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415 // Indie Fascination. Tenderhooks, Andrea von Kampen, TÜ, Marlene Oak, Husky Loops…

Tenderhooks – Teenage Crush

Older woman. Younger self. Can relate. Many of us can. It’s an exciting moment in time, for the excitement is palpable and just explodes your brain cells to another dimension. ‘Teenage Crush’ is a fun recollection of what it’s like to be with such a woman, and the innocence of that episode. Nothing’s permanent, but memories of being one of the few (at least in the nearest vicinity) is just cool. Fun? Heck yea.

Chives Viria – Fragment Peach

Currently CHIVES VIRIA is working on his debut EP. In the meantime, his single ‘Fragment Peach’ will slather you with hope, and at the same time muzzle that inkling for the future, into diced and digestible ‘under-recognized’ morsels. Let the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that is, Chives, make you care. You can. We have confidence in you.

Lane Simkins – Fooled

“I feel this song comes from a very real and raw place in my life.. it tells a story of being fooled time after time by relationships and being hurt by lies.” New Jersey based singer/songwriter LANE SIMKINS’ newest single ‘Fooled’ is a hearty look deep inside a person’s soul, and finding out what exists. Being strong to your wants, needs, convictions will get you far. The raw narrative propels musically the kind of reflective glance at our footprint in the world, and certainly with the one who we thought was on our side. Let’s get together closer with Lane and his music.

Gracie & The Valley – Doorbell Dixie

‘Doorbell Dixie’ is a delightful single from GRACIE & THE VALLEY, off of the upcoming new album ‘Chrysanthemum’ (November 16th, 2018). The single captures rightly, the innocence of a childhood filled with love and excitement. Looking back at the stories layered and remaining in the mind, is the single’s focus, and it succeeds. Grace Bates leads the band and her solid and protective vocals reinvigorates and continues to flourish, in this playful chapter.

The Hannah Barberas – No Mystery

Yep. You heard right. There’s nothing that is inconspicuous about what’s happening between the two. You know when in cartoons, the little ‘hearts’ appear when two ‘love-souls’ meet? That happened. In real life. The passion dripping from the two love-birds was too palpable. Made others blush. But in a good way. ‘No Mystery’ by THE HANNAH BARBERAS is a fun filled jelly pastry of a single that always goes great with some ‘love’ and ‘affection’. That’s what we’re saying, and we’re sticking to it.

Andrea von Kampen – Julia

ANDREA VON KAMPEN is beautiful to listen to. Beautiful in watching her craft exude and exert itself out of her pours. And in her latest second single ‘Julia’ off of her upcoming full length debut album ‘Old Country’ (February 2019). Her story telling is just spot on, and when her unique vocal habits rub off on to your daily soul, you become smitten. It’s okay. Many others do too. It’s just the way it is. Word.

Moonchy & Tobias – Une Saison En Enfer

‘Une Saison En Enfer’ is off of the self titled debut album from the duo MOONCHY & TOBIAS. The Italian artist Pat Moonchy and American Todd Tobias take their rock infused musical arrangements and in this single, hauntingly manifest the ghosts of Goraguer-esque experimental jazz elements to another degree. The contrast is slight and delicate, but the effect if wide and effective.

TÜ – Underwater

‘Underwater’ is the debut single from the Norwegian electro act TÜ. The serenity brought into symptom by this single is textual. It forms the colors of life and splats the notions onto a walls of the deep sea fortress. That fortress is your hardened heart. You must let things go. Or you’ll never proceed to your next best conquest. Listen to Erle Romundstad Mylius and Oddbjørn Sponås. It’ll do you and your heart, good.

Plastic Messiah – Strange

“It’s often too easy to just add instrument after instrument after instrument, just because you can, and in the end, the song has lost its true identity,” said Daniel Karlsson. “So we did quite the opposite, the producer and I. We forced ourselves to take away instruments and ideas from both song and head, just to be in symbiosis with the song’s lyrics. Naked, straight on, and without makeup. Hard, but oh, so necessary.” ‘Strange’ was written for her girlfriend at the beginning of their relationship. A beckoning acoustic anthem – a song about his hopes, and a promise to be the best part of her life. Let the soaring vocals of Daniel consume you with this project.

The Drives – Rebel

Andrew Levin and Casey Chen drive THE DRIVES into new heights with the infectious single ‘Rebel’. The single is an indie-rock-pop inducement filtered with the aesthetic frame of new-wave of past decades. The ultimate result is a fabulous single that is light, airy, and true to form. “Rebel is about the moment when you first meet someone and begin to fantasize about who that person is based on what you know…and the infatuation that often ensues,” shares Andrew Levin. How true, indeed.

Heather O’Neill – Nicotine and Neon

What the heck!?! What are you doing to us, HEATHER O’NEILL?!? ‘Nicotine And Neon’ is so cool to listen to, with the slow juiced foray of notes reminiscent of bands like Elastica, of a prior decade. We love this song for its understated boldness, and just head bopping and finger snapping attitude. Kudos.

