world is always clearly marked in his lyrics and presentation. Whether PAIN or PLEASURE, they are worn close to his sleeves for many to relate. He’s a veteran of bands Stony Sleep and Serafin, touring with bands familiar as Frank Black, Muse and Feeder. YOUNG SAWBONES has been his solo project from the start. And has been his support, in good and bad. It continues to mystify and at the same time throw caution to the wind, in more ways than one.

Dominic Donner – Give It A Shot

“Almost one year ago things started to fall apart… I slowly lost myself.” DOMINIC DONNER found himself again. From a new location and with a musical partner of Adam Wendler, he took a methodical approach to his problem. It took lots of work. Heck of a lot of work. But here he is. ‘Give It A Shot’ is a gun blaze across the bows of past demons and current trepidations, which confounded and made things aggressively difficult for Dominic. THE TIME IS NOW, and with new energy he’s doing his best at the ‘happiness’ he’s looking for. “This is a new era for me and I can’t wait to share more songs with you.” Attitude is gold.

Deanna Devore – Breathing Room

‘Breathing Room’ beckons you to think about it. What has gotten you to this point? Will it get you to the next step? Because you deserve better, don’t you? Or don’t you think so? Don’t be so stubborn. DEANNA DEVORE is fabulously decadent in her single. From her melodically smooth vocals, diametrically heightening our every taste bud, ‘Breathing Room’ is indicative of her musical abilities in communicating the emotions that pause, stop, and sometimes prevent ourselves from blooming. Breathe. Deep. Deanna wants you to. Her latest EP ‘Half And Half’ is available now.

Doug Schmude – The Light

His latest self produced album ‘Burn These Pages’ is DOUG SCHMUDE’s 4th edition. The folk-rock splashed single ‘The Light’ is a song of encouragement and indelible effects of surroundings that take part in a molding of self. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana born artist now resides in southern California, having traveled different states across the deep south. From his travels, he’s learned to mature, and deal with the circumstances of life and what it can bring to an individual soul. His respect is woven deeply within his songs, with positivity and pragmatic visions to what’s before us all.

Jamws – Catalina

Folding and re-folding the time gaps from the previous and the future, JAMWS sits quietly in the middle of it all. He absorbs the brilliant casted lights of the stars, capturing the likeness of self, and re-distributing it for the profound raptures, hidden. ‘Catalina’ is that silent partner. And in this debut single for JAMWS, love is that gap between the dimensions. And that is where, love flourishes without alternative bounds. At least that’s the hope of it all. Enjoy this little chill jam. It’s a treat.

Linda Mizzi – What we do

LINDA MIZZI. She kicks but if you’re in the way. Don’t let her demure presentation defy you. You’re in trouble if you’re not dancing on the dance floor. You’re in trouble if you’re not working hard for love. You’re in trouble, if music doesn’t find you to fill those missing pieces of your life. She’s with you. Her band is with you. Based in Katoomba NSW (in the Blue Mountains), Australia, Linda is the soft caress your longing emotions need when they need such. She’s joined by bandmates: Alexander Kelleron, Stefano Cosentino, Ian Neil Morrison, Sonja Keller, and Simon Crosbie. And they make ‘What We Do’ what it is – a blues country single that makes us take out our cowboy boots.

Follies & Vices – Don’t Hold Back

Seattle. FOLLIES & VICES. Rob Auerbach and Tanner Houghton. Making indie-pop. For our pleasure. Dang it: ‘Don’t Hold Back’ is fun. And the Los Angeles residing duo are here to make us have that florescent kind of fun. Colors and flares, make up the single and we want to get more of it. You know. Like when you want an ice-cream sandwich with chocolate chip pieces embedded. Embedded, dang it! Yum.

Big Society – 17

“If this love is perfect…” BIG SOCIETY’s ’17’ is about what we ALL have gone through: immature and working the world just like a teen would. Totally expected. But in remembrance, it’s okay to have been. The Manchester quartet melds together fizzy pop with the consistency of a rock n’ roll aesthetic in this single. It’s a motivator of sorts, and it slings our sensibilities into the good, the bad, and the mal-informed part of our pasts. Lessons learned, now lets move forward and have the next time of our lives.

Bengal Lancers – Memory Loss

Struggle with mental ailments is what we humans go through, everyday, every year. And the gang in BENGAL LANCERS know is very well. They want to say something about it. ‘Memory Loss’ is about that struggle. Hidden within this hip and energetic rendition, they call to arms the amount of people who are suffering with mental health issues. Their aim is to keep the conversation as cogent and continuing, as much as possible. Even if a person looks normal from day to day, they could be suffering – silently, and utterly by themselves. We all need support. We’re all vulnerable in a sense. Think about it.

Koto Kill – War Zone

In ‘War Zone’, the vocal work of artist B3NDU is up front and center. Perfect choice for the latest efforts by KOTO KILL, the project of DJ Gabriel Ralls. Taken off of the upcoming LP ‘Fight Us All’ (November 16th, 2018), the ATTACK of this single is palpable and unavoidably delicious. You know the way in movies the crazy assassin licks the blood off the dagger, which just sheared off each foe? That’s what ‘War Zone’ feels like in our minds. It’s a fabulous nostalgic return to the days of Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, The Crystal Method of past decades. Fabulous.

Dawson Carroll – Numb

DAWSON CARROLL is an interesting proposition. From the outset, ‘Numb’ seems to be just comfortable to exist within the modern aesthetics of emo and alt-rock pop aesthetics. But listen. Listen carefully to his lyrics. Dawson’s work is more than that. The prodigious infatuation with his evolving nervousness for the new world – in relationships and existence – is fascinatingly communicated in this single. It spans a generation of blues, pop, folk, industrial, and experimental elements – so that we understand his world. ‘Numb’ is chaos described in the calm of the soul. The protagonist is sad, but resolute. It’s a turning of the chapter and a beautiful counter argument for the Universal powers that be. Kudos.

The Six Sevens – Fomo

“Can we have ‘Fomo’ please?” As she asked the sales person at the counter, she glanced again at the window and the sunshine draped day. She smiled at the prospect of having a great day. “Here you go,” the sales rep said as he handed her the item. Remember those days of no-regret fun and positivity? We forget that as we all grow older and mature. Responsibilities come into play, but can we enjoy those simple pleasures of life again? THE SIX SEVENS’ ‘Fomo’ asks that question. And whenever we listen to this single, we want to say, “YES!” Hells yea.

The Spiral Electric – No Bridge Left Unburned

THE SPIRAL ELECTRIC is a band with the core members made up of Clay Andrews (vocals, keyboards, guitar) and Nicolas Percey (lead guitar). With different rotations of additional members, the band has come up with this single named ‘No Bridge Left Unburned’. And the San Francisco originating band has no limits in what they produce. Psyche, surf, post-punk – whatever the feels take them, they will produce. And you can feel that in this single. They have no ‘overlord’ to disrupt their work. Their only ambition is to entertain, and quench their ever longing personal music making ambitions. Word.


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