Marlene Oak – Slip Away

MARLENE OAK is boss. She does what how she wants to do things. She is about playing live for her audience. For the love of it. “My favorite part about being a music creator is playing live. When you play live, there’s something magical happening. Music in itself is magic, and when you stand there and sing your self-written songs, an invisible bond between me and the audience sort of forms. There’s some sort of connection that’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s truly amazing.” Marlene’s single ‘Slip Away’ is a beautifully presented Americana folk amalgam, with a distinct tinge of ‘pop and circumstance’ which is emphasized emphatically by Marlene’s vocals.

Chase McBride – Pink Lemonade

CHASE MCBRIDE saves us from being lonely. Even if not lonely, we want to give towards the future – her – us. The ambitions strewn down on the side of the street, picked up and patched together again. That’s where hearts are sewn again, with permanence and amplitude. Chase helps us make this happen in our minds with ‘Pink Lemonade’. All will be okay, no matter where you are in life. Be who you are.

San Mei – Shadows

SAN MEI is Emily Hamilton, and the songstress makes it clear that a relationship shouldn’t have any remaining ‘residue’ after it’s been laid to rest. You got a problem about ending it? Then you shouldn’t have done what you did, or didn’t do. The onus was on you. Now you have to own it. Don’t be selfish. Leave her be. Don’t be a coward. Let’s make this a clean break. “But I can’t”. You’re hopeless. Get into SAN MEI. Get into the pop.

Arthur Joseph – Voodoo

ARTHUR JOSEPH’s latest will get you in the mood. The funk and disco drenched single makes a dreary week a bit better. Simple as that. Listening to the arrangement, especially the harmonies. The beckoning and the destructive desire to love and be loved, is palpable by Arthur’s vocals. The single is irritable and can’t be helped if we repeat along. We bet it will have the same kind of affect to you, as well.

Husky Loops – Everytime I Run

HUSKY LOOPS is a London based band who deals in tasty singles, just like ‘Everytime I Run’. Listen to the loop. Listen to the righteous rap insertion. Listen to the theme of the song – of a never ending race. The ultra-catchy single is a vibe that you can wear on your neck as a golden accessory, never deviating and never compromising. Just simply a very cool tune.

Galapaghost – Don’t Frown

Casey Chandler is the soul behind the solo-project GALAPAGHOST. And in his latest single ‘Don’t Frown’, we’re taken to another possible scenario in which we can see our own selves wanting and longing. For what? Only that self knows and doesn’t want to divulge the secrets to the kingdom. That kingdom is wide and vast, and the challenges high. ‘Don’t Frown’ symbolically, is of that ‘first step’ towards that high wall of difficulties. But don’t fret. You can do this. We all can.

Alicia Stockman – The Porter House

“This song is my unsolicited endorsement for my favorite pub in all of Ireland in Westport, County Mayo. It’s a place where community, music, and memories – old and new – meet.” ALICIA STOCKMAN is a Salt Lake City based singer/songwriter and keen observer of what to her are the fabulous sections of life that makes sense. The lovely story telling of Alicia is quickly noticed, and where her country-strong vocals keep you around for more. You just can’t help it, to nod in agreement.

The Simple Parade – Going Through Something

THE SIMPLE PARADE consists of a core duo of Justin and Kayla Hooper based out of Denver, CO. ‘Going Through Something’ is an anthem for love and the heart that is included in the upcoming album due to drop in Spring of 2019. There are many worries in our lives. But we make due, to fight stronger and better, in the next days. The understanding and empathy gets all of us through the day. Loved ones, friends, fans makes our societies turn round and round. Let’s make it a go of it, the right way – as we all can.

The Accidentals – Heavy Flag

THE ACCIDENTALS is fittingly strong in aesthetics with the single ‘Heavy Flag’. The female fronted trio of Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause, bring the subtle ‘bruising’ of a folk musical, which is tinged with the unapologetic chamber strings that you’d never thought could happen. But it does. And you’re swept in. Buist muses, “I wrote “Heavy Flag” thinking about our future, the weight and responsibility of our generation to care for our resources. While I was writing the song, I had a book open to the famous photo “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”. The weight of that flag being both physical and psychological struck me as a powerful statement. The time for that statement is now.” Kudos.

Baby FuzZ – Burial

All that is needed to convince anyone of BABY FUZZ’s extravagance is the soaring chorus of ‘Burial’. The operatic presentation sets itself apart, and you’re taken to a room of white, with a window that looks out to the world beyond. The description for what’s to come is complicated, but with BF, you understand. You understand why you exist, why you are here, and why you will indelibly put a stamp in the Universe that you are familiar. The NYC based, Montreal transplant is what you need this week. Get excited.


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